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Socialism and Communism   


     The Amazon dot com book department still sells the important

educational book titled Tragedy & Hope, a 1348 page book written

by Dr. Carroll Quigley when he was a college professor at

Georgetown University.  This very important book, written by

a socialistic insider, was first published in 1966. 

     Amazon dot com also still sells the book titled The Naked

Capitalist by author W. Cleon Skousen.  This book is a Review

and Commentary (critique) of Dr. Quigley's book.

     In his 16 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),

attorney Cleon Skousen learned a lot about the very serious

Communist threat in America.  Consequently, he became an 

important FBI employee. 

     His first published book titled The Naked Communist was

highly regarded as an excellent book to use for understanding the

objectives, schemes, and tactics frequently used by Communists.

     Many years later, after Mr. Skousen's death, His son Paul

Skousen completed the writing and publishing of the book titled

The Naked Socialist.  This outstanding book is highly regarded as

the book to read to gain an excellent understanding of Socialist

political objectives, schemes, and tactics. 

     The book explains why socialist political operations have

always failed, wherever they have been tried (and many countries

have used socialist type political actions).  However, socialism 

always fails eventually.  It is clearly not a good political system.

     The books identified herein are still available for purchase at

Amazon's book department (and other online bookstores) -

because the political situations reported in these very important

informative books are still progressing gradually in America. 

     The socialist objectives reported in the books identified above

are becoming stronger politically and becoming more dangerous

to America as each year passes because most of our citizens are

still not educated adequately about socialism and communism. 

     The socialist and communist-oriented government political

manipulators are determined to defeat the "careless, foolish, and

ignorant Americans" who go about their lives daily as if the

socialist and communist political agent manipulators are not a

serious threat to America and its 300+ million citizens. 

     However, socialist and communist agents are routinely

striving to weave their sinister political schemes into the political

fabric of America.  They have gradually been very successful

in accomplishing many of their political objectives in America.

     Unfortunately, most American adult citizens are still not

educated about the very important political socialistic

advancement situations reported in Tragedy & Hope or

educated about the commentary and review of that book

in The Naked Capitalist book

     We recommend that you read The Naked Capitalist

book first to get Mr. Skousen's critical evaluation and

review of that "insider" book (Tragedy & Hope).

     These socialist political issues will be very important

in the upcoming November 2020 elections.  You now

understand why Tragedy & Hope (an insider's book

first published in 1966) still provides very important

"socialist strategy" information today (54 years later). 

        American visitors to this website can obtain a free

introduction to each of these books by selecting each book title at

Amazon dot com (in the Book Department) and then reviewing the

free preview (usually available for many books).

     If you are not educated about these exceptionally important

political issues, and if you want to get educated quickly, Lon 

recommends that you go to the book department at

and search for the book or the DVD video titled The Enemies

Within - by Trevor Loudon (New Zealand author and actor). 

     He is exceptionally knowledgeable about these critically

important political subjects.  That is why he worked very hard to

produce a book and a DVD type video with this same title

about these critically important political subjects.  The book is

available in convenient Kindle format for only $2.99. 

     The DVD type video is 88 minutes in length (and costs only

$12.99 in HD format) - the DVD can be rented at

for only $3.99 in HD format (a SUPER BARGAIN EDUCATION). 

     Either way, this exceptionally important video is a very

inexpensive way to get educated quickly about some very

important political issues that are relevant to every

American alive today (men, women, and children also). 

     The DVD video profiles twenty U.S. Senators and more than

eighty U.S Congressional Representatives who appear to have

significant ties to some of these organizations: the Communist

Party USA, the Muslim Brotherhood, Democratic Socialists of

America, Workers World Party, the Institute for Policy Studies,

Council for a Livable World, and some other radical anti-American

type organizations.

     These critically important vital political issues will be relevant

in very important ways during the November 2020 elections that

are scheduled to occur throughout America.

     This DVD has more than 1200 reviews at Amazon dot com, and

it is highly recommended by many reviewers. 

     The DVD is so important that you may want to purchase

several copies (after you review it) so you can loan this DVD

to family members, close relatives, and some friends.  However,

they also have the option to watch the rented DVD video in HD

(high definition) format on their computer, tablet, or smart phone

for the $3.99 rental fee. 

     This is a convenient way for many people to get easy access to

this incredibly important documentary film in DVD format.

     When you search for this book or this DVD, it is important to

include Trevor Loudon's name in your search terms because

there are some other books and other DVD type videos with

similar titles that may cause some confusion in your search. 

     Example:  search for:  The Enemies Within, Trevor Loudon

     You now have easy and effective ways to help educate several 

people about these vital political issues.  They may also choose

to duplicate these actions to educate some of their family

members, relatives, friends, business associates, etc.  You can

refer them to this educational website where they can get a better

understanding of these critically important political issue.

     Yes, the DVD video is truly very important and it is very

relevant to the upcoming 2020 elections in very important ways

You will likely be shocked and astounded by what you learn about

vital political issues (and American security issues) with this

educational DVD video or the book.     

     If you want to qualify for Amazon's free shipping, order this  

educational DVD and also order The Naked Socialist (book)

together to qualify for Amazon's free shipping on orders of $25.00

value or more (books and DVD purchases).  Be sure to carefully

select the "free shipping" choice when you are completing your

order process.

     Fortunately, several other DVD type documentary films have

been produced about some other very important political

subjects involving socialist and communist political influence in


     You can also search for DVD type documentaries produced by

a very smart immigrant author and film producer named Dinesh

D'Souza (from the country of India). 

     He is exceptionally knowledgeable about relevant political

turmoil in other countries, and he appreciates our remarkable

American Republic form of government so much that he

authored the hardback book titled "What's so Great about

America."  I learned that he is highly regarded and has also

worked in the White House as a presidential political advisor.

     Dinesh D'Souza has also produced some DVD type

video documentary films about very important political issues

in America.  You can search for these DVD titles: "Obama's

America 2016" and "Hillary's America" (The Secret History of the

Democratic Party).

     Also search for two DVD video titles produced by Idaho

legislator Curtis Bowers - "Agenda: Grinding America

Down" and "Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit."


     At Amazon dot com, some DVD's have a Trailer that you

can watch and most DVD's can be rented at low cost - check it


     Another very important DVD program is titled "The fight of

our Lives - Defeating the Ideological War Against the

West." This DVD video was produced by Gloria Z. Greenfield -

it sells for only $9.99 at Amazon dot com.  However, you can rent

this documentary movie for only $2.99.  Like most rentals, you will

have ten days to start watching the video and then have two days

to finish watching it (after starting to watch the video).

Major News Media Coverage

is Controlled and Limited


     Down below, you will learn why you should not depend

upon the major American news outlets to inform you

about the very important socialization and communistic

political processes that are striving constantly to gradually

convert America into a more socialistic nation (a more

controllable country that can be manipulated more effectively by

powerful political groups headquartered in Europe). 

     Yes, there are some very wealthy (multi-billionaires) natural-

born American citizens who have also helped a lot in this

"socialization" process.  Fortunately, there are also some multi-

billionaires in America who strive heroically to help oppose those

socializing political manipulator agents in American politics. 

     Every patriotic-minded American adult needs to learn about

these well-organized "socialistic political forces" that have been

striving continuously for many years (since the 1920's) to help

convert America into a more socialistic nation (the long-term goal

appears to be to eventually convert America into a communist

style nation). 

     That political situation would make America a much more

controllable nation than it is today (controllable by the elitist

aristocratic super wealthy secret allied groups that are generally

headquartered in Europe - but have some super wealthy members

in America).

     Once you understand what has been happening in America

during the past 90+ years, you will realize that the socialist and

communist agent political manipulators and their thousands of

"workers" have made a frightening amount of progress with their

devious political schemes and tactics in our political system.

     The DVD video titled The Enemies Within - with Trevor

Loudon  (Author and actor from New Zealand) will help you

quickly understand  the frightening amount of socialistic and

communistic political progress that our political enemies have

made in America. As stated previously, the DVD (HD video format)

cost $12.99 and can be rented for only $3.99 (HD video format).

Important Religious Considerations

     It is very important to understand that socialist and communist

activist political manipulators generally do not believe in God

(a Supreme Being) so they have no moral and ethical religious

beliefs that define and motivate their actions toward Americans.

    It is also very important to understand that their

socialist and/or communist "political beliefs" effectively

become their "religion."

     Understanding those vital issues helps rational and reasonable

minded people understand their willingness to ruthlessly damage

and try to destroy America as a "free" nation, and also destroy all

Christian-oriented Americans (and other religious people). 

    Having an understanding of these vital concepts can help

rational and sensible people begin to understand their steadfast

fanatical determination to try to convert all countries on

Planet Earth into "controllable" communist countries. 

     It is very difficult for very wealthy European elitist despotic

groups to "control" effectively a country that has a lot of freedom

- like America.  It is much easier for the elitist multi-billionaire

despotic allied groups in Europe to effectively "control" a

socialist country or a communist country than to be able to

control a "free country" like America. 

     The allied elitist aristocratic despotic European groups that

work together for their mutual financial and political benefits have

a lot of dominate control over the banking systems and the

money supply for "large loans" to socialist and/or communist

controlled political governments. 

     They can also have a lot of control over the oil supply systems,

the railroad systems, the news media systems, the major food

distribution systems, the worker's unions, etc. 

     You now understand why the allied elitist aristocratic despotic

(semi-secret groups) prefer to work with socialistic and

communistic political systems (they are much easier to "control"

effectively than a very free country like America.)

Supporting Responsible American Politicians

     It is very important for patriotic-minded Americans to learn that

responsible and sensible voters need to actively support

American politicians that are responsibly trying to protect and

preserve our "free market capitalistic economy."  They are

also striving to prevent the dangerous manipulative socialistic

and communistic political activist agents from being more

successful in their goal to develop more socialism in America.  

     That situation is an intermediate political objective - to make

America a more "controllable socialistic nation" (controllable by

super wealthy elitist political despotic groups in Europe). 

     Their long-range goal appears to be to gradually and slowly

convert America into another communist country.  That situation

would enable the super-wealthy elitist despots in Europe to have

much better political control over America and all Americans.

     If you do not understand anything about these dedicated and

very effective socialistic political forces and their objectives,

understand that you are right where they want you to be.

     Unfortunately, most American adults are likely still largely

uneducated, naive, and casually ignorant about the socialist and

communist political manipulators and their devious self-serving

political schemes and tactics.  Please realize that millions of 

American voters got duped into helping them during the 1916


     Most American adult citizens do not understand what is going

on politically in these very important respects, and they are

therefore complacent and tragically inactive about responsibly

helping the better informed patriotic-minded American citizens

who are working responsibly to help prevent the "socialization"

of our "free market capitalistic economic system."

     Our A4J - SC private education club members will have very

important opportunities to get educated adequately about these

exceptionally important political issues before they vote in the

November 2020 elections.

Why We Whisper

     The very important book "Why We Whisper" was published in

2008 by authors Jim DeMint and J. David Woodward, PhD. 

     You may recall that Jim DeMint is a former U.S. congressman

and a former U.S. senator from South Carolina.  He resigned his

senate position during his second six year senate term to become

the president of the Heritage Foundation in January 2013

     On May 2, 2017, Jim DeMint resigned from that position and

then became a senior advisor to Citizens for Self-Governance

Mr. DeMint also became the founding chairman of the

Conservative Partnership Institute

     It is clear to Lon Willoughby that Mr. DeMint has been working

responsibly for many years to help protect our American political

system from very harmful socialistic and communistic influences

in American politics.

     Mr. J. David Woodard, Ph.D. is a professor at Clemson

University, Clemson, S.C. where he teaches political science

courses.  He is the author or coauthor of several books,

and he holds the Strom Thurmond Chair of Government at

Clemson University.  He was the ideal person to work with Jim

DeMint as coauthor of the very important book identified above.

     The book "Why We Whisper" presents an excellent report and

understanding of some major cultural changes that have taken

place in America that are having dramatic affects on modern day

politics nationwide. 

     The book explains how liberal news media policies and liberal

government policies have influenced the way conservative

Americans tend to speak about important political issues


      Americans seem to be much more cautious about

expressing their "free speech" political opinions, and

citizens tend to whisper those opinions quietly rather

than expressing their opinions openly in a confident and

courageous manner - as was commonly done many years

ago in America.  

Socialist "People Control Strategies"

     All patriotic-minded Americans need to understand that 

serious "people control strategies" have been going on in 

America for many years, and they are also actively being 

maintained in many other countries.  

     These "people control strategies" will likely continue in the 

future because some multi-billionaire financiers in Europe and in

 America have been involved in funding these major political 

"people control objectives" for many years. (Their objective 

appears to be: gain more control over various governments and 

countries for their personal financial consolidation benefits.) 

     A small amount of basic education about these political issues

 is critically important for all patriotic-minded American citizens if 

we are to have any realistic hope of remaining a relatively free 

people.  What hope will our naive and trusting children and 

grandchildren and great grandchildren have for living as free 

Americans if American adults do not responsibly wake up quickly

and begin learning about these vital political issues? 


     Our A4J - SC patriotic private membership club can help 

provide the competent knowledgeable leadership that is needed 

badly by most American adults at this time. 

     As you can quickly grasp, this is exceptionally important 

political information that you have not learned about, and will not

learn about, from the major network news companies.  Why? 

Because "powerful economic and political forces" gained 

dominant control over the major news company outlets in 

America more than 50 years ago.  

     That major dominant news media outlet control is an

important basic strategy and tactic of "socialistic people control"

that has been active in America for many years (since at least the

mid 1960's). 

     NOTICE:  If you want to review some valuable education about

how the major news media outlet control happened in America,

go to the Book Department at and search for the

DVD titled "Shadows of Liberty.

     The DVD sells for $9.99 (50 minutes long) and it can be rented

for only $2.99.  It shows that about 90 percent of the media in the

USA are controlled by five big for profit conglomerates, and that

situation created a media monopoly that enables the major news

media outlets to be controlled tightly, regarding selected issues. 

    NOTE:  One of the customer reviews (by RW on Dec 29, 2016)

explains that the original video was 93 minutes long but the video

available at Amazon dot com has been edited down to 50 minutes. RW

states that the full version video is available from other sources.

     Does this revelation about the major news media outlet's

"political control situation" surprise you? 

     Lon and Janie Willoughby began learning about these very

important political issues in the early 1970's - more than 45

years ago.  Consequently, they have learned a lot about these 

major political issues over the years.  

     While employed with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA

- 1960 to 1979), Lon also worked for a number of years (1973 -

1979) as a voluntary part-time educator to help responsible

American citizens learn about some of the very important political

issues that have been presented herein.

     Back in October 1979, Lon accepted a full-time job offer, as

the State Coordinator in South Carolina, with the national

non-profit educational organization that he had worked for during

several years as a voluntary part-time non-paid educator. 

     In that State Coordinator capacity, Lon routinely traveled

throughout the state five days per week to provide helpful

leadership guidance to organizational chapter member citizens

throughout the state - in many towns and cities - about the vital

political educational issues that have been reported briefly herein.

Education Technology Has Improved a Lot

     That employment situation occurred about ten years before the

Internet development occurred in 1989.  Lon and Janie

Willoughby are now using the amazing and incredible Internet

capability to help them facilitate and promote our remarkable

Americans 4 Justice private education club membership services

using our modern sophisticated MLM (network marketing)

computer software program

     Lon and Janie Willoughby worked diligently to develop a way

for patriotic American citizens to get paid generous amounts of

income for helping ABC of Health (Americans 4 Justice) educate

responsible American citizens about several important subjects

(as explained at this introductory educational website).

     Lon and Janie currently focus their combined educational

efforts on promoting very important natural healthcare and

wellness concepts education for our A4J club members

     That is our core education service for our A4J club members.

However, Lon and Janie also recognized the great need to

educate our A4J club members about several other very

important subjects that can effect the lives of American citizens

greatly in future years. 

     You now understand why it is very important for Lon and Janie

to include this type of political education at this introductory A4J

website.  They realize that this vital education website needs to

help inform patriotic Americans about these dangerous political

issues and also inform American visitors about critically

important political educational books and DVD type videos.

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