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              Easy Home-based Business Opportunity for Patriotic Citizens

      An essential part of our Americans4Justice strategy is to provide an outstanding  home-based income opportunity for our members. We have developed a remarkable Affiliate Referral Awards System that can pay generous Referral Awards that are very easy for members to earn (very little time or effort involved - and no selling). 

      Members have the option of participating or not participating in our Affiliate Referral  Awards System - where participating members can earn quick up-front income and can also earn reliable residual income that can grow and grow and grow and grow over time to help provide additional income for the years ahead.

 Lon Willoughby, the founder and director of Americans for Justice, believes these easy and convenient home-based income opportunities have the potential to provide  long-term financial independence for many of our A4J members.

      Our Americans4Justice education strategy utilizes the infrastructure of several very successful companies - some are multi-million dollar companies that have been in business many years. Our members will have easy access to remarkable programs that can help them acquire exceptionally valuable educational information about several very important subjects, including the major categories isted below.

     1.  Health, Nutrition. and Personal Hygiene Educationthis vital information may  enable you to greatly improve your health and the health of immediate family members (same household) and may even enable you to save your life and/or the life of family members.  This very important healthcare information will likely enable many of our members to extend their longevity by several years while they also enjoy better health (more energy and vitality with less disease, pain, and suffering). 

     2.  Availability of Holistic Healthcare Servicesmembers learn how to expand and improve the availability of holistic health care services in States that still prohibit these very beneficial services (most States).

    3.  Estate Planning and Financial Planning Education Informationfor Individuals and Families - learn about availability of low cost services. This information can help many families save thousands of dollars in legal fees. 

    4.  Judicial Systems Reform Education - members can learn how the judicial systems in the USA operate in a self-serving manner and learn why the systems can be corrupted easily by any judge at will (any time they choose).  Members learn why they should avoid, as much as possible,  getting involved in self-serving judicial systems that can become very expensive, frustrating, and dangerous to your health and wellbeing. 

Members also learn about the full rights, power, and authority of educated jurors - learn how to be a good juror when it is your duty to serve on a jury.

    5.  Political Systems in the USA Educationpractical, useful, and vital  political information that will empower A4J members to become better citizens and also become more effective patriotic Americans.

    6.  Home-based Income Opportunitiesvery easy to accomplish and emotionally rewarding - takes very little time or effort in a program that can pay very generous Affiliate Referral Awards (ARA).  Become a very effective educator about the goals and objectives presented herein by simply referring qualified American citizens to this very special educational website. 

     This special educational website will present the educational issues for you in a very effective, competent, and well-organized manner.  If a qualified American citizen visitor chooses to join as an A4J member, the referring affiliate member earns a generous affiliate referral award.  That's how easy it is to earn affiliate referral awards.

   One of our primary objectives is to provide each affiliate member with an excellent opportunity to earn more money in our affiliate referral awards system than the cost of their initial annual membership fee.  Affiliate members can also earn affiliate referral awards thereafter and those awards can easily become a greater dollar amount than their annual membership renewal fee cost (an optional annual expense).  

     In essence, we offer our members the optional opportunity to earn affiliate referral awards income by simply helping prospective qualified visitors find this website: 


     A4J members can do this easily with people within their circle of influence (people they personally know).  It is therefore possible for an A4J member to easily earn  substantial income with our very generous Affiliate Referral Awards System.  

     We have developed a unique home-based income opportunity for patriotic-minded Americans that pays generous up-front income and can also provide substantial residual income for the years ahead.  This easy to earn residual  income can grow, and grow, and grow, as the years go by because more and more people will likely be joining our exciting patriotic team opportunity in future years.    

     An active member can earn an Affiliate Referral  Award for each new A4J member that they personally sponsor (refer to this website), and they can also earn Affiliate Referral Awards for new members that are sponsored within their Affiliate Referral Teams of Patriots with award payments down five levels. 

     They can earn additional Referral Awards when their personally referred members renew their membership annually, and they can also earn additional  Affiliate Referral Awards when members within their Referral Awards Teams renew their annual memberships each year thereafter. Consequently, this is a remarkable income generator system for members who spend a little time helping their contacts find and review this very special educational website.

    We have three membership levels, BronzeSilver, and Gold.  All new affiliate members begin as a Bronze Member, with the potential for five referral award teams; this can expand to six teams when a member qualifies for advancement to a Silver Member.  The membership level achievement standards will be explained in more detail later in this section.

    Our Affiliate Referral Awards Team concept can make this a remarkable income generating opportunity for many American patriots.  It is the easiest and quickest way to make substantial amounts of money in a dignified responsible patriotic manner that we have ever seen.  Affiliate members can earn quick up-front income and also earn generous residual income that can continue to increase annually indefinitely into the future.  

Affiliate Referral Awards System 

      Our members can get paid Affiliate Referral Awards (commission income) numerous times for work that they do only one time due to: 

1) our Affiliate Referral Awards Team Concept that can be continued each year and

2) the Affiliate Referral Awards that can be earned by A4J club members from the annual membership renewal fees that A4J club members can voluntary choose to pay each year to continue their A4J education club membership for the next year. 

     That wise action will also maintain their eligibility to receive Affiliate Referral Awards (commission payments) for each renewal of club memberships in their downline legs.  Renewal of their A4J educational club membership will also continue their eligibility to receive Affiliate Referral Awards for each new affiliate club member who is referred to our ABC of Health office by active affiliates in each downline leg of our Unilever Commission Payment Program. 

     Each team leader continues to receive those Affiliate Referral Awards (commission income) that will be paid up to five levels deep for sponsorships of new A4J Education Club Members in each leg of their multiple downline teams.  Each A4J Club Member is eligible to sponsor an unlimited number of downline teams - thereby increasing their potential income through the year of membership.  The A4J Education Club Membership can be voluntarily renewed each year, year after year, to ensure that   Affiliate Referral Awards can be earned throughout each year of membership.. 

 Review of these Income Earning Features

     Each active affiliate educational club member can receive another Affiliate Referral Award  (annually) when one of their personally referred club members renew their A4J Club Membership for another year. This situation can repeat annually, year after year, indefinitely into the future for each A4J Educational Club Member that they personally sponsored (referred for membership) into our Americans 4 Justice Club.

     Each active affiliate A4J club member can also receive another Referral Award for each membership renewal fee that is associated with their Referral Awards Teams - can ultimately go down five levels deep.  Each active affiliate can have unlimited width on each team level (up to five levels deep).     

      The information presented below will show that this is an incredible home-based income opportunity that is very easy to work with - from the comfort of home.

    Our Americans4Justice home office personnel accomplish most of the work and manage most of the expenses involved with operating and maintaining this exciting remarkable Educational Club Membership System. This includes all of the work involved with the procurement and shipment of our initial A4J Club Membership Materials to each new member.  We also do most of the administrative and clerical work in processing new A4J Club Memberships, and all of the work involved with development of our A4J Membership Newsletter Service (Emails to Club Members).

     Our home office personnel also establish, manage, and maintain the accessibility that members have to various education services and programs, and also manage the educational bonus award services that we have for promotional ranks from Bronze level (entry level) to the Silver Level, and from the Silver to the Gold Level, and from the Gold Level to the Platinum (our top membership level). 

     However, it is important to understand that all of our active affiliate A4J educational club members will receive a generous Affiliate Referral Award (commission) for each new "qualified" A4J prospective club member they personally sponsored (referred to our office) who do join our Americans 4 Justice membership. 

      Our A4J members simply refer (recommend) apparently "qualified" American citizens to this website for information about our club education goals and objectives, our program features, and our remarkable Affiliate Referral Awards home-based income opportunity.  This website provides the introductory educational information that may be needed for a prospective A4J club member to decide whether or not they want to join our exciting team of patriotic-minded American adult citizens.

     Our club members can refer "apparently qualified" patriotic-minded American citizens to our two introductory educational websites (ABCofHealth.com and Americans4Justice-SC.com) whenever it is convenient to do so.  If the prospective A4J member likes the education work that we are doing and become interested in our A4J Club Member Opportunity, they can contact us directly by Email or by telephone or they can authorize the referring A4J club member to send their contact information to us so we will know how to contact them by Email and/or with a professional post card (introducing them to our Club Membership Services. 

     Our office personnel can take it from there to help close the A4J Club Membership sale, process their annual membership payment, and help them get started properly as a new A4J Educational Club Member.

 It is clear that this is a very easy money-making home-based income opportunity.  This opportunity can work well for members who make a reasonable responsible effort to refer "apparently qualified" citizens to this introductory website using various forms of communications such as: Emails, Postcards, Flyers, Newspaper Classified Ads, Bulletin Board ads, or handing out your existing business cards with appropriate information stamped on the back of each card.  A4J club members can also talk briefly to groups about this remarkable patriotic citizen opportunity or simply talk briefly with individuals (face to face or over the telephone). 

      It takes less than one minute of conversation to introduce people to this very helpful educational information website.  A4J affiliate members can simply give each person a business card or a slip of paper providing this website's address and their name, phone number, and their A4J club membership identification code (MIC). 

     This very helpful educational website will do most of the work for each affiliate.  Just get "apparently qualified" natural-born American citizens to visit this website; that is the very easy "work" that our active club members need to do to start earning money with our exciting and remarkable Affiliate Referral Awards System

     Members can invite (refer) "apparently qualified" American citizens to visit this  Americans 4 Justice introductory website, and they can earn an Affiliate Referral Award for each qualified referred person that chooses to becomes a member of our Americans 4 Justice Educational Club as a result of their referral actions

     It is possible that several members may refer the same person to our organization, but the member that gets credit for the membership referral action is the one that referred this person to us first (provided the referred person's contact information).

    A4J can pay Affiliate Referral Awards down five levels deep for new memberships that are processed to completion.  Referral Awards will be paid at one week intervals (four times per calendar month).   In order to qualify to receive Affiliate Referral Awards from their downline team member's referral activities, an A4J Club Member simply needs to keep their A4J Club Membership active (have paid their Annual Club Membership Fee in a timely manner). 

     This home-based income opportunity can pay Affiliate Referral Awards (ARFA) up to five levels deep in each downline team.  This means that an active A4J Club Member can be paid an Affiliate Referral Award (commission) for each new member they personally referred to ABC of Health, and also get paid for new memberships referred by A4J members in the down lines of that team leader - up to four levels. 

     Each personally referred new A4J Club Member is placed on the referring member's Level 1, and this starts a new downline team. The referring team leader can also be paid Affiliate Referral Awards (commissions) for new A4J Club Members that those referral members sponsor (Level 2 of that downline leg team, and for new members that those referral members sponsor (Level 3 of that downline leg team) and so on down to the fifth downline level of that downline leg team.

   Think about this situation for a moment:  members can get paid generous Affiliate Referral Awards, up to five levels deep, for each new member that they personally referred into our A4J Club Membership because each new member starts another downline leg team of club members.  Remember, as a member's downline team members begin to get excited about this patriotic education organization, and our goals and program objectives, they can also begin to refer apparently qualified American citizens they know to this introductory Americans 4 Justice website.  

    Each new A4J Club Member pays their annual membership fee and that money will enable our A4J organization to pay the up-line sponsor their initial Affiliate Referral Award.  Another Affiliate Referral Award may be paid a year later if those A4J Club Members each choose to renew their optional club membership fee.  This renewal option will be available each year thereafter for each A4J Club Member who has maintained a good membership standing within our A4J Club Membership.  

    Remember, one of our objectives is to provide an easy income patriotic opportunity so each affiliate club member can easily and conveniently make much more money with their Affiliate Referral Awards than their annual membership fee will cost.  We want our affiliate club members to have a good income opportunity for years to come.

    Affiliate Referral Awards can amount to many thousand of dollars over a twelve month period, and the continued payment of those awards is contingent upon each member maintaining their membership in good standing (payment of annual renewal fee in a timely manner).   Consequently, the renewal of memberships for A4J affiliate members in their downline teams is effectively assured if those members are earning good affiliate income and still like the way we operate this educational company.

    Due to the multiple ways a member can earn Affiliate Referral Awards (commission income), it is possible for an active A4J club member to receive Affiliate Referral Awards annually of $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or much more.

     The dollar value of Affiliate Referral Awards that an active A4J affiliate club member receives each year in commissions is dependent upon the number of new A4J club memberships purchased within a member's multiple downline teams  (personally sponsored A4J club members plus the A4J memberships referred by members in each downline team - paying Referral Awards up to four more levels.

    If a member wants to earn more money, they simply refer more freedom-loving "apparently qualified" American citizens to this website in an ongoing manner.  Those actions will likely result in more personally referred A4J club memberships, and that will also likely cause increased sponsoring in the member's downline leg teams.

    The initial Affiliate Referral Award System described above is for Bronze Level Members (all new members start as a Bronze Level Member).  We have three additional qualification level that A4J Club Members can strive to achieve through their sponsorship activities. 

When a Bronze Level Affiliate has sponsored their first two new A4J club members, they will qualify to become a Silver Level Member and will be awarded an important and valuable BONUS AWARD of special natural healthcare concepts education that can have substantial benefits for their healthcare actions for the rest of their life.

bonus award then qualify to become a Gold Member.  

     Each advancing Affiliate Referral Award (ARFA) level will pay additional Affiliate Referral Awards and they will then have additional downline legs that can pay

due to the numbers of affiliates that can be involved with each level.  Each advanced 

ARFA member level is more challenging than the prior level (production requirements and educational progress requirements).

    After an A4J member has met the production requirements to advance to a Silver Member (has personally sponsored five active members on their first level and also has at least 7 active members on their second level) and has also completed the education progress requirements to advance to this second level of Referral Awards (Silver Member), they can begin accomplishing the production and educational progress requirements to advance to the third level of Referral Awards (Gold Member).  

     This is an exceptionally easy home-based income opportunity because members do not need to sell products or even sell our educational services to earn Affiliate Referral Awards Our A4J educational club memberships are purchased voluntarily by qualified American citizens who visit this website and like our education services enough to want to join as an A4J educational club member. Most "apparently qualified" American citizen visitors to this introductory A4J website will likely be referred to visit this website by another happy A4J club member. 

     Membership application forms can be printed from our Website by prospective qualified American citizen applicants who have access to the Internet, and this will be the normal method of obtaining an A4J Club Membership Application Form. However, we can make other arrangements to work with freedom loving patriotic-minded qualified American citizens who want to join Americans 4 Justice but do not have convenient access to the Internet and this educational website. 

   The annual membership fee schedule and our Affiliate Referral Award Program payment chart can be provided to interested qualified American citizens.  We do not publish this information on this website because we do not want our socialistic and/or communistic-minded competitors and enemies to see what we are doing to help Club Members earn generous amounts of easy income. 

     For the time being, we want you to understand the basic concepts involved with our exciting and remarkable Affiliate Referral Awards Income Program.   

Knowledge Requirements for

Advanced Membership Levels

     We provide the education guidelines and other helpful information that can help each member become a better informed patriotic citizen and thereby become a much more effective patriot.  We have education requirements for our advanced membership levels (Silver and Gold Members) because we understand that Ignorance and Freedom do not go together.  World history  shows convincingly that these two conditions are not compatible for any society that wants to have or maintain any reasonable amount of freedom for its citizens. 

      In order for us to continue as Free People in America, with an abundance of freedom and liberty, we must be educated to become more effective American patriots. Therefore, one of the core objectives of Americans4Justice is to enable our members to obtain the knowledge that is essential for patriotic-minded people to enhance their health and happiness while working with many other patriotic Americans to improve freedom, liberty, justice, equality, and fair opportunities for all patriots.  We want our members to achieve all that they are capable of - achieve their ultimate potential in life, and these educational programs will help them accomplish that objective.

      Each advancement membership level requires a larger number of First Level and Second Level active members (production requirements), and also requires a higher level of educational achievement (completion of educational requirements). Very effective members will  be able to achieve the top Affiliate Referral Award Level by becoming a Gold Member.  

     The Gold level of achievement requires a substantial amount of effort and effectiveness in both education advancement and referral production activity.  The Gold level can be achieved by A4J affiliate members who have developed communications abilities and skills.

    Our achievement level requirements are not complicated or difficult.  Most people will find that it is quite easy and challenging to achieve the goals that we establish for the education progress requirements to advance to the Silver level. It is more difficult to achieve the Gold level.  

     Many A4J affiliate members will be able to accomplish these challenging requirements with only a few hours of interesting and enjoyable study.  These educational progress requirements help us ensure that our advancing members are learning very valuable educational information that we believe all freedom-loving patriotic-minded Americans need to understand well.

Win-Win Patriotic Citizen

Education Opportunities


     All members receive incredibly valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that includes vital nutrition and personal hygiene information.  They will also learn about very important special healthcare educations services (audio tapes, brochures, manuals, books, etc.). This education can be life-changing and perhaps life-saving healthcare information for some A4J members.

     Advanced level healthcare, nutrition, and hygiene knowledge can add years of life with reduced potential for disease, pain, and suffering.  How much would this knowledge be worth to you and your immediate family?  What kind of value would you put on this vital healthcare information 

    In addition to this priceless healthcare information, each member will also have access to  valuable education related to estate planning, financial matters,  judicial system knowledge, political system knowledge, and an exciting opportunity to help unite patriotic-minded citizens across America into a powerful political force for good

     The combined effect of these vital education programs and our remarkable home-based income  opportunities can greatly improve the ability of A4J affiliate members to become more effective patriotic-minded American citizens.

    Our membership programs will utilize the infrastructure of several well-established companies and will also work cooperatively with many other patriotic organizations, helping their members become more effective American patriots. Consequently, our members can quickly inform large numbers of patriotic-minded American citizens about our remarkable educational website.

    In time we will likely have three A4J websites in operation.  This Americans4Justice.info is still in a preliminary state of development.  We will accomplish development of the  Americans4Justice.us and the Americans4Justice.biz websites when we need them.   You can see that we are very serious about developing this incredibly important patriot education opportunity because we  initially purchased the following domain names: 


Americans4Justice.biz         AmericansForJustice.biz


 American4Justice.info         AmericansForJustice.info


Americans4Justice.us          AmericansForJustice.us


      This American4Justice.info website will be the site for visitors to visit and review first.  The .biz website will be for members who are business owners and business managers and the .us website will be for all other members.

     Although the .biz and the .us websites will be very similar, the .biz website will provide special information that business owners and managers need to know.  Having a separate website for business owners and/or managers will enable us to provide information needed by business owners, managers, and some high level executives. 

     Business owner members will also have the opportunity to advertise their company and their products and/or services to our members on the .biz and the .us and the .info websites. This advertising will enable our members to know who the patriotic business owners are and enable members to conduct business whenever possible with our business members.  These actions will   further strengthen our membership and the financial freedom goals of said business owners.

     Help our friends with your business - do not help the enemies of our American Republic with your business.  It is not in our own best interest to be penny-wise and pound foolish. Consequently, we need to know which business owners are on our American Patriots Team so we can do as much business with them as possible - even if it cost a little more than doing business with companies who are not our friends (subsidized by foreigners?).   

     It is very important for our members to understand that some business operations may be subsidized by foreign governments who want to injure and destroy our American Republic; causing our citizens to lose their jobs and helping put our business owners out of business may be part of their game plan. We need to understand the game plans of our enemies so we can avoid getting suckered into taking actions that are not in our own best interest long-term.

     Having business members advertise on our .info website will be quite impressive to visitors, and this business member information can help provide credibility for American4Justice.info in the minds of visitors. They will be able to see the quality of our membership by reviewing the businesses that have chosen to join our patriotic organization. The modest advertising fees for such advertising will also provide additional income to our organization, making it a stronger and more effective patriotic organization.

     Some of our membership fee income and advertising fee income will be set aside in an escrow account for special financial needs, such as arbitration and/or litigation expenses, and also provide funds to help members who may have special needs in a crisis situation. We will also have bonus pools of funds that our most successful patriots can compete for monthly (highest number of new A4J members referred to Americans4Justice during a calendar month, etc.).

     The information presented at this Americans4Justice.info website will encourage visitors  to accept our challenge to become better informed Americans on some very important issues. The information presented at this website will also help visitors understand that our membership education programs can help them in many ways, including helping them learn how to become much more effective American patriots.  They will also learn that our members can earn very generous affiliate referral awards by simply inviting qualified citizens to visit this website.


Easy and Effective Way to Unite Patriotic Citizens in America


     As explained previously, A4J members simply invite qualified patriotic-minded people they know to visit this A4J Information website.  Some of the referred qualified visitors will likely want to join our team of sincere and responsible patriotic-minded Americans and begin enjoying the many important and valuable benefits of membership.  One of the important benefits is the opportunity for members to earn generous affiliate referral awards without spending much time or effort working with this remarkable part-time home-based income opportunity.  

     This remarkable income opportunity was designed to help patriotic-minded Americans unite into a powerful political force for good that will be enabled and empowered to become a very effective  Patriot Team for our American Republic.  Team members can thereby become  much more effective patriotic citizens, using coordinated action plans that will help defend, support, and improve our American Republic form of government. 

     See The Constitution of the United States of America

  Article IV, RELATIONS OF STATES, Section 4: 

      The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened), against domestic violence.    

Creed of Americans4Justice 

     In our Membership Application Form, an applicant affirms that they subscribe to the creed composed by Dean Alfange titled The Uncommon Man.  This creed is shown in The Objectives section of this website.  Please review this creed and see if you would be willing to affirm your belief in this remarkable statement of Freedom. 

Review - What is Americans4Justice Striving to Accomplish?

      As shown previously, Americans4Justice was designed to help educate  and empower patriotic-minded Americans in these six vital areas of knowledge:     

     1.  Health, Nutrition, and Hygiene Information:  Members can learn how to take charge of their healthcare in a responsible manner and thereby improve their health and lifestyle in remarkable ways that can increase energy and vitality and increase their potential for extended longevity in good health.  These actions will obviously reduce substantially the potential for many diseases and thereby reduce the potential for pain and suffering in the later years. 

     2.  Healthcare Services Availability Freedom:  Members also learn about the urgent need to improve healthcare freedom in most States.  Lon Willoughby believes that each adult American has an inherent right to be free to choose the type of healthcare they want for their body.  Americans should therefore have open access to holistic healthcare practitioners (medical profession doctors and nurses as well as other types of qualified healthcare practitioners) who can legally provide holistic healthcare services, educational information, and holistic healthcare products. 

     Unfortunately, most states still severely restrict or prohibit entirely holistic healthcare services for their citizens.  This is a very important issue that needs a lot of well-coordinated patriot attention as soon as possible (ASAP).

     America is one of the sickest industrialized nations on the planet and badly needed  healthcare improvements can greatly improve the opportunity for millions of Americans  to enjoy much improved health with substantially reduced healthcare costs over their lifetime.   A4J will provide helpful information to our members that can help improve their healthcare knowledge in remarkable ways.  They can then become part of the healthcare solution, rather than becoming part of the healthcare problems in America.   

     3.  Estate Planning and Financial Planning Basic Education: members can improve their ability to understand and accomplish essential financial and estate planning actions for their estate and long term care.

     4.  Judicial Systems Improvement Education Program:  Members can learn about the extremely unfair, unethical self-serving manner of adjudication that is available to the judiciary any time judges choose to use it, enabling judges and trial attorneys to enjoy an elitist status that can wreak the lives of selected innocent litigants anytime they choose. 

      Members can learn about the urgent need to take coordinated patriotic actions that will enable voters to demand a greatly improved judicial system in their State and in the federal courts system across America.  Also learn the real rights of jurors; they have much more power and authority than the typical judicial instruction indicates. 

     You can learn more about this project later by selecting the Judicial Reform icon to the right of this page or at the bottom of this HOME department.

    5.  Political Education Program: Members can learn practical, useful, and vital political information that can help members become better citizens and become much more effective  patriots.

    6  Remarkable Home-Based Income Opportunities:  very easy, time efficient actions that are emotionally rewarding and provide generous Affiliate Referral Awards for quick up-front money and growing residual income for future years. This home-based income   opportunity is an essential component of our strategy to unite patriotic-minded citizens throughout South Carolina and gradually expanding to other states of America. 

     We all have only 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to accomplish all of the varied tasks required of us, including earning sufficient income to meet our financial needs - now and in our retirement years.  Many members will find our home-based income opportunity to be a very important blessing because it is such an easy way to make substantial amounts of money for quick income.  It also develops funding for the retirement years with very generous affiliate referral awards residual income. This is a remarkable home-based income opportunity for our members. 

Advertising Methods and Important Cost Factors 

      Conventional advertising programs usually require an advertiser to pay for advertising costs before the results of the advertising are known.  The advertising may not be adequately productive but that does not normally reduce the cost of the advertising program.  Considering those conditions, we developed a different form of advertising program for Americans4Justice.

     This advertising system pays generous Affiliate Referral Awards (ARFA) to eligible members whenever they, or someone on one of their Affiliate Referral Awards Teams, help us expand our membership by referring people to this website.

     Each new member of Americans4Justice pays a reasonable annual membership fee, and we then quickly share a substantial part of that membership fee with our referring member by paying a generous Referral Award (ARFA) to the referring member.   

      Our Affiliate Referral Awards System is an easy to accomplish method of getting patriotic-minded Americans to visit this A4J Information website.  We pay generous  Affiliate Referral  Awards to our members after their referred visitors join our organization, rather than spending advertising funds for conventional advertising programs.

     In this beginning phase of our education operation, we may place some ads in patriotic type magazines to inform their readers that we are open for business in the upstate area of SC; however, we anticipate spending most of our advertising funds in the form of Affiliate Referral  Awards to our helpful A4J members.

 Advantages of our Affiliate Referral Awards Income System


     One can quickly see that our Referral Award Advertising System is the ideal advertising system for Americans4Justice by:

     1.  understanding that the major advertising costs (Affiliate Referral Awardsdo not get paid until actual results are obtained (when new A4J members join), and by

     2.  also understanding that the amount of the Referral Awards advertising costs is directly  proportional to the actual success of the Referral Awards Advertising System

     Another very important advantage of a Referral Awards Advertising System is the way it enables Americans4Justice to help our members earn substantial amounts of money in a very easy, time efficient, comfortable, convenient, and dignified manner.  Members can earn very generous Referrall Awards for their patriotic efforts to help us expand our membership. 

     This advertising system enables our company to help more patriotic-minded people more effectively because they will have additional income to improve their health and lifestyle and increase their knowledge level of vital information. 

     Members will gradually become much more effective patriots because they will be healthier, have more energy, be more knowledgeable,  become more successful in their chosen careers, and become happier people than they were before becoming a member of Americans4Justice.   Obviously, these conditions produce a very desirable Win-Win Situation for our Members, for Americans4Justiceand for our American Republic.

 Membership Renewals

     As shown herein previously, our Affiliate Referral Awards System enables us to pay up to five levels of Referral Awards Consequently, when a new member joins, up to five members can earn a Referral Award (we share a generous portion of the new member's annual membership fee with our respective affiliates.   

     This sharing the membership income advertising system produces some very desirable results.  Twelve months later, when it is time for each member to renew their membership for another year, they will very likely choose to renew their membership for several reasons:

    1.  They like what Americans4Justice has done for them and their loved ones; they like our education programs, and they like the very positiveconstructive, and productive effects that our organization has had upon them. 

    2.  They also understand that our educational programs have the potential to cause these desirable effects upon millions of patriotic Americans, and they want to continue their membership in A4J to help support our effective teamwork building programs for   protecting, defending, and strengthening the fabric of ideals that provide the core basis for our freedoms and liberties.    

    3. They have likely received a lot more money from our Referral Awards payment system than the modest cost of renewing their membership so it makes sense to stay the course with this very easy home-based income opportunity.  Renewing their membership will ensure that they will stay qualified to earn additional referral awards for each new member that joins A4J within their referral awards teams. (5 levels deep below them)  

    4.  Members understand that they will likely make more money during the next twelve months than they did in the past twelve months because the number of members is growing in their referral award teams (up to five levels deep).  They understand that they can earn an affiliate  referral award for each membership renewal that is made during the next twelve months within the multiple levels of their referral award teams (up to five levels deep). 

    5.  Members understand that they must be active members (membership fee status is current) to be qualified to receive referral awards during the next twelve months - for each new  membership and each renewal membership within their Referral Awards Teams (up to five levels deep below them in their team organizations).   Consequently, it makes sense to renew their membership in a timely manner so they do not lose their qualified status to receive their eligible affiliate referral awards (for new members coming into their teams and for renewals).

    The ongoing Affiliate Referral Awards Income System described above ensures that most of our members will choose to renew their membership, year after year after year into the future.  This system provides a remarkable growing residual income feature that is available to each member who chooses to actively refer qualified patriotic-minded citizens to this Americans4Justice.info website.                                          

    As you can see from this explanation, a substantial portion of each membership annual fee (new or renewal) will be used to help our respective members advance toward their financial freedom goals, using our Affiliate Referral Awards Income System to provide funding.  

     Each new member has the opportunity to earn generous Affiliate Referral Awards by referring qualified citizens to this introductory website.  Some of these referred citizens will like what our educational organization is doing and will decide to join our membership.  Those new members enable the referring member to begin developing their Affiliate Referral Awards Teams (with potential payouts five levels deep). 

     Sponsoring activities by their downline Referral Awards Team Members can also provide them with generous income from a growing number of referral awards.  This income  opportunity will be explained in more detailed in the Income Opportunity department of this website. 

     As shown herein, members have access to very valuable educational benefits and also have a remarkable opportunity to earn generous Affiliate Referral Awards by simply inviting other qualified American citizens to take a look at what our membership offers them.  WOW!!! 

This membership is an incredible bargain, and it is available only to patriotic-minded Americans who can qualify for membership.  Our Membership Application Form will identify the patriotic activity standards required for membership.

                                                      Summary & Conclusion

      After qualified visitors review our Home department, our Objectives department,  ,  and this Income Opportunity department, they will have sufficient information about A4J to seriously consider joining our team of patriotic-minded American citizens

     Are we the right patriotic action organization for you?  We are looking for responsible patriotic-minded Americans who care about the remarkable heritage provided by our Founding Fathers and Mothers and who honor the many men and women who suffered and/or died while helping protect, defend, and preserve the best features of this heritage. 

      Becoming a member of Americans4Justice will enable you to take a more active part in helping protect defend, and preserve the best features of our American heritage in an easy, convenient, comfortable, dignified manner, and you can get paid for being an active patriot.  Does this sound like an exceptionally good plan to help build a very strong, very effective massive patriot movement in America?  

     As shown herein, members of Americans4Justice will learn how to become more effective patriotic citizens.  Their combined efforts will help develop an American Republic  that provides more equality, and more individual freedom, and more justice in the courts, and more healthcare freedom, and more desirable opportunities for our members than ever before.  Making progress with these vital objectives will enable each member to have a better chance of achieving  their optimum potential in life. 

      Our members understand that Freedom and Liberty are not FREE  We understand that life in America is an ongoing life-long challenge to maintain, improve, and strengthen our American Republic political system and the freedom and liberty that it can provide. 

      We understand the urgent need to improve our judicial systems and eliminate the appalling, disgusting, and sickening self-serving capacity of judicial systems that can be corrupted easily by judges and other attorneys at will (any time they choose to do so). 

      We also understand the great need to improve natural healthcare freedoms across America so all adult citizens will have much more freedom to choose what healthcare products and services they want to use.  Most people do not understand the importance and the magnitude of this tragic healthcare deficiency. 

      Our members understand that most Americans actually have very limited access to very important holistic preventive healthcare services, and they have very limited  knowledge about alternative, complementary, and/or integrative healthcare services and related products.  Why? The powerful medical profession and pharmaceutical industry combined political influence still dominates, and effectively controls, the health care systems that operate in many States. 

      We recognize that we have a responsibility to become more knowledgeable about these vital issues and join with other patriots to defend our rights.  Then, and only then, will we have a reasonable right to expect a continuation of  freedom, liberty, and justice in America for our generation and for our children and grandchildren.  

      Having some understanding of the great challenges identified above, our members choose to help develop and promote an independent educational organization that is dedicated to helping patriotic-minded Americans learn how to become better citizens and more effective patriots while they also learn how to improve their health and lifestyle substantially.  

      Our members understand that the important social challenges identified herein have been going on for many years and will likely continue from one generation to the next for many years to come.  It is therefore very important for our members to learn about these vital issues and learn how to be as healthy as possible so they can be more effective patriots. Due to their improved health, A4J members will be able to stay involved in the political challenge to  help save our American Republic many more years than would be possible without the exceptionally valuable specialized natural healthcare and wellness concepts acquired through membership in Americans4Justice.   

     Think about this for a moment: our members will be helping build a better life for themselves and their family members and also helping build a better and much stronger America society.  Our members will also be paid very generous Referral Awards for their responsible efforts to refer people to this visitor information web site www.Americans4Justice.info ).

     We understand that people have very busy schedules with limited amounts of free time available to work on patriotic activities and projects.  Consequently, our programs are developed to take minimal amounts of time and effort to be successful with a given program.

     Lon believes that Americans4Justice is destined to become America's patriotic  bargain of the century.  Yes; this can be true for patriotic-minded American adults who can qualify to become an A4J member.   As you can see, our members can benefit greatly, in several very important ways, from our variety of education services.  It is clear that Americans4Justice is an exceptionally important organization for patriotic-minded Americans who live in the upstate area of South Carolina.  Fortunately for us, this incredible opportunity is becoming available at the right time in America's history..   

     As you know, timing can be very important, even critically important. You also know that a useful and beneficial idea whose time has come can become a very powerful force. We intend to develop  Americans4Justice into a powerful patriotic movement for educating responsible American adult citizens about important issues that are involved with freedom, fairness, equality, justice, liberty, opportunity, and the pursuit of health and happiness in our American Republic.

     Can we encourage and motivate patriotic-minded Americans to strive to become better citizens by becoming more knowledgeable about very important political and social issues with our  Referral Awards incentive program?  Will this program help motivate you to become a better informed citizen and a more active American patriot?  We hope you can truthfully answer both questions with a resounding YES!  

    Please understand that this is an ongoing Internet project, and Lon Willoughby is working on

improving our multiple websites as quickly as his very busy work schedule permits.  We will add

more information about the various educational services that we will utilize as soon as Lon has 

time available to accomplish these complex and time-consuming technical tasks.

    The fact that you received an invitation to visit this website at this early stage in our development is a big bonus for you. You are getting privileged advance notice about these upcoming events by reviewing the information presented above. As you can see, we are now in a state of pre-launchwe are not ready to begin accepting Membership Applications at this time. However, you can and should begin developing your contact list of the patriotic-minded people that you know who may be interested in learning about our new organization.

     Consider family members, friends, business associates, and business owners and managers that you know who are good patriotic-minded people. Your prospect list should include the names of individuals and married couples, along with mailing addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and Email addresses (if known to you). If you do not have Email addresses, this is a good time to begin collecting them. These people are your best prospects for this easy and profitable Home-based Referral Awards Income System, where A4J members simply refer qualified patriotic-minded citizens to this  Americans4Justice.info website.        

     This is a remarkable educational opportunity that many patriotic-minded citizens can benefit from greatly.  We believe this educational organization concept is an idea whose time has come.   

     Are you a natural-born American citizen living in the upstate of South Carolina?  Do you have a permanent home address with a Zip Code of 296_ _ ?  Would you be willing to help us make this remarkable education concept work in your area with your contacts?  Will you give serious consideration to becoming a member and helping us develop a powerful patriotic citizens' "force for good" in America? 

      Have you got a better idea or a better plan?  Do you know of a better, more effective program to accomplish our stated objectives?  If not, perhaps this membership concept is the best hope available for the revival and renewal of the American Dream

        ACTION:  Please contact us by Email if you have a sincere patriotic interest in joining our team in this ongoing positive, constructive, and productive action program to save our American Republic and protect and defend our precious freedoms and liberty through powerful educational programs and services. 

      Let us know how you feel about this educational and motivational concept for patriotic -minded Americans living in the upstate area of South Carolina.  Please identify the person who referred you to our website so we can keep a record of that helpful activity. 

     You should also make yourself a note of that referral action (name and date of referral) so you will be able to identify this information later on, if you choose to join our organization We will then be able to notify you by Email as soon as we are ready to accept  Membership Applications.   Thank you for your patient considerations in this regard.

     We are always open to suggestions about ways to improve our effectiveness, and we will enjoy hearing from you.  Kind words of support are always appreciated by people who are striving to accomplish complex objectives.  

     May you live long and prosper well in good health as a brave and courageous American patriot, 


Lon Willoughby, founder and director of Americans4Justice


    Important notes:  

     1.  Copyright Infringement Considerations:  If you accepted our Terms of Use, you may print one copy of any section of this web site for your own use and consideration . You are not authorized to print additional copies, or make photocopies, or use any other form of reproduction, of any copyrighted information contained in this website for distribution to any other person.  You may invite your contacts to visit this exciting remarkable website.

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