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ABC of Health

201 B West Butler Rd., # 159

Mauldin, South Carolina, 29662

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ABC of Health

P. O. Box 127

  Mauldin, South Carolina

    PHN: 864-329-0004    

FAX: 864-329-0005

TXT: 864-735-2234

           Hours of Service for Telephone Calls:


                  9:00 AM to 7:00 PM   Mon - Fri

     You will find two maps below showing our location in the Greenville, SC area.  Both maps are adjustableWe do not provide any walk-in type services at this location (It is for the Mauldin City UPS store that provides convenient receiving and shipping services).

     The upper map can be adjusted to provide a larger area view of our Mauldin location in the Greenville County upstate area - - the lower map can be adjusted to provide a closeup view of our receiving and shipping location in Maudlin, SC 29662

     NOTE:  The city of Mauldin is eight miles South-east of downtown Greenville, SC and about four miles south-east of I-85.


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