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 Overview of our Education Services

      Primary Objectives of Our Company:  ABC of Health

is a creative innovative natural healthcare and

wellness concepts education company

This website is about Americans4Justice-SC, and it

introduces American natural-born adult visitors to

some of our very special education services.

     Our basic and fundamental level natural healthcare

and wellness concepts can be life-improving for all

website visitors, and they may be life-saving natural

healthcare and wellness concepts for some visitors.


    We can provide additional natural healthcare and

wellness concepts education for "qualifiable visitors"

who go forward and qualify as a "Certified Qualified

Visitor" (CQV's) and then join our A4J private

education club.   

    A4J club members acquire our six-lessons Internet

based home-study education services as a component

part of their club membership.

     Those special natural healthcare concepts

education services will enable club members to learn

how to increase their energy level and their physical

vitality, and increase their emotional strength and

stability, and improve their lifestyle and their long-

term health potential in very important ways.

    Our remarkable natural healthcare and wellness

concepts educational services are presented in large

part at our main educational website (ABCofHealth

dot com) using security code protected departments

     However, some of our A4J six-lessons Education

Program Services are presented in other websites

that we own (also use security codes), and part of this

very important and valuable natural healthcare

education will be presented in Email directly to each

A4J club member at the appropriate time in their first-

year membership. 

     These special features are part of our security

system to help prevent the wrong people from gaining

access to our educational instructional materials.

     We strive to help our A4J club members learn how to

improve their overall health in special ways that can

substantially increase their potential to live a healthier life and

likely also live a longer healthy life. 

     These natural healthcare improvements can also help

reduce and minimize their potential for some sickness

conditions that are commonplace in the United States of

America (USA).

      We have recently improved our educational business

operations greatly by adding our "Network Marketing" Home-

based Business Income A4J Sales Affiliate Income System.

     American citizens who qualify as Certified Qualified

Visitor's (CQV's) will be security status qualified to join our

A4J private education club which includes full access to

our six-lessons A4J education program services. Those

remarkable A4J education program services are a component

part of our A4J Private Education Club Membership.

      The very important and very valuable natural healthcare

and wellness concepts published in our ABC of Health

educational websites as "free to review" education

contain copyrighted and proprietary natural healthcare and

wellness concepts that are our education trade secrets - the

intellectual property of ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business

as (dba) ABC of Health. 

     It is unfortunate that most educational systems in

America do not adequately educate teenage students

about the importance of copyright protection for

intellectually creative products and services. 

     That kind of education could help students develop

the respect that all copyrighted information deserves

from American teenagers and adult citizens

     Our Copyright Information department at our

ABCofHealth dot com website presents vital

education that visitors need to understand about the

purpose of U.S. Government copyright laws.  We

educate all visitors about copyrights to help them

develop proper respect for ownership of copyrighted



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