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A4J Club Membership Services

          So what kinds of education services does our A4J Private Education Club provide for club members?

  1.  Alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education and vital education about very important nutrition supplement products.

     This natural healthcare concepts education will likely be life-changing for all A4J education club members and it may be life-saving education for many club members.

      Our first priority for each new A4J club member is to begin educating them about developing better healthcare and wellness concepts actions (physical and mental health) for themselves and their immediate family members (their qualified spouse and any dependents living at home with them). 

     Our special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education

will help new A4J club members begin to function at a higher

level, both physically and mentally (and emotionally).  They will likely

function at higher levels than they have enjoyed previously.

     Our remarkable six lessons A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness

Concepts EducationServices are included as a core part of each A4J-SC

Private Education Club Membership. 

     Our special Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education

Services can help A4J private education club members improve their

individual natural healthcare lifestyle actions and also improve natural

healthcare actions for family member dependents in very important ways.

     Our special natural healthcare and wellness concepts have the 

potential to enable A4J education club members to improve their natural

healthcare protective actions a lot. 

     Our special natural healthcare concepts education may also help some

A4J club members save their own life and/or save the life of some family

member(s) from dangerous infections by pathogenic (harmful) bacteria or

viruses, or serious yeast infections, or dangerous small parasites

     NOTE:  All bacteria are not harmful to humans; some species of

bacteria are very helpful and are actually needed in the intestinal tract to

maintain good healthy digestion of small food particles

     We call these beneficial bacteria Flora (or probiotics).  They can be

enhanced in the intestinal tract by using Flora type supplements in

capsules or tablets (providing billions of beneficial bacteria per capsule or

tablet dose).  The supplements need be taken at appropriate times in

order to obtain optimum benefit from these special supplements.

     There are many types of pathogenic (harmful) microbes and other

organisms that can live inside humans and inside their pets (and thereby

spread harmful microbes and parasitic organisms to the pet owners).

     You may know that pathogenic microbial infections can cause

serious health problems such as: blindness, deafness, loss of 

limbs due to gangrene (feet, leg - amputations), and they can also

cause many other very serious health conditions, including very

painful and agonizing death for many American citizens each year

that goes by


     Our founder and director, Lonnie Willoughby, is a skilled 

nutrition consultant, a natural healthcare consultant, and a

classroom educator for natural healthcare subjects

     Lon knows how to quickly neutralize some pathogenic

microbial infections with a special product that is safe to use,

economical, and it is readily available in the marketplace - if you

know about this special productLon teaches our club members

how to purchase and use this very important health product.

     The exceptionally important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is available to our A4J club members can likely enable many club members to extend their longevity by several years - while they also enjoy the remarkable benefits of much better health (more energy and vitality with less disease, pain, and suffering in the years ahead). 

      Yes, these remarkable healthcare benefits are possible in a

cost-effective, practical, and sensible manner for our A4J -

SC club members through our alternative health type natural

healthcare and wellness concepts education services.

     2.  Alternative Health Natural Healthcare Freedom - an

 Education Project.

     A4J club members can learn about the responsible
patriotic actions that are needed badly to expand and improve

the availability of alternative health type holistic natural

healthcare and wellness concepts practitioner services in

South Carolina.  Many states in the USA still prohibit these very

beneficial healthcare services.  Unfortunately, South Carolina is

still one of those states.

     We help our A4J club members understand how the medical

profession and pharmaceutical industry "cooperate with each

other" to maintain a very powerful monopolistic political

influence over healthcare services in most states of the USA.

     Their combined powerful political influence enables

the medical profession in the USA to dominate and

effectively control which health and healthcare services 

can be practiced (offered) "legally" in many U.S. States

(including South Carolina).

EXAMPLE:  Naturopathy is an alternative health type healthcare service that operates in a holistic manner (it takes the whole body into consideration as a complete unit when striving to evaluate how to improve specific deficient health functions). 
Naturopathic physicians routinely strive to correct the real health problem, rather than striving to make the symptoms less noticeable while the real health problem likely continues to get worse (like conventional American medicine doctor treatments tend to do in many healthcare patient situations). 
     Responsible research has shown convincingly that American medical profession practices are a major killer of Americans - reportedly causing more deaths annually than any one major disease condition such as heart attacks and/or strokes, or cancer conditions (the major killer conditions in the USA).
     Our A4J educational services explain why it is very unfair and  unreasonable to many millions of American citizens throughout the USA for practical, sensible, and logical holistic Naturopathy healthcare services to still be "illegal" in some states in the USA (including South Carolina). 
      In year 2021, two old statutory laws in South Carolina still prohibit this very important and very valuable alternative healthcare practice (naturopathic holistic healthcare practice) anywhere within South Carolina. 
      Lon and Janie Willoughby encourage A4J-SC club members to work together politically in a teamwork manner to help motivate the SC General Assembly member politicians to responsibly update both of these old antiquated statutory laws and authorize (allow) Naturopathic Physicians to practice in South Carolina
     Naturopathic physicians can help a lot of people in SC with poor health conditions, but the very strong medical profession monopoly in South Carolina will likely fight this desirable improvement project with everything they have got politically.
      Lon Willoughby understands that the medical profession personnel leadership does not want citizens in SC to have access to very important naturopathic physician services.
     Our A4J-SC club members will learn about the political actions that patriotic-minded voters need to take in South Carolina to help our adult citizens obtain political actions in the SC General Assembly that are needed to improve the availability of holistic healthcare servicesholistic healthcare information, and related healthcare products in SC.
     When you do some Internet word search evaluations of the term Naturopathic Physician, you will see and understand why South Carolina should allow Naturopathic Physicians to practice in this state
     Many citizens in SC need their very beneficial natural type healthcare services, but they are currently prohibited from practicing anywhere in SC by very old unfair and unreasonable statutory law.

      Our Americans4Justice educational services also utilize

the infrastructure of some successful companies - some are

multi-million dollar companies that have been in business in

America for many years.

     Our A4J club members will therefore have easy access to

some very important programs and services that can help

them acquire exceptionally valuable educational information

about some very important subjects.

   3.  American History and American Government - Political Operations - an Education Project. 
     We understand that it is very important for American Patriots to have a responsible understanding of some very important American History events, and for citizens to remember some of the most important events that helped shape and mold our great country into the remarkable Republic type nation that we have become during the past 240+ years.  
     Americans4Justice-SC will therefore help educate our members about some of the exceptionally important historical events that every responsible American adult citizen should understand the significance of - in the development of this remarkable Republic type nation.  
     Yes, we still have some serious flaws in the USA, and some serious disappointments remain that have developed over the years due to unfair and unethical self-serving actions by some people in positions of financial power and/or political power.  However, considering the status of other countries in a fair and reasonable manner, we have a lot to be grateful and thankful for in America.
A4J Club Member Actions
      A4J club members can learn practical, useful, and vital political information that will empower them to become better American citizens and become more effective responsible American patriots. 
     As our A4J club members work together in various improvement projects, first across South Carolina, and then in some other states, we can build a large American Patriots Team that will have sufficient political impact to substantially improve some political and social systems in America over time - helping building a better nation, one A4J club member, or one club member family, at a time.
     Working as a Patriotic Team in South Carolina, our "educated A4J club members" can become a very important political force for good in South Carolina to help restore the great American Dream that has been severely damaged and diminished in the past 80+ years by socialistic-minded and communistic enemies of our American Republic.
     Yes, we still have politically influential enemies in America and abroad who strongly promote socialism and/or communism - in many locations such as China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and several other communistic type countries. 
     The threat of communism has not diminished during recent years; the threat has grown much stronger and is more dangerous now than ever before.  Consider the military power of China and Russia - it is much stronger now than ever before. 
     Unfortunately, most American adults have been lulled into a state of severe apathy because they have not been educated properly about the reality of the socialistic and communistic threats to America.
     There are also some semi-private very wealthy aristocratic elitist allied groups in Europe, and other countries, who help fund and facilitate our enemies.
Socialism in American Politics
     Think about how much socialism was apparent in the modern-day Democratic party presidential candidate debates that were in the national news often during year 2020.  Some of the democratic candidates appeared to know very little about the serious dangers of socialistic type governmental actions. 
     Several Democratic party presidential candidates appealed to the voters' naive ignorance about these important political issues by promoting "free government services" that will allegedly be paid for by rich tax paying Americans
     That false socialistic scheme and tactic is commonly presented to voters, but better educated voters will not be fooled into voting for candidates that promote such socialistic economic programs Well-informed voters will hopefully reject political candidates at the voting booth who promote very expensive socialistic "deficit spending programs."
     One of our objectives at this website is to educate American visitors about some very important political issues that can have very serious effects upon American livesThat is why you will see some very important political education information presented later in the Home Department.  

     4.  Financial Planning - Estate Planning - an Education Project 
     A4J club members are provided with basic information about these vital subjects.  They will be informed about valuable low cost services that are available. This very valuable basic level estate planning education can help many families understand how to improve their family's financial structure
     Over time, this special education can help some A4J club members save a lot of money in probate related legal fees, and also reduce or minimize probate administration time and frustration.  This education can also help some wealthy A4J club members learn about ways to minimize estate taxes. 
     Lon is not a licensed professional estate planner so he cannot provide estate planning advice, but he can provide basic level estate planning education for our A4J education club membersThe next topic will show that Lon Willoughby is knowledgeable about some very important estate planning issues.
     5.  Judicial Systems Improvements and Reform - a very important Education Project.    
     We help our A4J education club members learn why it is very easy for any judicial system in South Carolina, and other judicial systems anywhere else in the USA, to operate in a very unfair, unethical, arrogant, pompous, autocratic, "elitist" self-serving corrupt and despotic totalitarian tyrannical manner.
     Yes, those types of unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions are apparently commonplace practice in American courts You will learn herein that Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon) has had extensive experiences with those kinds of litigation actions.
     His litigation experiences in a distant southern state involved more than 17,000 hours of litigation work during a period of more than 20 years of ongoing related harassment litigation actions
     NOTE: That amount of hours of "litigation related work" is equivalent to more than seven years of full-time work at the rate of 40 hours per week That was a tremendous amount of unfair and unethical judicial interference with Lon's work in operating and managing our corporately owned independent natural health and wellness products store in Greenville County, South Carolina.
     Those extended malicious harassment litigation actions were deliberately caused by unfair, unethical, and corrupt "officers of the court" as they repeatedly extended the litigation process to maliciously and ruthlessly harass, persecute, and punish Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. as much as they could
     They deliberately increased their attorney actions (and the projected attorney fees that they planned to force litigant Lonnie Willoughby to pay for) when the litigation ended
Why did they do that to Lon Willoughby?
     The official litigation records involving Lon Willoughby show clearly that those "officers of the court" (attorneys/lawyers/trial court judges, and appellate court judges) retaliated against Lon Willoughby because he responsibly helped his aging parents develop an excellent inter vivos Trust Agreement estate plan
     That Trust Agreement estate plan (TAEP) legally and properly reduced federal estate taxes to zero on a substantial size jointly owned marital estate (taxes could have been $225,000 or more)
     The TAEP also reduced state probate processing expenses (by a local attorney - to a minimum of a few hundred dollars, instead of $60,000 to $80,000+ which would have been likely without the TAEP) The TAEP also minimized probate processing time to about 24 hours instead of many weeks or many months (that would have been typical for this estate without the TAEP).
     Now consider that the outrageously unfair, unethical, and disgustingly corrupt judicial system in that state proceeded to maliciously and ruthlessly harass, persecute, and punish Lonnie Jr. for more than 20 years because he responsibly helped his aging parents develop a complex Trust Agreement estate plan (TAEP) that worked very well - to a remarkable level of competency (for a non-attorney son like Lonnie Jr.)
     NOTE:  Eventually, they also punished him maliciously and ruthlessly for having exposed (on appeal several times) some of their unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation schemes and tactics.
      Those litigation actions cost Lon Willoughby about $150,000 in direct costs and cost hen many thousand dollars in lost income while he was involved in related litigation actions over 20+ years. (Related litigation actions where he responsibly reported and exposed unfair, unethical, fraudulent, and outrageously corrupt trial court judicial actions in that state in several ways.)
     Our A4J club members can learn why Lon now refuses to travel into any other state in America (not even into his nearby birth state of North Carolina - where most of his relatives live). 
     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand why it is very important to stay within their current home county (Greenville County, SC - since moving here in September 1977).  They choose to use these precautions in order to minimize possible litigation actions, and minimize litigation difficulties and costs in South Carolina. 
     They also understand how hazardous and risky it can be to travel into other counties within the State of South Carolina, due to the extreme level of unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions that Lon has experienced in some courts in this state. 
    Lon and Janie understand that as one travels in South Carolina, from one location to another within one county, and when one travels into other SC counties, the magistrate court system jurisdiction is frequently changing from one location to another. 
     Lon and Janie realize that there are more than 300 magistrate court jurisdictions in this state, and Lon's limited experiences with magistrate court litigation actions left him disgusted with their level of administrative incompetence, and their lack of judicial competency, and their extreme deficiency of responsible judicial actions in a jury trial litigation process.
     Magistrate court judges in South Carolina are not required to be law school graduates.  Lon Willoughby has learned that Magistrate court judges have a broad assortment of judicial duties and responsibilities
     Based upon his limited experiences with Magistrate's court actions, Lon realizes that the technical judicial information that Magistrate Court Judges need to learn can likely be learned on the job in a practical and sensible ways by people who have above average intelligence levels
     Lon does not have a problem with that situation (not requiring Magistrate Court Judges to be law school graduates).  He understands that it helps reduce the high cost of administering 300+ Magistrate's Courts within this state.
     However, the Magistrate Court Judge (Summary Court Judge) that presided during a one-day jury trial case (for ABC's of Health, Inc. as the plaintiff) was a law school graduate.
     She had been a member of the South Carolina Bar Association for about nine years, and she was incompetent as a jury trial judge.  Her judicial incompetence and very bad judicial judgment (decisions during the trial) totally wrecked the plaintiff's responsible efforts to present their case to the six-person jury in a one-day trial.
     The incompetent judge allowed, and effectively assisted, the defendant LLC type business in presenting a lot of very serious perjured testimony about litigation issues that had not been noticed for litigation during trial in their defensive pleadings.
     The judge failed to make responsible judicial objections to those extremely unfair and unethical defendant's surprise "ambush complaints during trial" (improper defensive actions). 
     The judge failed to inform the defendant LLC that their defensive testimony must be confined to specific litigation issues that were properly noticed for trial in their defensive pleadings. 
     The one-day jury trial turned out to be a fraud and a sham jury trial proceeding, due to the judge's judicial incompetence and a lot of "ambush type" perjured testimony that she allowed in by the defendant's four witnesses during trial
     There were also some lazy irresponsible actions by the six-person jury (that had actually been encouraged and motivated by the incompetent trial court judge). 
     The six jurors failed to responsible read the plaintiff's detailed 23-page Complaint pleading document.  The jurors also failed to read the plaintiff's 17-page Counterclaim Response to the defendant's extremely frivolous Counterclaim pleading. 
     Both of those very important litigation documents were major part's of the plaintiff's case during the trial, and both documents had been given to each juror appropriately by the plaintiff's trial court litigation representative during the trial (the author herein).
     The incompetent trial judge failed to tell the six jurors that they had a responsible duty to carefully read the plaintiff's two pleading litigation documents before attempting to decide juror actions during jury deliberations after the trial court verbal actions.
     Even though the plaintiff (ABC's of Health, Inc.) managed to win partially in the botched up sham and fraud of a jury trial, there were major deficiencies in the jurors' trial verdict because they obviously failed to read the plaintiff's two pleading documents. 
     Many weeks after the trial, the author herein learned that the judge had improperly withheld the jurors' calculation information paper (from the plaintiff) that showed how the jury had calculated  their confusing monetary award to the plaintiff for the trial.
     After the trial, for several weeks, the plaintiff had to go through many hours of multiple post-trial motion actions that progressively moved the trial court judge to schedule another jury trial to replace the badly botched up fraud and sham of a jury trial that she had incompetently conducted. 
     The unfair, unethical, incompetent, dishonest, and corrupt despotic trial judge would not acknowledge any of the clearly deficient trial court judicial actions that were presented in numbered order in the plaintiff's progressive post-trial motions requesting a new trial. 
     The judge repeatedly refused to grant any of the plaintiff's successive progressive motions that responsibly requested a new jury trial.
     Finally, the plaintiff was left with no viable option except to pay the $150 filing fee and file a timely Notice of Appeal in the local circuit court to initiate an appeal for the one-day judicial fiasco of a trial. 
     The plaintiff also took appropriate actions to have all of the Magistrate's Court records for the trial court case to be transferred to the circuit court as the Record on Appeal for said appeal case in the Greenville County Circuit Court.
     NOTE:  An appeal from a Magistrate's Court litigation process is taken to the next court up, in this situation, the Circuit Court in Greenville County (the Court of Common Pleas). 
     Appeal briefs in the South Carolina Circuit Court (or in the SC Appellate Court in Columbia) must be drafted and word-processed in a specific detailed way, and that procedure requires a lot of time and effort to construct the required Memorandum of Law as the appeal brief. 
     This is particularly important for a jury trial proceeding that is appealed because it is much more difficult to reverse a jury trial decision (to get a new replacement trial) than to reverse a verdict in a Magistrate Court's bench trial (a trial with no jury).  
     The appellant's complex appeal brief (Memorandum of Law) was timely amended, and it became an Amended Memorandum of Law that Lonnie Willoughby also filed pro se (without attorney assistance), as the president of ABC's of Health, Inc. (the plaintiff in the Magistrate's Court - the trial court below).
     That Amended Memorandum of Law reported in substantial detail eleven (11) specific reasons why the appellate judge (single circuit court judge) would be justified in ordering that the plaintiff below (ABC's of Health, Inc.) would get a new trial (to replace the badly botched up sham and fraud of a trial proceeding that occurred in the Magistrate's Court below).
     The multiple relevant case law citations and relevant law case quotations that Lonnie Willoughby presented in the appellant's Amended Memorandum of Law showed a very strong factual and relevant case law basis for the appellate court judge to order a new trial - as the result of the appeal process.
     It is very important to understand that the opposing party in the appeal case (the respondent) also did not have attorney representation in the appeal.  They also failed to file a pro se responsive legal brief in the appeal. 
     Therefore, the business LLC (respondent) did not object to, or oppose in any way, any statements of fact or statements of law that had been presented in the appellant's detailed Amended Memorandum of Law (which had been timely filed and served upon the defendant LLC).
     In practical essence, Appellant ABC's of Health, Inc. had no opposition of any kind in the appeal process in the local Circuit Court. (the Court of Common Pleas)
     The single circuit court judge, acting as an appellate court judge, apparently failed to responsibly read the appellant's carefully developed exceptionally strong, 11 reasons arguments for a new trial - because the circuit court judge autocratically and despotically dismissed all of the appellant's 11 appeal argument issues - even though the defendant LLC had not filed a respondent's appeal brief in the appeal. 
     The extremely unfair, unethical, and dishonest appellate judge failed to find any reasonable basis for a new trial, in spite of all of the solid documentary evidence and legal argument that strongly supported a responsible basis for granting a new trial (as the outcome for the appeal case).
     In addition to the appellant's very strong evidence based reasons for a new trial, the appellant's Amended Memorandum of Law also presented a series of very strong legal arguments that supported multiple reasons for the appellate judge to order that a new trial be granted - as requested in the appellant's detailed Amended Memorandum of Law
     It is clear that the appellate judge failed to responsibly evaluate the appellant's Amended Memorandum of Law because he totally ignored the very strong evidential basis and the very strong legal basis that was presented to justify a new trial
     The appellant's appeal brief contained several citations of relevant appellate court law case decisions and also presented several relevant quotations of legal standards from those very important relevant South Carolina Appellate Court case law decisions. 
     Those referenced South Carolina Appellate Court's case law decisions showed multiple strong relevant reasons for the appellate judge to grant a new jury trial. 
     The respondent LLC presented no legal brief argument in the circuit court appeal case so there was no opposition argument disputing any factual argument issue or any legal argument issue presented in the Appellant's (ABC's of Health, Inc.) Amended Memorandum of Law.
     That ABC's of Health, Inc. circuit court appeal case is a very clear illustration of how disgustingly unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt an appeal process can be in the State of South Carolina. 
     With an abundance of documentary trial court evidence about the extremely unfair and incompetent manner in which the Summary Court Judge had conducted the one-day jury trial litigation process in the Magistrate Court below, the appellate court judge did not have the basic honesty and integrity to simply admit (or acknowledge) that the female judge had not conducted the one-day jury trial in a competent and responsible fair-minded judicial manner. 
     The detailed documentary record of that jury trial showed that the Summary Court Judge had conducted the one-day trial in an extremely unfair, unethical, and incompetent manner. 
     However, the unfair, unethical, and disgustingly dishonest appellate court judge would not acknowledge (admit) that the jury trial was a sham and a fraud proceeding that clearly justified a new jury trial.
     Lonnie Willoughby, as president of ABC's of Health, Inc., was so disappointed and so disgusted with the extremely unfair and unethical dishonest appeal decision of the Circuit court's appellate court judge that he timely filed a Notice of Appeal of that judicial decision in the S.C. Appellate Court ($250.00 filing fee) - located in Columbia, South Carolina.
     Lonnie Willoughby already knew, from his previous appellate court case, that the Supreme Court of South Carolina had decided many years earlier that any appeals filed in the Appellate Court had to be represented by a licensed attorney in South Carolina. 
     Lonnie Willoughby had carefully researched that high court decision previously and had found that the court's decision about that specific issue was based on previous court case law decisions that were clearly in conflict with the Constitution of South Carolina.  Article 1, Section 14.  
     That Article of the SC Constitution clearly protects the right of every person to be fully heard in his defense by himself or by his counsel or by both.  
     The S.C. Appellate Court responded to Willoughby's pro se Notice of Appeal filing (filed pro se - without attorney assistance) with a letter that informed him that he would have 30 days in which to inform the appellate court that a licensed SC attorney had been retained to represent Appellant ABC's of Health, Inc. in the appeal case.
    Still acting in his pro se capacity, Lonnie Willoughby timely developed and filed a detailed appeal case legal brief that specifically challenged the legality of the high court's previous precedent setting decision about that specific legal issue. 
     That appeal brief showed that the high court's two case law decisions that had previously established that precedent setting legal standard (appeal actions must be represented by a licensed SC attorney) were in direct conflict with Article I, Section 14 of the South Carolina Constitution.
      Art I, Section 14. The SC Constitution clearly protects the right of every person to be fully heard in his defense - by himself or by his counsel, or by both
     Therefore, those two previous case law decisions by the high court, claiming that every person must be represented by an attorney, were clearly "null and void" and had no legitimate legality at all regarding the current ABC's of Health, Inc. appeal case.  That appeal brief also properly moved the Appellate Court to certify this conflict issue for review by the Supreme Court.
     NOTE:  Lonnie Willoughby understands that any South Carolina court's legal type decision that is in conflict with any part of the Constitution of South Carolina cannot stand, even case law decisions made by the Supreme Court of SC.
     If any court's written decision is in conflict with a portion of the SC Constitution, that decision is "null and void" - it has no legal validity. 
     The appeal case legal brief also explained that the current situation, requiring that all appeals must have a licensed SC attorney (lawyer) represent all litigants on appeal, automatically established an appeal process that would not report seriously unfair, unethical, and/or corrupt judicial actions in an appeal.
     All attorneys (lawyers) in South Carolina are dependent upon the Supreme Court (subservient to the high court) in maintaining their court approved license to practice law in South Carolina. Therefore, the attorneys (lawyers) in this state are not going to jeopardize their personal standing with the high court by honestly and ethically reporting unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions by trial court judges. 
     Any judicial "errors" that would get reported on appeal by an attorney representing an appellant client would likely be sanitized and watered-down so much that it would probably be considered as "harmless judicial error."
     Trial court judges in South Carolina know that of course, and they understand that they can be unfair, unethical, and corrupt with trial court litigants and get away with it every time.
    So what did the appellate court judges do about Lon Willoughby's legal brief that clearly explained the very important legal issues identified above?  They totally ignored those very important relevant legal issues and dismissed the appeal case (because the appeal case did not have a licensed SC attorney representing the Appellant's appeal case).
     That appeal case shows that the appellate court judges will ignore litigant's protected civil rights that are clearly protected in the SC Constitution if the SC Supreme Court judges have already established unfair and unethical precedent setting cases that also ignored those same litigant protected civil rights. 
     Please understand that no judge in South Carolina has authority to try to rewrite any portion of the SC Constitution.  They do not have "subject matter jurisdiction" for those types of judicial actions. 
     It is clear to Lonnie Willoughby that judges on the SC Supreme Court have illegally usurped their legal judicial authority, and the appellate court judges demonstrated again that we have SC Supreme Court judges who should be impeached and removed from their positions on the state's highest court because they knowingly enforce unfair, unethical, and fraudulent cases law decisions.    
     Visitors can review more educational information about unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions in  another department at this website, as explained below. 
     Lon Willoughby has had a lot of experiences with unfair, unethical, and corrupt attorneys (lawyers), trial court judges and appellate court judges.  He understands well how corrupt the judicial systems in American can be, any time they choose, and he understand well the need to improve their fairness and integrity greatly.
     For more information about this subject at this website, detour to the Judicial info for SC Citizens Department.   

  6.  Home-based Business Opportunities System. 
     Lon and Janie Willoughby have developed an innovative home-based business income opportunity system that is very easy to accomplish in a dignified, positive, responsible, and emotionally rewarding manner.  It will likely take only a small amount of time and effort for most A4J sales affiliates to earn generous A4J Sales Affiliate Awards (finder's fee sales commissions).
     There are no products to purchase monthly from our company or to sell on a recurring basis to a network of customers like most MLM network marketing programs require
     Most of our A4J club member "network marketing" education work is done on the Internet.  However, some of our education is accomplished with E-mail communications.  Consequently, our A4J sales affiliates avoid recurring shipping charges monthly.
     You see, we are an alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education company, and our unique very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services can be provided using modern Internet type actions and services and Email communications.  
     Our special six-lessons A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Internet based Home-study Education Program is a major education component of our Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Services for A4J club members
     The cost of our six lessons A4J Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program Services are included in the first-year annual membership dues for our Americans 4 Justice-SC Private Educational Club Membership.

Additional details about
special education services
that we provide for A4J club members
  • Alternative Health - Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts and Vital Nutrition Concepts.  These are very important and very valuable Life Changing and maybe Life Saving Concepts.

  • Medical System deficiencies that can be very harmful to patients and even fatal for many patients.

  • Judicial System self-serving unfair, unethical litigation deficiencies that can be very expensive and tragic for litigants.

  • Political Issues of great Importance to USA Voters

  • Basic Financial Planning and Estate Planning Education.

  • Review of U.S. government actions of great importance today.

  • Review of U.S. Constitution and Amendments to Constitution.

  • Review of U.S. Federal Statutory Law System - Civil & Criminal.

  • Review of South Carolina Constitution - relevant basic issues for consideration by all A4J-SC club member affiliates.  

  • Review of South Carolina's General Assembly Structure - House and Senate Divisions.

  • Review of South Carolina's Statutory Laws - Civil and Criminal.

  • Review of South Carolina's Judicial System and basic review of some Rules of Court for Civil and Criminal Cases.

  • How to find important government information on the Internet.

     NOTE:  Most of the subjects listed above are very important subjects that every responsible adult citizen in South Carolina needs to understand with some basic level of competency.  

     The basic level of knowledge that we will teach can be learned quickly and easily in a manner that will make most of this learning interesting and enjoyable for most A4J club members

     It is important to remember that ignorance of the published laws is not an acceptable excuse for violating any law.   Every adult citizen is responsible for being knowledgeable of the laws that affect or apply to them

     The statutory laws are published, and every adult citizen within a state therefore has public access to all of the laws.

     American adult citizens need to have a responsible level of awareness of selected federal laws and also selected state laws for each state that they choose to travel within.

     The very common attitude that American citizens can casually travel in any American state freely without any responsible concern for the state's laws shows the widespread naive ignorant belief that most citizens likely have about their personal travel situations

     We teach A4J education club members how to be responsible and sensible American citizens in many important situations that are not commonly understood by American adult citizens.  We teach that one should not travel in any American state if a visitor has no competent understanding of the laws that apply to each visitor.

Special Opportunities

to Learn Important Information

     It is also important for A4J club members to understand that Lon's wife, Janie Willoughby, taught high school classes for many years about American Government and American History.  She also taught the Advanced Placement (AP) level courses for American History - where high school students could earn college level credits for taking that AP American History course while still in high school. 

     With her Master's Degree in Education (Furman University) Janie was qualified to teach all of the courses in the social studies curriculum (American Government, American History, Economics, Psychology, and Sociology - the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society and some of its problems).

     With 39 years of public school teaching experience, Janie is able to teach some very important information about American Government and American History for our A4J club members - education that will be helpful to them as American citizens for the rest of their life.

     This is a unique special education opportunity for all A4J-SC club members that is not available to them anywhere else in America.  As an experienced public school teacher, Janie Willoughby knows how to make this very important information interesting.  She also explains the relevant importance of this U.S. Government historical information to our modern-day A4J education club members.

     As an experienced educator team, Lon and Janie Willoughby make it easy to find relevant information on the Internet and make it easy to understand and use that information with a reasonable basic level of competence.

Holistic Natural Healthcare Freedom Services 

     Americans4Justice provides leadership and guidance that help American citizens learn about the availability of alternative health type natural healthcare services in their resident state.  They can also learn how to help improve the availability of natural healthcare services in their state, if it has not updated the state statutory law to allow alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts services

      A few states have updated their laws but most states in the USA are still operating with antiquated laws that prohibit holistic natural healthcare services by anyone except licensed medical doctors (they typically do not provide those types of holistic healthcare services). 

     This situation enables medical profession doctors to enjoy an unfair monopoly for healthcare services and for holistic natural healthcare and wellness concepts information distribution to citizens of that state.

     Typically, the statutory law will also prohibit (criminalize) holistic healthcare education and healthcare services by colon therapist, health store sales consultants, herbalists, homeopathic physicians, eye-radiologist, naturopathic physicians, nutrition consultants, and some other forms of non-medical doctor holistic type healthcare practitioner services. 

      The unfair and unreasonable nature of those "medical monopolies" is demonstrated clearly when state medical boards strongly discourage medical doctors from using alternative, complementary, or integrative holistic health care practices, protocols, or related natural healthcare type products.  Some state medical boards have  punished medical doctors severely who provided holistic healthcare services for patients, including suspending a medical doctor's license to practice medicine.  

      This is a very important issue that every freedom-loving American patriot needs to know about so they can effectively support a natural healthcare reform political program in their state. 
     Most American adult citizens are not adequately aware of these major healthcare issues.  However, their continued good health and well-being will likely depend upon holistic healthcare services and/or knowledge at some point in their life. 
     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that the health of most American adult citizens could be improved a lot  by utilizing alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts services and practices on a routine basis.  Consequently, it is very important for us to educate our A4J club members about these vital natural healthcare issues.
    Holistic type natural healthcare considers the body as a complex integrated whole unit and recognizes that trying to improve conditions at one point in the body will generally affect other functions in the body.  It is therefore very important to use therapeutic agents carefully and knowledgeably (herbs, homeopathic remedies, natural medicines, etc.).  
     The whole body outcome should be taken into consideration responsibly Holistic type natural healthcare services do not just treat the symptoms; these responsible healthcare services strive to correct the underlying root cause of a health problem. 
    Medical profession personnel can perform some remarkable feats to help people with many adverse health conditions.  We want A4J club members to respect and appreciate the many fine men and women who dedicate their lives to helping people cope with healthcare  challenges.  However, it is very clear that medical profession personnel are not educated and trained to provide all of the diverse healthcare services that many Americans need. 
    We believe the American public will be better served when we have more healthcare freedom in each state for holistic type healthcare practitioners, services, and products, and this increased healthcare freedom will help ensure that medical profession personnel will be allowed to utilize alternative, complementary, and/or integrative healthcare services, procedures, and products whenever they could be beneficial to the patient's health.
     Using our "free to review" education format in some of our websites, Americans4Justice strives to educate voters throughout America about the need for more holistic type healthcare freedom, and we also educate them about the responsible patriotic actions that need to be taken so millions of patriotic voters can make it happen, one State at the time.

Coordination of Patriotic Groups Throughout America

     Working together with numerous patriotic Groups (organizations) is a key part of our strategy to greatly improve the effectiveness of the patriotic movement in the United States.  A membership in our patriotic A4J private education club can provide very important advantages and benefits to each of their members.

     This situation will greatly improve their ability to be healthy  and  effective patriots for more years (due to extended life spans from our health enhancement education programs). 

     Within a few years, we could help millions of American patriots substantially improve their health and their effectiveness as patriots.  This is the ambitious and bold objective that Lon Willoughby sees clearly for and and

       Lon understands that the sinister socialist and communist enemies of freedom and justice in America are gaining strength and gaining more self-serving control over all Americans as each day goes by.  Consequently, it is very important for us to move forward with our vital educational program as quickly as possible. 

      In order to accomplish our various educational objectives, we will utilize the infrastructure of some well-established companies in our educational programs.  Two of those companies are Legal Shield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.), Ada, Oklahoma, and Natures Sunshine, located in Utah.  

      Legal Shield (LS) has legal services membership plans that are a very good value.  Lon became associated with Pre-Paid Legal, Inc. as an independent sales representative in December 1984.

     Consequently, Lon is familiar with the company and the vital legal membership plans that they have developed.  The company is now owned and offered by Legal Shield.  You can take an interesting tour of Legal Shield by visiting ABC's LS website at:

      Natures Sunshine has excellent natural healthcare education programs available that will be ideal for our members.  Lon has worked with the Natures Sunshine Company, as an independent representative, for many years. 

      He is proud of this remarkable company and the excellent healthcare products and education materials and education programs that Natures Sunshine has developed over a period of 40+ years. You can visit this remarkable company by using ABC of Health's web link at:

      Other very good companies will provide additional  products and/or services for our club members, on an as needed basis (members choose products and/or services they want).  Additional information will be published about these companies in this department when Lon has  the details worked out for our A4J club members

     A brief sampling of some additional organizations are listed below.

      American Association for Health Freedom provides excellent leadership and guidance for numerous health related issues, including legislative issues. Visit their web site at: 

    The Coalition for Health Freedom also provides excellent leadership and guidance for important health issues and legislative issues related to health.  You can take a very interesting visit of their web site at:

     Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. is in the forefront of the battle to stop the global ban on vitamin and nutrition therapies.  Visit this web site to obtain information about CODEX Alimentarius and other important health issues.

     Our A4J club members will become well informed about numerous other patriotic groups that are doing responsible work in helping citizens protect, defend, preserve, and improve the best features of our American Republic.  You can be a part of this exciting A4J Patriot Team if you meet our qualification standards for A4J club membership

     We will introduce you to our innovative home-based business income opportunity below.   If you live in the Greenville, SC upstate area, you may get excited about these unique business income opportunities.  We have an income incentive plan that can help turn the tide of history in favor of American patriots in a few years of time.

 Home-based Income Opportunities for Patriots

     An essential part of our Americans4Justice-SC strategy is to provide home-based income opportunities for our club members that is very convenient and easy.  A4J club member sales affiliates will be able to earn generous Affiliate Awards for easy income, and they can also earn reliable residual income that can grow and grow over time to possibly become helpful retirement income.

      These easy and convenient business opportunities have the potential to provide important financial support for many of our A4J club members.  Select the Income Opportunity Icon at the top or bottom of this department to learn about our innovative Home-Based Business Income Opportunities that are  very easy to work with, and they can usually be worked from home.  They need only a small amount of time to develop these income opportunities into  hundreds of dollars of easy income with our generous Affiliate Awards "Network Marketing" club membership sales program.

Judicial Improvement & Reform Project

      Lon Willoughby, the founder and director of, is 84 years of age.  He has acquired a lot of first-hand experience with some judicial systems (state and federal), having spent more than 18,000 hours of his life being involved with some aspect of litigation - conducting legal research, drafting and writing legal briefs for trial court actions and appellate court actions and actually litigated in trial courts and appellate courts. 

      After the initial trial case in 1989, and his first appeal case in year 1990 (with an attorney), Lon did the rest of his litigation work while proceeding "pro se" (representing himself - without attorney assistance). 

     The first two attorneys that he retained betrayed him by deceitfully cooperating with his opponent attorney to cause him to lose his first trial court case and also lose his first appeal case.  Thereafter, he refused to retain any more attorney assistance. 

     Lon has litigated before ten trial court judges in his pro se capacity, and he has conducted ten appeal cases, proceeding pro se of necessity.

 Why Should American Patriots Be Concerned

About the Judicial Systems in America?

     During the past twenty+ years, Lon was involved in some form of litigation from March 1989 until December of year 2000, and then from 2002 into year 2010.  The break in that litigation process was because his corrupt opponent attorney died (age 71). 

     Lon has had as many as three related cases in litigation at the same time, while he needed to work 60 to 90 hours per week in a corporately owned health and wellness store business in Greenville, SC. 

     Part of the strategy used by his opponent attorney(s) in the distant state was to keep Lon so busy with ongoing related harassment litigation actions that his corporately owned health and wellness store business would fail.  

     Over a period of 20+ years, Lon repeatedly reported and exposed, in detailed legal briefs, an ongoing series of outrageously unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions that he was subjected to in extremely abusive, harassing, and ruthless litigation actions. 

     He also reported some of those actions to appropriate state and federal law enforcement agencies.  In general, Lon's legitimate and well documented complaints were ignored by all of the law enforcement agencies, state and federal, apparently because judges and attorneys (lawyers) were the alleged perpetrators of said unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation actions. 

     Law enforcement agencies summarily refused to evaluate the evidential reports and evidentiary documents that Lon tried to present to them.   They did not want to even look at his documentation. 

     Lon found that the "elitist status of judges and attorneys" provided them with automatic immunity and protection from complaints about unfair, unethical, and/or criminal litigation actions.  This extremely unfair situation  made it impossible for Lonnie Willoughby to get any law enforcement agency (state level or federal level) to initiate a responsible investigation of his very serious legitimate complaints. 

     Lon's detailed complaint reports were also ignored by trial judges and usually by appellate judges, even though his reports were made in a diligent and responsible manner.  

     Trial court  judges and appellate court judges repeatedly ignored Lon's detailed legal briefs that reported and exposed a heinous criminal conspiracy, by a defendant (trial attorney) and a series of trial court judges (7) to perpetrate extremely unfair and unethical litigation actions against Lonnie  Willoughby, proceeding pro se of necessity over a period of 14+ years - for direct and proximate financial, social, and career benefits to the extremely unfair and unethical defendant attorney, and his unfair, unethical, and corrupt law firm (in the distant state).

     Lon learned that it is very easy for the judicial systems in America to operate like a good ol' boys club, conducting litigation in an extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt manner any time "they" please, for their own financial, political, and social benefits, to the financial detriment of trusting litigants who naively get involved in this extremely expensive, dangerous,  hazardous, frustrating, and very time consuming (time wasting?) "judicial" system.

     The extensive litigation experiences that Lon was ruthlessly subjected to over a period of fifteen years enabled him to see first-hand, on numerous occasions, that the judicial systems in America are so inherently  corrupt in a  self-serving manner that they can easily qualify as a form of organized crime

     Based upon those revealing litigation experiences, Lon is convinced that the judicial systems in America can easily be as corrupt, in a self-serving manner, as intelligent, well educated judges and trial attorneys (lawyers) can make them for their own benefit.

      Lon has acquired an abundance of documentary evidence that proves convincingly, beyond a reasonable doubt, that any judicial system in America can easily operate in a  self-serving manner for the financial benefit of members of the "legal brotherhood" - rather than responsibly dispensing justice to trusting and naive litigants in a fair and impartial manner.

      Lon Willoughby is therefore determined to help a lot of American patriots learn about the following situations:

      1.  the outrageously unfair and unethical self-serving judicial actions that were taken against him systematically over a period of 20+ years, in a ruthless manner, through the state courts and through the federal courts, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court twice.  He will use the well-documented history of those outrageously unfair and unethical judicial actions, and the pattern of judicial corruption that those judicial records expose, to show the exceptionally urgent need for very important improvements in our American judicial systems and  

      2.  the vital improvements that need to be made in our judicial systems, at the state level and the federal level, to help ensure that the judicial systems in America will be improved greatly as soon as possible (ASAP). 

      Is it possible for Patriots across America to join together with sufficient coordinated efforts to succeed in a noble crusade to improve the judicial systems in America?  Lon believes that it will be possible to accomplish the needed changes when millions of patriotic-minded Americans have been  educated about the extremely unfair and unethical self-serving manner in which judges and trial attorneys have betrayed the public trust of Americans

     Lon will educate A4J club members about the outrageously unfair and unethical self-serving judicial schemes and tactics that are easily used in the courtrooms of America

     Our A4J club members will gain access to effective action plans and well designed patriotic programs that can eventually help bring about substantial improvements in the judicial systems in America.  

      In essence, patriotic-minded Americans need to be educated about these "judicial and prosecutorial problems" and also educated about the best solutions to correct these legal system problems

     Our A4J club members will learn why we need to work together with other patriotic type groups and organizations in a national team effort to amend the Constitutions of each State appropriately to provide authorization for special  grand juries to be called that will have authority to review complaints, conduct evaluations, and provide a basis for prosecution of unfair and unethical judges and/or unfair and unethical solicitors (prosecutors).  

     This appears to be the best way, and the most practical way, to help ensure that the state court judicial systems will have sufficient "motivation" to provide fair and impartial judicial forums and focus attention on dispensing justice much more responsibly than they usually accomplish when using the extremely self-serving judicial system procedures that are "allowed" today. 

     Lon asks - do they frequently qualify as a trial attorney extortion racket

      Lon's extensive litigation experiences enabled him to see the glaring deficiencies of the modern day judicial systems.  His association with helped him understand the most effective way to accomplish the changes that need to be made at the state and federal levels to enable a much better judicial systems in America.  The judicial systems that have evolved In America over the past 240+ years developed- in an extremely self-serving manner for direct and proximate benefits to members of the elitist "legal brotherhood."  

     You can read more about Lon's extremely aggravating, frustrating, and expensive experiences with an extremely corrupt self-serving "judicial system" by detouring later to the department titled Judicial-Info-for-sc-Citizens (at this website).

      Lon's understanding of the best solutions available to improve the corrupt judicial systems in America came from his association with several very good patriotic groups that are working on very important judicial improvement projects - related to similar judicial issues. The links provided below will enable you to visit the websites for some of these patriotic type organizations.


     Our education programs can provide substantial help and support to these very important patriotic organizations.

     Are you skeptical and doubtful that anything meaningful can be done about the very serious level of unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial systems in America?  Let's review some famous relevant words again that were a motivating statement made by Sir Winston Churchill to the British people during World War II.  His words are relevant to the very dangerous "judicial power-grab scheme" that Lon reports at this website.
     "Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.  There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves."

      With many years of work with litigation actions (18,000+ hours of work over more than 20 years), Lon is confident that millions of America's patriotic-minded adult citizens can join together and bring about constitutional changes that need to be made in individual states.  This can be done with educated voter actions

     Those state constitutional changes can help bring about badly needed major improvements in state judicial systems.  Lon understands what constitutional changes need to be made, and he knows how to help enable them to work effectively and responsibly. 

     Lon realizes that the Winston Churchill statement above is applicable to our situation today "fight for the right when we can easily win without bloodshed." 

     If you are not willing to help with this vital educational work now, as offered responsibly for A4J private education club members, when will you be willing to help?  (When there is no hope of victory and when it will be better to perish rather than live as judicial slaves throughout all of America?)  

     The really bad self-serving judicial situations that Lon Willoughby experienced in American courts are apparently commonplace throughout America. 

     Those terrible judicial situations need your serious consideration right now, while we can still work together somewhat freely and effectively to take badly needed actions to improve judicial systems throughout South Carolina as a priority project for A4J club members

     Lon Willoughby understands that American patriots need to work together to help make major improvements in the judicial systems.  Lon knows first-hand that there is a lot of unfair and unethical judicial corruption that is wide-spread in American courts. 

     He knows that the unfair and unethical self-serving legal systems and judicial systems are growing and gaining more control over American citizens (men, women, and children) as each week goes by. 

     America needs your patriotic courage and help, and it needs your patriotic help right now, not years from now when Lon Willoughby will be too old to be mentally and physically able to lead this incredibly important task.

 Summary of benefits of Membership

        As you have seen in your visit to this A4J -SC educational website, we provide very important  challenging information that can help educate and persuade patriotic-minded qualifiable citizens to join our A4J team of American Patriots.   

     Each visitor is encouraged to review and evaluate our objectives, the very valuable educational programs that our members will have convenient access to, and our amazing home-based business opportunity.  Visitors learn that our members can select the educational programs they choose to utilize on an "as needed basis" whenever they choose to benefit from them, for themselves and/or for benefit to their immediate family members. 

      Members will have access to incredibly valuable health programs that can help them learn how to improve their personal health and lifestyle and improve their knowledge about practical "do it yourself" Holistic Health Care Information.

      Members will also have access to information and guidance that can help patriots learn how to expand and improve the availability of Holistic Health Care Freedom in America, on a state by state basis.  A few states have already made big improvements due to organized citizens' groups working diligently for passage of needed statutory law improvements.   

      Our A4J club members can also learn how to improve their Estate Planning and Financial Planning knowledge, and learn about the availability of low cost helpful services that Lon Willoughby is familiar with. 

      Members will also be empowered with very valuable knowledge about:

      (1) the Judicial Systems in America (state and federal systems), and the rights, power, and authority of well-informed jurors.   

      (2) the Political Systems at the state and federal levels and how to become a better citizen and a more effective American patriot.

      In addition to all of these valuable membership features, A4J club members can also earn generous Affiliate Awards by simply helping other "apparently qualifiable" natural-born American adult citizens learn about our Introductory natural healthcare concepts education website

     Club members sales affiliates can earn generous Affiliate Awards (finder's fee commission income) for each advertising type referral to our introductory website that results in a new club membership being sold by our office staff personnel.  New A4J club members pay one reasonable first-year annual club membership dues, and the A4J sales affiliate awards are paid as a generous percentage of that annual dues amount.

     This is very easy money that can improve the present and future financial stability for many club members, while our coordinated Patriot Team actions are building a better American Republic for responsible citizens in the United States of America.  

     You can obtain additional information about our innovative Home-based Business Income Opportunity by selecting the Income Opportunities Icon at the top of this Educational Services Department.

      Becoming a member of our private educational club can enable selected American citizens to learn how to take charge of their lives and their personal healthcare in a responsible manner that can be enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding.  Club members will have access to very valuable information sources and programs that can enable them to become healthier and happier American citizens

     A4J club members can become better American citizens, better patriots, better employees and better employees or managers of people.  they will be provided with exceptionally valuable knowledge that can help them develop a PCP Attitude - become more positive, more productive, and more constructive on a day-to-day basis. 

    These very valuable personal improvements will help them enjoy life more, each day,  for the rest of their lives.  They will likely become more successful in their chosen careers and also in their personal relationships with family members, friends, and business associates.     

      ACTION:  After reviewing our Business Income Opportunities, send us an Email to let us know how you feel about our educational and motivational programs for patriotic-minded Americans.  Also identify the person who invited you to review our introductory natural healthcare concepts education website - so we can keep a good record of their helpful referral advertising activity.

     You should make yourself a good note of that advertising action (their name and the date of that website advertising action) so you will be able to identify this information later on, if you are a "qualifiable club member prospect" and later choose to join our A4J private educational club

     We will respond to you by Email when we receive your initial Email inquiry about our A4J Club Membership Application ProcessThank you for your kind considerations in this regard.

     May you live long and prosper well in good health, as a brave and courageous American patriot

Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health, and also the founder and director of


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