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Judicial Reform Project  

     Americans4Justice has a very important educational project to help patriotic-minded citizens in upstate South Carolina learn how to take appropriate actions to help improve fairness and impartiality and justice in the State judicial systems in South Carolina.
      Why should patriotic-minded Americans in South Carolina be concerned about the State's judicial systems and about how they routinely operate?  
     Do we really have very serious judicial problems that needs immediate attention by all patriotic-minded American adult citizens in South Carolina? 
      When you review the information that follows herein, you will understand  why Judicial Reform is an exceptionally important and urgent project for all patriotic-minded Americans in this State.
     You will also learn herein that several patriotic organizations in other States are already working on very important judicial reform issues in a responsible manner.  Our Judicial Reform Educational Project will strongly support the work of those vital patriotic organizations.
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     Lon Willoughby's coordination services can probably help some patriotic groups increase their effectiveness.
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    A4J Sales Affiliate Referral Awards income can enable patriotic-minded American citizens in selected ZIP Code areas of upstate South Carolina be much more effective in their teamwork efforts to help us accomplish the stated objectives of American 4 Justice-SC.  
     Consequently, our A4J club membership can grow quickly and our capacity to achieve the vital objectives of A4J can increase at a rapid rate.  We can become a very important patriotic type educational organization in a relatively short period of time. 

Should SC Americans Be Very Concerned

About the Judiciary in South Carolina?   

       Lonnie Willoughby, the founder and director of Americans 4 Justice-SC, enjoyed his 85 birthday on June 5, 2021.
     He has acquired a lot of first-hand experience with some judicial systems in the USA (state and federal courts).  He has devoted more than 17,000 hours of his life to litigation actions in the State of Florida - conducting legal research, drafting and word processing legal briefs and presenting them for trial court actions and also appellate court actions.  He has personally litigated in Florida trial courts and appellate courts.
     NOTE:  !7,000+ hours of litigation related work is more that eight years of full-time work at 40 hours per week. 
     Lon has also worked with litigation issues in South Carolina courts - more than 1,000 hours,so his total work hours related to litigation issues now exceeds 18,000 hours.
     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon Will o bee) has had to cope with a lot of unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded litigation and judicial actions that were taken against him by Florida attorneys and Florida judges. 
     Lon has litigated pro se (representing himself - without attorney assistance) before seven trial court judges in the State of Florida, and he has conducted ten Florida appeal cases.  All of his appeal cases were about unfair and unethical trial court litigation actions that occurred in courts located in Putnam County Florida. 
     He also conducted one federal trial court case in Jacksonville, Florida, with an appeal of that case decision to the federal appellate court located in Atlanta, Georgia (Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals).
     Lon Willoughby took two of his appeal cases up to the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC.  Both of those appeal cases exposed unfair, unethical, and corrupt trial court actions and also exposed unfair, unethical, and corrupt appellate court actions.
     It was a lot of very detailed work to draft and present each of his appeal cases to the high court (hundreds of hours of work for each appeal case). 
     The Petition for Certiorari (legal brief) must be published is small book format (about 6.5 inches wide by 9.0 inches high with front and back covers and printing must be on both sides of a page - just like a regular book. 
     No photocopies are allowed - so every word in the legal brief has to be retyped in the specified font size.  All exhibit documents (Orders, Transcript pages, etc.) must be retyped to fit into the small book format - without using a small font. 
     The person filing the legal brief (book) must ship the high court 40 copies of the legal brief (small book format). 
     The high court did nothing about the extreme judicial corruption that Lon Willoughby reported and exposed to the high court.  Filing those two appeal cases was a terrible waste of time and effort and expense, and Lon will never do that again. 
Why Pro Se Litigation?

     Pro se litigation is when a litigant prosecutes their own litigation actions without assistance from a licensed attorney within that judicial jurisdiction. 

    It was necessary for Lon to begin litigating pro se after 1989 - 1990 because he had been deceitfully betrayed by the first two Florida attorneys that he retained (one in the trial court case - trial on August 8, 1989) and the second attorney in Lon's appeal case that followed the unfair, unethical, and disgustingly corrupt trial court litigation (March - October 1989). 

     Lon Willoughby gradually discovered that he was litigating in an extremely unfair and unethical and corrupt judicial system in Putnam County Florida.  (About 70 miles from downtown Jacksonville, Florida.)

     After being betrayed ruthlessly by the first two attorneys that he retained in the State of Florida, Lon Willoughby decided that he would not retain any more attorneys to help him with additional litigation actions.  He would proceed pro se

     He had zero confidence that he could locate a Florida attorney in the local area (reasonably near the trial court in Putnam County Florida) who would have sufficient honesty, integrity, and courage to help him expose the outrageously unfair and unethical, criminal-minded judicial actions that had been taken against him, and were continuing to be taken against him, in an ongoing manner at every judicial opportunity.  

     Litigating pro se enabled Lon Willoughby to use the legal briefs that he competently drafted and filed during the ongoing civil litigation process to responsibly report and expose some of the unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions that had been taken against him by "officers of the court" (trial court attorneys and a local trial court judge).

Loss of Income Due to

Litigation in a Distant State

     During 20+ years of ongoing related litigation actions in Florida courts (years 1989 - 2010) (that took up more than 17,000 hours of his time), Lon was frequently prevented from working six days each week in his self-employed job at a corporately owned retail health store business in Greenville, SC.  (Where he typically worked 80 to 90 hours per week in the health store.) 

      Lon's pro se litigation actions in the distant state required that he be self-employed because his work schedule was unpredictable. 

     He had to have a very flexible work schedule because he was being severely harassed and persecuted by a continuing barrage of litigation actions by an extremely unfair, unethical, criminal-minded sadistic vindictive attorney located in in Putnam County Florida. (About 70 miles from downtown Jacksonville, Florida.) 

     Consequently, from 1989 to the year 2010, Lon never knew, from one day to the next, what additional litigation action legal paperwork would come in the mail that day.  He therefore had to have the work flexibility to be able to immediately begin the legal research that would be necessary to respond to each new legal action that was forced upon him with mailed litigation actions by the ruthless sadistic and vindictive Florida attorney located in Putnam County Florida.

      Fortunately, Lon had an assistant store manager who he depended upon greatly when he was required to spend a lot of his time on Florida litigation actions.

      Needless to say, twenty+ years of ongoing litigation actions caused Lon to lose a lot of income that could have been earned while spending 17,000+ hours involved with litigation actions in Putnam County Florida. 

     Lon's actual loss of income probably exceeded $300,000 due to his twenty+ years of responsible litigation actions and the time he spent responsibly reporting and exposing to appellate court judges, and to multiple law enforcement agencies in Florida, the extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions that he was being subjected to as a non-resident litigant in Florida's unfair, unethical, and disgustingly corrupt trial courts. 

Travel Required for Litigation in Florida

     From May 1989 to December 1993, Lon had to make nine trips to Putnam County Florida to participate in a deposition (springtime 1989), a one day trial in September 1989 and several post-trial motion hearings before a series of successive trial court judges.

     Those nine trips to Palatka in Putnam County Florida caused Lon to travel about 9,000 miles by personal automobile.  (900 miles round trip X nine trips plus additional Florida mileage.

     During one of those trips, Lon was involved in an automobile accident that almost killed him and his wife, Janie.  They were traveling together in Georgia on I-95 on their way to Florida. 

     Janie was driving so Lon could use that travel time to better prepare for a complex motion hearing scheduled for the following morning in Palatka, Florida (Putnam County Court House). 

     It was necessary for Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. to participate pro se in that very important post-trial motion hearing.

     Janie was driving their like new Mercury station wagon so Lon could spend additional hours studying legal books and legal record paperwork during the trip - work that would help him be better prepared for the complex motion hearing on the following morning.

     They were traveling on Interstate 95 in Georgia during a very heavy rain storm when the traffic in front of Janie stopped due to extremely heavy rain.  Janie stopped right behind a very large "furniture moving van" that had stopped in the right lane. 

     Unfortunately, an oil tanker truck that was behind Janie was not able to stop before crashing into the back of Janie's vehicle, forcing the station wagon into the rear end and up under the very large moving van.

     The  station wagon was forced under the van almost up to the windshield.  Janie and Lon would have been immediately decapitated if the collision force had been sufficient to force the station wagon about three feet further under the moving van. 

     Fortunately, their seat belts and shoulder harnesses prevented them from being catapulted into their vehicle's windshield.  Janie was forced into the vehicle's steering wheel, and she suffered substantial head and facial injuries, chest injury and hand injuries.

      Lon suffered chest and waist injuries from the seat belt and shoulder harness constraint forces.  Their like-new station wagon was totally demolished because it was severely damaged from the  the rear end collision and the resulting front end collision.

     An emergency medic team arrived soon, and they put Janie on a stretcher and transported her and Lon in the ambulance to a nearby local hospital for emergency treatments and X-rays

     Fortunately, their injuries did not appear to be serious enough to require hospitalization, and they were released a few hours later so they could continue their travel toward Palatka, Florida. 

     They were in a small Georgia town, with no commercial vehicle rental offices available, but Lon managed to rent an old "used car" from the service station owner who had provided wrecker towing service for their demolished station wagon.

     The service station owner was very helpful to Lon and Janie in this regard, and that rental situation enabled them to continue their travel toward Florida.  They transferred their belongings into the old rental car and resumed their travels late in the day (about 6:00 PM).  They still had about 240 miles of travel to get to Palatka. Florida.  

     It was very important for Lon to participate pro se in the motion hearing that was scheduled for the following morning in Putnam County Florida.  They barely had enough time to spend a short night in a motel and to travel the remaining distance to Palatka, Florida

     They arrived at the Putnam County Courthouse just a few minutes before the morning motion hearing was scheduled to begin.

     After the motion hearing ended, Lon and Janie travel about 70 miles north to Jacksonville, Florida so Lon could visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office to report some of the extremely unfair and unethical judicial actions that had been taken against Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. by "officers of the court" in the small town (Palatka) about 70 miles from the FBI Headquarters location in Jacksonville. 

     Lon had planned that visit before leaving South Carolina, and he had prepared a box of legal record documents to provide an evidential basis for Lon's very serious complaints about unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions in Palatka, Florida.  

      Janie's face was black and blue and one eye was swelled shut due to the injuries sustained in the automobile accident the previous day. 

     She was still in a state of emotional shock at the time they met with the FBI agent.  The agent listened for a few minutes as Lon briefly described an overview of the extremely unfair and unethical manner in which he had been treated by a circuit court judge (trial court judge) and two trial attorneys in the ongoing litigation process.  

      The FBI agent was obviously impatient as he listened to Lon present an overview of the abusive Florida litigation actions that he had been subjected to in nearby Palatka, Florida.  The FBI agent (an attorney) cut Lon off abruptly and stated that Lon had not described anything that the FBI would investigate. 

     The FBI agent did not want to see any of Lon's legal record documents; he quickly explained that they had limited funds available for investigation expenses, and they would not spend any of those funds investigating Lon's litigation complaints.  

     That meeting lasted only a few minutes.  Lon and Janie left the FBI office with Lon being very disappointed that he had not been allowed to formally file a responsible report about the extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal minded manner in which the state litigation was being conducted against non-resident Lonnie Willoughby.  

      After leaving the FBI office, Lon drove the old rented car to a  commercial vehicle rental agency in Jacksonville and rented a sedan  so he and Janie would have a vehicle to drive back to South Carolina.

     Lon drove the old rental car and Janie drove the newer rental car about 180 miles to return the old rental car to the service station owner in the small town in Georgia (close to the I-95 highway).  

     It was still raining lightly and Janie was having to drive under those conditions with one eye swollen shut.  They arrived at their destination in Georgia just in time to return the old rental car before the service station was closing for the day (Lon payed for the mileage driven and the rental of that old vehicle). 

     Lon then drove the commercial rental sedan as he and Janie continued their travel back to their home in Greenville County, South Carolina.

      Janie's head injuries caused both eyes to swell badly and one swelled so much that she was unable to see with that eye for more than two full days.  She had ugly black and blue splotches on her face and forehead and she had two ugly black eyes (from capillary blood leakage) due to her collision with the steering wheel. 

      It took more than six months for Janie's facial bruises and injuries to heal to the point of not being very noticeable.  

      Over a period of weeks, Lon negotiated with a vehicle insurance company regarding the physical injuries that Janie and Lon sustained. They eventually obtained payment for a replacement used automobile for their demolished like new used Mercury station wagon.  

     At that point in time, Lon was so disgusted with the extremely unfair and unethical nature of trial attorneys and trial court judges that he and Janie mutually agreed to avoid getting attorneys involved in the liability settlement process with the insurance company for the oil tanker truck that had caused their collision.  

     Lon negotiated with the insurance company directly, bypassing all litigation actions, to arrive at a mutually agreed upon modest settlement with the insurance company for bodily injuries to both Janie and Lon.  

     Could an attorney have gotten them a much better settlement?  Probably so.  However, Lon and Janie did not want to have anything to do with trial attorneys or a trial court judge.  They were both disgusted with judicial systems and their obvious lack of ethics, fairness, honesty, impartiality, and judicial integrity.

     The travel reported above is just one incident, out of many situations, that collectively caused Lon and Janie a lot of trouble and a lot of expense because Lon was being subjected to extremely unfair and unethical litigation actions in Florida's judicial systems (in trial court litigation and in appellate court litigation).

    The situation that started out as a family trustee dispute had turned into a nightmare of litigation actions because of the abusive harassment litigation tactics being used against Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. by the dishonest and unethical "defense attorney" that had represented co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. in the initial one day non-jury equity court trial conducted on September 8, 1989

    That trial attorney then sued Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. because he had refused to pay the attorney the additional $3,280 that he had billed Lon for, after deceitfully betraying co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. ruthlessly during the trial conducted on September 8, 1989.

     With more than 20 years attorney experience in Florida courts, he had the audacity to bill Lon Willoughby for his deceitful, deceptive, and incompetent trial court attorney betrayal actions. 

     The attorney had knowingly and willfully allowed co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. to be ruthlessly ambushed during the one day trial by the plaintiff's attorney when he presented five additional surprise "ambush" complaint issues against non-resident defendant co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. during the one day "equity court" trial.

    Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. then sued the attorney and his law firm in a Counterclaim for deceit, fraud, and legal malpractice because his unfair, unethical, and corrupt trial court litigation actions had caused co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. to lose a family member litigation dispute that the defense attorney should have won easily. 

Betrayal Attorney Actions

During Litigation


     It was clear to co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby's defense attorney that the co-trustee had not been noticed properly about those surprise complaint issues during pretrial "discover actions" that had been completed weeks before the one day trial was conducted on September 8, 1989.   

     Many months after the trial, Lon Willoughby learned that the two opposing trial attorneys (plaintiff's attorney and Lon's defense attorney) and the trial court judge (a circuit court judge - the highest level Florida trial court judge) had deceitfully and deceptively ignored a controlling land mark litigation decision by the State's Supreme Court. 

     That mandatory litigation decision had strictly prohibited surprise "ambush" complaint issues being raised during trial court litigation - unless both parties (plaintiff and defendant) had mutually agreed to litigate the new surprise complaint issues.

      During Lonnie Willoughby's appeal case after that trial, his appeal attorney had also deceitfully and deceptively ignored that controlling Florida Supreme Court decision

     Citing that one case law decision could have enabled Lon's appeal attorney to win that very important appeal case for Lon Willoughby.

     Lonnie Willoughby now understands that the opposing appeal attorney also had a moral and ethical attorney duty to present that Supreme Court controlling decision during the appeal case "in the interest of justice being provided for the appeal case." 

     The appeal record showed that the opposing appeal attorney did not raise that very important controlling case law decision at any point during the appeal case. 

     That attorney again deceitfully and deceptively ignored that critically important controlling mandatory decision, as he had deceitfully done during the one-day equity court trial.

     However, the three-judge appellate panel also had a moral and ethical judicial duty to raise and consider the critically relevant effects of the Florida Supreme Court's land mark controlling case law decision on Lon Willoughby's appeal complaints. (His appeal case was supposed to be about the unfair, unethical, and corrupt trial court's "Final Judgment" which had improperly ruled against co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby on three of the five surprise "ambush" complaint.)

     Unfortunately, Lon's appeal attorney did not report and argue those surprise "ambush complaints issues" properly during the appeal brief that the attorney filed in the appeal case for Lonnie Willoughby. 

     The Per Curiam Affirmed appeal decision - rendered with no written legal opinion for Lon Willoughby's appeal case - showed that the three appellate court judges also totally ignored the very important relevance of that Florida State Supreme Court controlling case law decision (that strictly prohibited surprise "ambush" complaint issues being presented during a trial) on Lon Willoughby's appeal complaint issues.

     The trial court's "Final Judgment" for the case showed that the trial court judge had ruled in co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby's favor on the two original complaint issues that had been presented (noticed) adequately in the Plaintiff's filed Complaint pleading.

     There was no legitimate legal basis for the trial court judge to rule against trustee Lonnie Willoughby on three of the five surprise "ambush" complaint issues introduced improperly during the one-day non-jury trial by the plaintiff's unfair, unethical, corrupt attorney.

     Post-trial actions showed that co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby was the only competently knowledgeable person involved in the trial court litigation process regarding the complex trust administration issues raised during the trial as surprise "ambush" complaint issues.

     Those five surprise "ambush" complaint issues were raised improperly by the plaintiff's attorney during the one-day equity court trial proceeding on September 8, 1989

     Trustee Lonnie Willoughby had not been noticed properly before trial about those surprise "ambush" trust administration complaint issues, but he understood those surprise complex complaint issues much better than:

  • 1.  either of the opposing trial court attorneys, or
  • 2.  the equity court's circuit court judge (who knew practically nothing about relevant complex trust administration federal taxation issues and trust estate management issues), or
  • 3.  any plaintiff witness testimony presented during the unfair, unethical, and extremely corrupt and ruthlessly fraudulent trial. 

     Co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby's defense attorney was a very smart trial attorney with more than twenty years of experience working in the trial court's of Florida.

     However, he deceitfully and deceptively "cooperated" with the unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded plaintiff attorney's scheme to ambush co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby during trial with five complex surprise complaint issues that had not been noticed in the plaintiff's pleadings and were not noticed during discovery litigation actions.

     The transcript record of the trial showed that the trial court judge had knowingly and willingly "cooperated" with the plaintiff attorney's unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded scheme to "ambush" co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. during trial with five complex surprise complaint issues.

     The Florida Supreme Court had previously issued a landmark court decision (years before Lon's litigation case) that strictly prohibited the introduction of surprise complaint issues during a trial proceeding if the opposing party objected to those surprise complaint issues.

     Lon's defense attorney objected four times during the one day trial to the introduction of surprise complaint issues.  Lon learned months later that his objections were weak objections.  None of his objections had showed that co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. was being prejudiced (damaged or injured in any way) by the surprise complaint issues being introduced during trial.

     As explained above, every trial attorney involved in the litigation process at trial and in Lon's subsequent appeal case, and every judge involved in those litigation proceedings (the trial court judge and three appellate court judges) deceitfully ignored the relevant controlling landmark decision by Florida's  Supreme Court.    

Willoughby's Federal Court Litigation

    Lon Willoughby has also litigated in the federal courts (trial court, appellate court, and the U.S. Supreme Court - twice).  Lon found that the entire judicial system (State trial courts, and Federal trial court, and State and Federal Appellate courts) can operate in a very unfair, deceitful, deceptive, unethical, and very corrupt manner any time they choose to do so.

   This website report provides accurate statements of fact that illustrate the extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial manner in which litigation actions can be conducted in American courts (either State court actions or Federal court actions).

     Lon Willoughby now understands that the best way to avoid those type of judicial actions is to responsibly avoid getting involved in any courts, either State courts or Federal courts. 

     After extensive litigation experiences during a 20+ years litigation process, Lon Willoughby now considers the entire litigation process to be a deceptive form of "organized crime" for special benefits to members of the legal profession.

What Can American Citizens Do

About Judicial Corruption?

    The first thing to do is to get educated about these serious problems by responsibly reviewing this report and thereafter, as much as possible, avoid getting involved in any judicial system in the United States of America (USA). 

     Americans4Justice has a very important educational project  that can help A4J club members take an active part in doing something very important about the self-serving unfair and unethical judicial corruption that is reported herein. 
     Patriotic-minded American adult citizens that live in selected upstate ZIP Code areas of South Carolina can learn how to take appropriate patriotic actions that can eventually help improve fairness and impartiality in the judicial system in this State.
      Why should patriotic-minded Americans be concerned about the judicial systems and about how they operate?  
     Do we really have very serious judicial problems that needs immediate attention by patriotic-minded American adult citizens? 
      When you review the information that follows in this Judicial Reform Department, you will understand why Judicial Reform is a very important and urgent project for all patriotic-minded American adult citizens in South Carolina.
     You will also learn herein that other patriotic organizations, in other States, are already working on very important judicial reform issues in a responsible manner.   Our Judicial Reform Project will add some support for the work of those vital patriotic organizations.
      Our exciting Patriot Team Membership Educational Actions and our remarkable Home-based Business Income Opportunities will provide very strong and much needed educational encouragement for some other American patriotic groups that are working toward judicial improvements and judicial reform
     Lon's personal coordination services can likely help increase their cumulative group effectiveness.
     Our A4J Home-based Business Income Opportunities may eventually help enable members of some other American patriotic groups earn substantial amounts of income in an easy and time-efficient manner when they duplicate some of our Americans 4 Justice member benefit services
     Adopting some of our Sales Affiliate Referral Awards income System actions may enable other patriotic-minded American citizens groups to be more effective in their teamwork efforts to help accomplish their stated objectives.  
     Our A4J club membership can grow rapidly, and our capability to achieve the vital objectives of Americans 4 Justice - SC can also increase at a fast rate.  We can become a very important patriotic type educational organization in a relatively short period of time. 

Lon's Judicial Corruption Experience

     As the founder and director of Americans 4 Justice - SC, Lonnie Willoughby enjoyed his 85th birthday on June 5, 2021.  Lon has devoted a lot of time, over a period of many years, working with his Judicial Corruption Reporting Project (started back in 1989). 
     He has spent more than 17,000 hours of his life involved with litigation actions in Florida because of the extreme amount of circuit court judicial corruption that he encountered in an equity court litigation process that occurred in 1989
     NOTE: 17,000+ hours is a lot of litigation work - equivalent to more than eight years of full-time work at 40 hours per week.
     As a result of that initial judicial corruption, Lon spent many years of his life reporting and exposing a series of corrupt judicial actions in related litigation cases - self-serving attorney actions that continued related litigation actions for more than 20 years. 
     The bottom line is that Lon Willoughby discovered that the judicial system in Florida was outrageously unfair, unethical, and corrupt and no matter what he reported and exposed in his appeal cases, and reported to to law enforcement agencies in Florida, they (appellate court judges and law enforcement officers) were not going to do anything to help minimize judicial corruption in Florida courts. 
     Over those 20+ years,Lon found that trial court attorneys (lawyers) were typically unfair, unethical, and deceitful liars and "twisters of the truth" at every opportunity. 
     He also found that trial court judges were as unfair, unethical, and as corrupt as they could be.  Lon found that trial court judges routinely "cooperated with" any unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation scheme or tactic that an opposing attorney (lawyer) could concoct or devise.
      Lon litigated through a series of seven unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving judges.  Those situations caused Lon to file ten appeal cases. 
     He gradually learned that appellate court judges could be just as deceitful, dishonest, unfair, unethical, and self-servingly corrupt as trial court judges. 
     Lon encountered corrupt appellate court judges several times during his ten+ appeal cases.  Consequently, he now has a very good understanding of the disgusting level of unfair and unethical judicial corruption that exists in Florida courts - which he believes is probably representative of typical judicial corruption in American courts in many States (perhaps all States). 
Co-trustee Trust Administration Dispute
     Lonnie Willoughby, living in Mauldin, South Carolina, served as a co-trustee of his parent's inter vivos trust estate.  A serious trust estate management dispute arose with Lon's brother (Larry), living in North Carolina and serving as the other co-trustee. 
     That co-trustee dispute was eventually used as the basis for an equity court litigation process in the circuit court in Putnam County Florida where his parents had lived for many years and had retired there. 
     Their estate planning trust estate documents were therefore filed in the local circuit court records in Putnam County Florida (the county seat).
     After discovering the judicial corruption in the circuit court litigation processes, Lon tried to initiate responsible criminal investigations (State and Federal level law enforcement agencies) of extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions that were taken against Lonnie Willoughby in the Florida State court litigation processes that began for Lon on or about March 3, 1989

     Extreme amounts of judicial corruption occurred with an unfair and unethical circuit court judge and two local "opposing attorneys" that collusively cooperated with each other in a conspiratorial way to willfully develop an extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation process against co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. 

     The two "local" attorneys knew each other very well, having previously worked together in the same local law firm in Palatka, Florida. 

     They apparently developed that outrageously unfair and unethical litigation process because Lonnie Willoughby (living in Mauldin, South Carolina) had helped his aging parents, living in Putnam County Florida, develop an estate planning inter vivos type trust estate that was eventually amended to minimize potential federal estate taxes and also minimize potential complexities and attorney fees in Florida's probate court system.

     The local circuit court judge and the two "opposing" trial attorneys knowingly and willfully developed an unfair, unethical, and corrupt equity court litigation process for co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. 

     They apparently wanted to maliciously and ruthlessly persecute and abusively punish Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. for having helped his aging parents develop a very good inter vivos trust estate administration program. 

     That litigation situation illustrates the extreme level of self-serving unfair and unethical judicial corruption that can easily occur in the legal profession - for litigation actions any time they choose to do so.

     Related complex litigation actions for Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. then continued into 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and the year 2000.  Lon got a break in litigation actions in December of year 2001 when his major Florida attorney opponent died a few days before Christmas day. 

     That was the extremely unfair and unethical attorney that had corruptly betrayed co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. in the initial bench trial litigation that occurred during 1989.

     The litigation actions resumed in 2002 because the deceased attorney had two adult sons in Florida who were also practicing attorneys, and they joined together to continue the malicious and ruthless harassment and persecution litigation actions against Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. from year 2002 into year 2010
     That disgustingly unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation process stopped in year 2010 when Lonnie Willoughby was denied a fair opportunity to file another appeal case of their latest extremely unfair and unethical judicial actions. 
     The local circuit court judge issued an Order to the local Clerk of Court to not accept any litigation paperwork submitted by non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby. 
     Lon concluded that he was involved in a disgustingly unfair and unethical judicial system - in the Putnam County trial courts and usually in the appellate court system.  Lon decided that there was no good reason to litigate in any further actions in those extremely corrupt courts.
     An extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt Florida judicial system ruthlessly abused, coerced, harassed, intimidated, and persecuted Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. for many years because he had: 
     1.  helped his aging parents develop a very good inter vivos trust estate management program.
    2.  responsibly reported and exposed serious unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions in several trial court litigation actions and in several appellate court cases that he filed.  
     The extremely corrupt judicial system retaliated against non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. in a malicious and ruthless manner because he was a competent and responsible pro se litigant (representing himself - without any attorney assistance). Willoughby responsibly refused to be intimidated into silence by their officers of the court's extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving litigation schemes and tactics
     Over the years, Lon Willoughby learned that the self-serving judicial systems in Florida routinely despise any non-attorney who attempts to present his own litigation actions pro se (without attorney assistance). 
     Lon Willoughby had been betrayed ruthlessly by attorneys at two Florida law firms, in the distant state, and he was not going to let that happen to him again.
     Lon was determined to not allow a series of judicial officers to intimidate him into silence about the extremely corrupt self-serving manner in which the judicial system conducted litigation actions against non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, for direct and proximate benefit to a "local" law firm and its chief officer, who became a defendant attorney in Lon's compulsory counterclaim litigation - alleging deceit, fraud,and legal malpractice.
     Lon responsibly reported and exposed in detail a series of extremely unfair and unethical judicial actions that were taken against him by "officers of the court" (trial attorneys/lawyers and a series of successive local trial court judges), as they collusively corrupted the civil litigation actions to an extreme level of unfair and unethical benefits to the defendant law firm and its attorney.  (Lon's former "defense attorney.")
     The series of judges that successively got involved in that extended litigation process (20+ years) became more and more unfair and unethical over time, demonstrating to non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby that they could be as unfair and unethical and corrupt as they chose to be. 
     They were obviously confident that no one (state or federal law enforcement agencies) would investigate and then prosecute a state judge or local attorneys for alleged unfair, unethical judicial actions against a non-resident pro se litigant
     Consequently, Lon now has a very good understanding of the extremely unfair and unethical litigation schemes, strategies, and tactics that trial attorneys and trial court judges can routinely use to manipulate the judicial processes in Florida courts in disgustingly corrupt self-serving ways (State Courts and/or Federal Courts) - any time they choose to do so - if the local trial attorneys cooperate with those judicial tactics.  It is most unlikely that a local attorney will not "cooperate" with the local judge.
     Lon gradually learned that trial court judges and trial attorneys can easily abuse, coerce, harass, intimidate, persecute, and prosecute innocent people, whenever they choose to do so, with essentially no risk at all of a responsible investigation and prosecution for such unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions. 
     Yes, that is how unfair, unethical, and brazenly corrupt the trial court litigation can be with arrogant, pompous, elitist "officers of the court" who consider and treat the litigants as lowly serfs in "their trial courts."


Why Is It So Easy for

"Officers of the Court" to

be Outrageously Corrupt?

     Lon's extensive experiences with the judicial systems in Florida began in March 1989 (State court in Putnam County Florida).  He was sued as a co-trustee of his deceased father's inter vivos trust estate (in the distant state) by a beneficiary of the trust estate (who lived in Putnam County Florida).
     The beneficiary sued Lonnie Jr. because she claimed that she needed  more monthly income from the trust estate than was her appropriate share of the trust estate's monthly income.  Lonnie Jr. was familiar with his mother's financial status, and he understood that she really did not need additional monthly income from the Marital Trust Estate.  
     Her nice custom built river front home was paid for.  Her like new 98 Oldsmobile auto was paid for, and she had no unusual bills monthly.  She lived modestly, and she also had more than $200,000 cash in her local bank accounts in Palatka, Florida.
     During the litigation process, Lonnie Jr. learned that the beneficiary and the other co-trustee (Lonnie's younger brother - age 51 years) apparently wanted Lonnie Jr. removed as a co-trustee because he would not allow the two of them to dominate and control him as a co-trustee and "manage" the trust estate the way they wanted to manage for their own personal financial benefits.
     Lonnie Jr. was a very knowledgeable and very competent co-trustee, and he knew for a fact that both of them knew essentially nothing about good responsible trust estate management practices.       
     Over a period of years of related litigation actions, Lonnie Jr. (Lon)  learned that trial court judges are treated like royalty who can routinely  operate in an extremely unfair, unethical, despotic, and totalitarian manner at will (any time they choose to do so).
     During 20+ years of related litigation actions, Lon gradually learned that there is nothing that a severely abused litigant can do, in a practical and cost-effective manner, to overcome the severe damages done to a litigant by unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions (or similar actions by an unfair, unethical, self-serving Florida state prosecutor).   
     An abused, coerced, harassed, intimidated, and severely persecuted "innocent" litigant who diligently and courageously tries to get something responsible done about such unfair, unethical judicial actions (or abusive unfair, unethical, and corrupt Florida prosecutor actions) will eventually learn that elitist members of the "legal brotherhood" will always effectively control the final results of any investigation (will likely not occur) and prevent the fair and responsible prosecution of complaints about an unfair, unethical, and corrupt judge and/or Florida trial court attorneys (lawyers). 
     The abused litigant will gradually learn that the "legal brotherhood" can easily operate like a self-serving good ole' boys club, anytime they choose to do so.  In Lon's extensive litigation experiences, extending from 1989 to 2010 (21+ years), the "legal brotherhood" routinely operated in an extremely self-serving unfair, unethical, and corrupt manner
     They casually ignored Lonnie Willoughby Jr's responsible complaints about the extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions that had been taken against him in Putnam County Florida.   
     All of Lon's responsible litigant actions in reporting those extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal judicial actions were casually and summarily ignored, by judicial officers (State and Federal Trial Courts and Appellate Courts) and also ignored by several law enforcement agencies (State and Federal agencies). 
     Lon presented his complaints to the following agencies:
  1.  the state appellate courts - nine time;
  2.  the state's law enforcement agency (like the state's FBI) - the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE);
  3.  Florida state prosecutors (several times);
  4.  Florida's attorney general's office;
  5.  Florida's governor - his legal staff;
  6.  the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Jacksonville, Florida (FBI - twice);
  7.  the U.S. attorney's office in Jacksonville, Florida;
  8.  the FBI office in Greenville, SC and
  9.  the FBI State Headquarters in Columbia, SC;
10.  chief federal judge in a federal lawsuit (Jacksonville, Florida);
11.  federal appellate court in Atlanta, Georgia; and 
12.  two related appeal cases to the Supreme Court of the United States.
     Consequently, Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. knows how extremely unfair, unethical, corrupt, despotic, and tyrannical state and federal judges can be in a self-serving manner (for benefits to the elitist "legal brotherhood)."
     Lonnie Willoughby Jr.  now understands why it is so easy for members of the elitist legal profession to get away with extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving judicial schemes and tactics.  
     Ask yourself this question:  What can a severely abused litigant do about unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions if the appropriate law enforcement agencies (State and Federal agencies) casually refuse to even look at the litigant's evidential documents (records of corrupt litigation actions by trial attorneys and/or trial court judges and/or appellate court judges). 
     Consequently, all law enforcement agents that Lon contacted (listed above) summarily refused to even attempt to investigate Lon Willoughby's serious valid complaints about unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial corruption in Putnam County Florida courts. 
     Who can the severely abused litigant turn to for help at that point?   Unfortunately, with our present "self-regulating" judicial systems, Lon's diligent responsible actions have proven convincingly that there is no practical, cost-effective remedy available for a severely abused, harassed, and ruthlessly and maliciously persecuted and prosecuted litigant. 
    This outrageously unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial situation needs to be corrected ASAP!!! 
     Lon has learned that unfair, unethical, criminal-minded judicial corruption is so wide-spread and so deeply entrenched within the judicial systems in America that it will take responsible actions by millions of voters to get any helpful State Constitutional Amendments made that might have some reasonable potential to help develop more fair and just judicial actions within the State of South Carolina. 
     In our situation in South Carolina, Americans4Justice-SC will start with motivation of citizens' actions to amend the SC Constitution regarding litigation actions in State courts. 
     South Carolina judges and attorneys (lawyers) take an oath that acknowledges that they have a duty to support and defend the Constitution of South Carolina.  That is one major reason that we must amend the Constitution of South Carolina. 
     Any statutory laws that may be developed for this purpose can be easily ignored simply because the State Solicitor involved can choose to ignore any statutory laws that are relevant (refuse to investigate and prosecute members of the "legal profession" or personal family members, or friends, or special business acquaintances). 
     Remember that some members of the "legal profession" effectively control all investigative action results, and they also control any attempts to prosecute unfair, unethical, and corrupt members of the "legal brotherhood" (attorneys/lawyers/judges).  Yes, the system can be that unfair, unethical, and corrupt in a self-serving manner any time they choose to operate that way.
     Lon was disgusted with the appalling lack of basic ethics and integrity in the judicial systems that he had encountered in Florida - and later encountered in South Carolina. 
     With his very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge, he decided to develop an independent private educational club that will help educate selected natural-born American adult citizens in upstate SC about some very important subjects, including his natural healthcare and wellness concepts and the very important knowledge that he had learned about unfair, unethical, corrupt self-serving litigation schemes and tactics in the judicial systems.  
      Lon Willoughby then developed a convenient and easy way for club members to inform voting citizens that they know - about the ever-present potential for unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions in South Carolina's State Court Systems. 
     As reported herein, trial court judges in South Carolina can easily operate in an extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving despotic and tyrannical manner at will.  
    This is a major judicial problem in this State, and it is likely a very serious judicial problem in many other States, perhaps all States in the United States of America (USA).

"Judicial Problem" and the

"Constitution Solution" Education Project

     Is it reasonable to believe that well-organized dedicated efforts by millions of patriotic-minded citizen voters can help achieve the judicial reform that is needed badly.  Is it possible to establish a responsible level of fairness and impartiality in State courts in South Carolina?  
     The answer is YES!  However, it will take a lot of coordinated educational actions by patriotic citizens in this State to inform enough voters about this "Judicial Problem" and the "Constitution Solution" that is needed badly.
     Achieving this desirable objective will not be accomplished easily or quickly, but it can be accomplished with sufficient "patriotic education efforts" in this State. The solution is readily available through an amendment to the peoples' document - the State Constitution.
     Similar actions probably need to be taken in many States, perhaps all States in the United States of America.  Educated and informed voting citizens in South Carolina can do this for our State.
     "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."  This vital judicial system improvement project will not ever happen unless we take steps to get it started in a responsible and sensible way. Lon and Janie Willoughby have already started this project and they need help from as many voters as possible.  
     If you can qualify for our A4J private education club membership, we can help you get started in our Judicial Reform Project in a very smart and efficient educated way!!!   You may be able to help us provide leadership actions in your local ZIP Code area for our vital educational services



      You can now see and understand why it so important for responsible and sensible American adult citizens to join together to help develop focused and well-organized education services for patriotic-minded American citizens.  Our leadership actions with these education services can also help many other service organizations throughout America.  Our educational efforts with our vital objectives can grow quickly. 
     Lon can personally help inform responsible and sensible American voters about the appauling and disgusting judicial corruption problems  that he encountered in Florida courts and in South Carolina courts.  
     The judicial systems in America are continuing to quietly and deceptively increase and consolidate their self-serving dictatorial, tyrannical, monopolistic control over all Americans (men women, and all children) as each week passes. 
     Members of the "legal profession" systematically gain more judicial power and more judicial control over all American citizens as each week passes.  Tragically, very few American adult citizens have any responsible understanding of these critically important judicial situations
     Our children, grandchildren, and future generations of American children will grow up as indentured servants of a dominating and ruthless controlling self-serving dictatorial and tyrannical judicial system
     Lon has shown herein that American citizens (men, women, and all children) are already indentured servants of an extremely corrupt self-serving judiciary, and that tragic situation gets worse with every week that passes. 
     Responsible adult citizens must get to work educating American citizen voters in South Carolina about these extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial power-grabbing situations. 
     We can also educate American citizen voters to avoid spending money with unfair, unethical, corrupt self-serving judicial courts in SC.  Educated voters can start reducing their "funding" of self-serving SC courts ASAP
      American adult voters have not been educated adequately about this extremely unconstitutional "judicial power-grab self-serving scheme" that is operating day by day, week by week, and month by month.  It is like a terrible metastasizing cancer growing within South Carolina and probably growing throughout all of America. 
     The voting American citizens have not been educated to understand that this heinous self-serving judicial power-grab scheme has been going on for many years (all of our lifetimes). 
     Most of our legislators in the United States Congress and in the 50 States do not understand this situation either; they have not been educated about the judicial conspiracy to dominate, control, and rule America from the courts with support and reinforcements by multiple legislative actions drafted and promoted by attorney legislators (at the federal level and also in many State legislatures within the United States of America). 
     Why is it very risky and dangerous to responsibly expose this heinous judicial conspiracy in the news media (local, state, or the national news)? 
     Attorney legislators in States can easily draft and promote statutory laws that make it illegal for individuals or organizations or the new media to expose attorney/lawyer/judicial corruption actions to the public. 
     Individuals or organizations may expose themselves to very serious liabilities if they go public with specific information (names, places, litigation case numbers, dates, etc.) because libel (published media) and slander (verbal education) statutory laws were cleverly written and then passed into law. 
     Those types of statutory laws effectively protect attorneys (lawyers) and judges from exposure in the public news media - due to the very intimidating effective threat of very expensive lawsuits (to be conducted in their controlled unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving courts)
     This is the reason that the revealing report presented at this website carefully avoided naming any attorney or any judge or identifying any litigation case name/number.  However, Lon did name the State involved with the extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal judicial actions that were taken against Lon Willoughby, Jr. over a period of more than 20+ years. 
     Lon Willoughby conducted legal research about laws that protect citizens who report and expose unfair, unethical, and criminal actions in the courts, but he found a conspicuous absence of statutory laws at the State and Federal levels that would provide any immunity from prosecution (civil or criminal) to individuals or organizations that present a responsible report (exposure) of unfair, unethical, and/or criminal actions in the courts (State and Federal Courts). 
     Think about this for a moment: Do trial attorneys and trial court judges and appellate court judges want these types of badly needed protective statutory laws passed to protect responsible citizens?  Of course not
     Is it going to be easy to get state legislators to pass protective statutory laws for ordinary citizens?  Not as long as attorneys in the state legislatures dominate and effectively control the passage of such legislation. 
     All American voters need to understand that the "legal brotherhood" has stacked the legislative deck in its own favor as much as possible in all States and in the U.S. Congress (House and Senate).  
     The legislature in one southern state passed a state statutory law that made it illegal to conceptually expose unfair, unethical actions/situations in the news media without naming the person(s) involved
     That state statutory law further protects attorneys and judges involved with unfair, unethical, and criminal judicial actions because the law makes it a crime for anyone in the state to expose to the public such situations in generalized, conceptual reports, such as the very important judicial corruption report provided at this website. 
     Consequently, in that State, it appears that a private person or a news media reporter can be prosecuted for a crime if a general conceptional report about attorney/judicial corruption is published.
     On the other hand, the person making the report can be prosecuted for libel and/or slander if specific persons or organizations are identified  verbally or in a published report. 
     Consequently, unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions are protected in either situation because of the intimidating effect of this Catch 22 combination strategy.  A  person could therefore be taking substantial liability risk to get involved in exposing to the public either corruption situation.   
     This very intimidating situation will likely cause most people to  not take the great risks involved with reporting and exposing to the news media unfair, unethical, and criminal actions by attorneys or a judge. 
     That is the very unfair way the system has been designed to operate.  Attorneys and judges can therefore get away with extremely unfair and unethical litigation actions because the legal deck has been stacked in their favor so much that the judicial systems can easily function as elitist self-serving extortion rackets.  
      In effect, a litigant must meekly do whatever the trial attorneys and trial judge collusively decide to do, even when it is outrageously unfair and unethical.  Otherwise, the litigant will likely be punished severely by ongoing litigation and costly litigation expenses if the litigant courageously and responsibly opposes their unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving collusive decision about the litigation. 
     That is what happened to Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. when he responsibly exposed the extremely unfair and unethical Final Judgment that was rendered against him in October 1989 (Putnam County Florida).    

What Can American Citizens Do About the

Judicial "Conspiracy" to Control America?

     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. believes that patriotic citizen voters in America outnumber attorneys, lawyers, and judges by at least 40 to one. 
     Lon is also hopeful that all members of the legal profession in America are not corrupt-minded self-serving elitist despots and tyrants.  Lon believe that many attorneys (lawyers) and some judges would like to be good patriotic Americans who would like to see all judges responsibly adjudicate litigation actions in a fair and impartial manner for all litigants. 
     Unfortunately, good ethical attorneys (lawyers) are required to work within judicial systems that can easily be operated in an extremely unfair, unethical self-serving corrupt manner (State and Federal courts).  
     The good attorneys, lawyers, and judges also need our help, and we need their very valuable support to achieve the objectives that are needed to achieve our Judicial Reform Project as quickly as possible.  
     Lon Willoughby believes there are at least 40 to 50 million patriotic-minded citizen voters in America that can quickly turn the tide in the right direction if we could help educate them about these judicial problems and the constitutional solution that is needed.  
     In addition, millions of "not so patriotic" adult citizens in South Carolina will likely support our Judicial Reform Project when they are informed  about our very desirable noble objectives that can benefit adult citizens throughout this State a lot. 
     Consequently, as you can see from this explanation, we simply need sufficient leadership, guidance, and patriot support to get this very important Judicial Reform Project moving forward in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 
     Fortunately, modern communications systems make it much easier and much less expensive to communicate with large numbers of voters (websites and other Internet communication sites, E-mail, faxes, phone calls, etc.) than at any time in the past.  The timing is right and the time for responsible adult citizens in South Carolina to get involved is now!  
     With enough educated voter support, the Constitution of this State can be amended to provide citizens with a constitutionally mandated right to establish a Citizen's Grand Jury Review System to evaluate complaints about abusive, unfair, unethical litigation actions by attorneys (lawyers), judges, and/or state solicitors.  
     Our A4J founder and director, Lon Willoughby, understands that this is the best, most feasible, most practical, and most cost-effective way to reign in and responsibly discipline abusive, unfair, unethical, criminal-minded, dictatorial, or tyrannical elitist actions by attorneys, trial court judges, or appellate court judges, or state solicitors (prosecutors) or abusive police officers or their "cooperative" administrative superiors.   
     Lon also understands that each State Constitution (50 states) needs to be amended to provide every citizen or organization or news media  with Absolute Immunity from civil law suits or criminal prosecution actions whenever they responsibly report to an appropriate government agency or a Special Grand Jury any type of unfair, unethical, or criminal actions by any government agent or employee (State or Federal), or any other person. 
     This vastly improved situation would enable responsible reports about unfair, unethical, and criminal actions by trial attorneys, trial court judges, or appellate court judges, or state solicitors (prosecutors) and also federal prosecutors and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents. 
     Lon believes that a similar constitutional amendment needs to be made to the Constitution of the United States of America, but it would probably be much easier and a lot quicker to get the U.S. Congress to pass a protective statutory law that would provide somewhat similar protection to citizens and/or civic type protective organizations, or news media. 
     It is clear that a Constitutional Amendment would be the better choice because it could not be reversed at some point in time by the U.S. Supreme Court, or by another U.S. Congressional mandated law.     
     As soon as we help get the first few State Constitutions amended, this exciting education movement will sweep across America in a wonderful wave of freedom and liberty and justice sentiment. 
     Lon is convinced that the time for this movement is now, and we need the help of every patriotic-minded citizen in America to accomplish this monumental National Judicial Improvement Project as quickly as possible.
     You can learn more about this exceptionally important, well-organized patriotic Judicial Improvement Project by visiting the website www.JAIL4Judges.org/.  You will be happy to learn that Proposed Constitutional Amendments have already been drafted for some states by responsible competent people who have studied these situations in depth.  
     Consequently, a large amount of very important work has already been accomplished that will help enable our A4J club members to work more effectively toward achieving this incredibly important and valuable Judicial Improvement and Reform Project
     You will also be pleased to learn that America has some courageous, honest, patriotic attorneys/lawyers and retired judges working with other people to help achieve these incredibly important projects in multiple States.  Those attorneys and retired judges also want to have judicial systems in America that operate in a fair and impartial manner. 
     Those attorneys and retired judges will quickly understand the great importance of our Judicial Improvement and Reform Project
     Lon Willoughby is convinced that a Constitution Amendment Project for each individual USA State is absolutely necessary for responsible American adult patriots to better protect and defend their right to fair and impartial judicial actions in all courts (State Level and Federal Level).
     As reported herein, Lon Willoughby has already acquired substantial experience trying to get appropriate State and Federal Agencies (judicial agencies and law enforcement agencies) to initiate responsible investigations of a series of extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions taken against him by "officers of the court" (judges, trial attorneys, and an unethical, corrupt State Prosecutor) in Florida. 
     After many hundreds of hours of work diligently and responsibly reporting Lon's very serious complaints, no judicial agency or law enforcement agency (State or Federal) had been willing to responsibly initiate a serious investigation of his very valid complaints about unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded abusive attorney actions and "cooperative" judicial actions. 
     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. was ruthlessly subjected to extremely abusive judicial actions by a series of "officers of the court" over an ongoing period of 20+ years.  They clearly tried to ruthlessly damage and destroy Lonnie Willoughby as a person and ruthlessly destroy his self-employed business in South Carolina and ruthlessly destroy his marriage life with Janie and his family life with two adult sons, other close family members, and friends. 
     Those attorneys and judges did cause him a great amount of damage and harm (economically, emotionally, and physically) to Lon Willoughby, but he survived those malicious and ruthless judicial schemes and tactics. 
     Lon was able to survive those terrible ruthless judicial actions due to his special natural healthcare concepts knowledge and the very important help that was provided many times by his wife Janie.  As you can see with this A4J website, Lon Willoughby is continu8ing to responsibly work to help develop fairness, ethics, truth, and justice in judicial systems.
     Qualifiable visitors to this website will be offered an opportunity to become a part of a Patriotic Team that has the specific objectives of  protecting, defending, and supporting the best features of our American Republic, including the establishment of a fair and impartial judicial system for all litigants, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or social status.
     Our A4J club members can learn how they can help build a better and stronger America for themselves, for their children and grandchildren, and their great grandchildren, and for children of future generations of Americans. 
     Lon Willoughby has the education and special experience needed to provide critically important leadership in these vital objectives, but he needs the helpfulsupport of many responsible American patriotic citizens.

Jury Trial Education
     A4J club members can also learn about the full rights, power, and authority of educated jurors.  They can learn the truth about the rights of jurors -- can they properly judge the facts and also judge the laws involved with the case?  Are the laws involved with a case being applied in a fair and reasonable manner, or are they being applied in an unfair, unreasonable self-serving judicial manner? 
     A4J club members can learn how to be a good juror because it is very important for American patriotic-minded citizens to fulfill this very important citizen's duty in a knowledgeable and responsible manner.  These actions can help ensure that our precious freedoms can survive and win in an improved court of law. 

     Many Americans do not have a good understanding about their "right" to a jury trial.   Unlike criminal litigation, all civil litigation issues do not  have a protected right to a jury trial -- for the plaintiff or the defendant.  This "right"to a jury trial is usually dependent upon applicable common law  standards.  

     A4J club members can learn about their protected right to a jury trial and also learn about a bench trial (judge evaluates all factual issues and all legal issues - a jury is not allowed when it is a bench trial). 

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