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Conditions For Using Our Natural Healthcare Concepts

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ABC's of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health, Mauldin, South Carolina

      Primary Objectives of Our Company:  ABC of Health is a creative innovative natural healthcare and

wellness concepts education company.  This introductory education Website about Americans4Justice

introduces all American adult visitors to some of our "free to review" alternative health type natural

healthcare and wellness concepts.  These basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and

wellness concepts can be life-changing for most visitors, and they may be life-saving

natural healthcare concepts for some visitors.


    We can provide additional natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational

information for visitors who go forward and qualify as one of our Advanced Qualified

Visitors (AQV's).  We also offer much more natural healthcare and wellness concepts

educational information to AQV's who go forward and further qualify as one of our

"Certified Qualified Visitors" (CQV's). 


     CQV's purchase our six-lessons CQV education program, and that special healthcare

education will enable them to learn how to increase their energy level and their physical

vitality, increase their emotional strength, and improve their lifestyle and their long-term

health in very important ways.

    This remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program is

presented in large part at our main introductory website (ABCofHealth.com) using

security code protected departments

     However, some of our six lessons education is presented in other websites that we

own, and part of this very important and valuable natural healthcare education will be

presented in email directly to each qualified CQV.  These features are part of our security

system to help prevent the wrong people from gaining access to our education materials.

     We strive to help our CQV's learn how to improve their overall health in special ways that can 

substantially increase their potential to live a healthier life and likely also live a longer life.  These

healthcare improvements can also help reduce and minimize their potential for several sickness and

disease conditions that are commonplace in the United States of America (USA).

      The very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts published in our

ABC of Health.com website contain copyrighted and proprietary natural healthcare and wellness

concepts that are our corporate trade secrets - the intellectual property of ABC's of Health, Inc., doing

business as (dba) ABC of Health. 

     It is unfortunate that most educational systems in America do not adequately educate

teenage students about the importance of copyright protection for intellectually creative

products and services.  That kind of education could help students develop the respect

that all copyrighted information deserves from American teenagers and adult citizens

     Our Copyright Information department at our ABCofHealth.com website presents the

vital information that visitors need to understand about the purpose of U.S. Government

copyright laws.  We educate all visitors about copyrights to help them develop proper

respect for ownership of copyrighted creations

    This Terms of Use department will transfer visitors to our ABCofHealth.com website so

they can review both our Copyright Information department and our Terms of Use

department because the Conditions in each of those departments are applicable

to the use of any information presented at this instant website. 

     Use the convenient special hyperlink (link) below to transfer instantly to our

ABCofHealth.com website for review of those two departments.  You can then come back

to this instant website at this location by using your back arrow feature multiple times

slowly until you get back to this location.  It the transfer to the website below does not

instantly occur, check your Tabs at the top of your screen.  You may need to select the

correct Tab at the top of your display screen to complete the transfer action.


     You have just completed the review of our Terms of Use for this Americans4Justice website.  Thank

you for your responsible consideration of our copyrighted natural healthcare corporate trade secrets and

our Terms of Use conditions for your use of any of our copyrighted corporate trade secrets.

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