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Americans4Justice (A4J)

     A Private Membership Club for Patriotic Americans in the

upstate area of South Carolina.  We help our members develop a

better life for themselves and their family members while we

promote the development of a better country in America for all


We Provide Very Valuable

 Educational Services

for Patriotic Americans

     We have also developed an exciting income producing opportunity that enables A4J-SC club members (our affiliates) to help "apparently qualified" club member prospects find and review this very important introductory educational website

     A4J-SC club members can earn generous "affiliate referral awards" (commission income) for "qualified visitors" who review this educational website, decide that they like our educational program objectives, and then choose to join our A4J-SC Private Patriotic Membership Club

     New club members pay a very reasonable price annual membership fee, and the A4J-SC club member that first recommended them to us will earn an "affiliate referral award" in their affiliate account in our MLM Uni-level software program.  Our parent company, ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as ABC of Health, will pay affiliate referral awards weekly, whenever an affiliate's award account equals or exceeds $100.  

     Our MLM Uni-level affiliate referral awards can go five levels deep, and this very important feature enables "actively referring affiliates" to earn substantial amounts of affiliate referral awards during each year of their active "affiliate referral work." 

     This "affiliate referral work" is very important dignified patriotic-type education work that is very easy to accomplish working from one's home. 

     Our A4J-SC club members (affiliates) can easily encourage "apparently qualified" natural-born American citizens (18 years of age or older) to visit this introductory level educational website.  They can thereby help educate American citizens who they believe are good responsible American citizens that truly care about their very important American citizenship and their remarkable precious American freedoms.  They can do most of this introductory education type work conveniently from home. 

     Ultimately, they will want their "referral education type work" (referring prospective citizens to visit and review this website) to result in A4J club membership consideration by some of their prospective citizens.  Citizens who like what we are offering our club members can then contact our office to possibly initiate our A4J-SC club membership evaluation process.

     Think for a few moments about the large numbers of people (men, women, and many children) who risk everything they have to try to get into America through our long southern border. 

     Our vital education programs can help all American citizens, and our remarkable affiliate networking income opportunity program can help our A4J-SC private education club members  earn generous amounts of income easily for their very important patriotic "website educational referral work" - just encouraging their contacts to visit and review this website.  Prospects can then responsibly consider the very important and valuable advantages that our education programs offer club members.

      As you can see, ABC of Health has developed this very helpful introductory educational website to make it very easy for A4J-SC club members to introduce prospective A4J-SC club members to our very important educational programs

     Wealthy club members who do not want to make additional income for themselves will now be able to offer our remarkable income producing opportunity to "apparently qualified" American citizens that they personally know who could use this remarkable easy income producing opportunity, in addition to offering them our very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is a critically important core component part of our private educational club membership. 

     You will soon see that the patriotic-type political education that we also provide is vital information that all American voters need to review before the elections in November 2020.

     Visitors can learn more about our very easy affiliate referral award income opportunity and our other very important educational features at this introductory A4J-SC website.

  Americans 4 Justice - SC (A4J)

a subsidiary organization of

ABC's of Health, Inc.

A South Carolina Corporation

doing business as (dba) ABC of Health.

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ABC of Health

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ABC of Health

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ABC's Hours of Operation

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Monday thru Friday

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Our closely related

Natural Healthcare Education Website

is located at: 


but stay with us at this A4J website for a while longer.


     This A4J website enables freedom loving American visitors to

learn about our vital educational services that are very

important for patriotic-minded American citizens. 


     Visitors to this website can then invite their American citizen

family members, relatives, friends, and associates to visit this

introductory educational website for information that can be very

helpful and very important to many American citizens.

     One of our most important goals for American 4 Justice (A4J) 

club members is to help each member learn how to improve

their natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge

     Lonnie Willoughby (Will o bee) is the founder and president of

our parent company, ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as

(dba) ABC of Health.  Lonnie (Lon) is also the founder and

director of Americans 4 Justice - SC (A4J - SC).  

     He and his wife Janie understand that the USA is not a healthy

country.  In fact, very important healthcare type research has

shown that there are 25 countries that have healthier citizens than


     Unfortunately, the USA has almost 50,000 people dying each

week, and Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that most of

those people die prematurely (before ages 90 to 100 years) from

sickness and disease conditions that could have been minimized,

or avoided in many cases, if those people had been educated

adequately about how to take better care of their natural health.

     Lon knows how to help our A4J - SC club members learn how 

to use very important alternative health type natural healthcare 

and wellness concepts in their routine diet and lifestyle to help 

them protect their natural healthcare assets more effectively. 

     That very valuable natural healthcare knowledge can enable

many A4J - SC club members to live a healthier life and be much

healthier in their later years than they might otherwise become if

they did not have access to our proprietary and copyrighted very

special natural healthcare and wellness concepts in their regular

diet, exercise, and lifestyle actions

     Lon and Janie strive to help A4J - SC education club members

become healthier American patriots, both physically and mentally,

and thereby help our club members become more successful 

with whatever goals they are striving to achieve with their life. 

     Lon and Janie also understand that healthy A4J club members

are likely to become more active and more effective members of

our private patriotic American citizens' education club.  

     Lon knows how to help A4J- SC club members achieve these

vital natural healthcare and wellness objectives in special ways

that are our proprietary and copyrighted corporate trade secrets.


Lon's Specialized Natural Healthcare Knowledge

    Our sister educational website at ABCofHealth dot com provides a lot of very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is "free to review" for American adult citizen visitors.     

     Lon enjoyed his 83rd birthday on June 5, 2019, and he is still in very good health due to his advanced level of natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  He knows how to help our A4J - SC club members improve their natural healthcare actions in remarkable ways.

     You may find it helpful to make a quick detour over to our sister website (using the convenient hyperlink below) and take a quick look around to see the large amount of alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that Lon has developed over many years of very important natural healthcare work.

     Some of those education departments have restricted access

that requires a USER NAME and PASSWORD to enter the

department.  However, the Home Department at that sister 

website explains that nine of those education departments

provide "free to review" access for American citizen visitors. 

     Consequently, your adult family members, relatives, and

other friendly contacts can likely be helped a lot by simply

reading our "free to review" healthcare concepts information.

This is vital healthcare information that is copyrighted and it is

only available in this convenient format at our sister website.

     You can use your TAB function or your BACK ARROW function to come back to this exact location at this A4J - SC website.  If you want to use the TAB function, be sure to observe the TAB change while this detour is occurring. 

     If you do not get to our sister introductory website, you may need to use your curser to select the new TAB that occurred to complete this website transfer.  

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Link to visit our sister introductory website:


Welcome back to this A4J - SC website's Home Department.

     Our sister introductory website also presents detailed

background information about Lon Willoughby.  The website also

explains that he began learning about natural healthcare concepts

in 1970, when he was 34 years of age.  

     Lon quickly realized that the subject matter could be very  

important for his family (wife, two young sons, and himself) so he

continued learning gradually about alternative health type natural

healthcare and wellness concepts as he discovered additional 

opportunities to do so. 

     Nine years later, in October 1979, Lon made a "career field"

change, and that action enabled him to have more opportunities

to learn about natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     If you took time to visit our sister introductory website with the

website link above, you saw that the website provides a lot of very

important and valuable alternative health type natural healthcare

and wellness concepts education that is "free to review" for all

American citizen visitors.  That is a very important website.  

     This natural healthcare education is especially important for

parents with dependent children that are living at home.  We

recommend that teenage children be allowed to read the "free to 

review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education 

presented at our sister introductory website.  It may motivate

them to begin taking better care of their precious natural health.

     That website also presents background information about Lon

Willoughby's extensive education in alternative healthcare type

natural healthcare and wellness concepts (during 47+ years)

     During those years, Lon learned how to selectively use quality

type minerals, herbals, vitamins, and enzymatic type nutrition 

supplements in very helpful ways.  He became a very competent 

nutrition consultant, and natural healthcare consultant, and 

he also became a natural healthcare classroom educator

     Lon gradually learned how to choose healthy foods and 

beverages for his two sons, and his wife, and himself.  As a result

of Lon's accumulated natural healthcare and wellness concepts

knowledge, he is in very good health for a man at age 83.

     In some important respects, Lon is in better health today than

when he was 43 years of age (physically and emotionally)

That is a remarkable healthcare achievement that rarely occurs in

America, and it illustrates how important alternative type

healthcare and wellness concepts education can be for citizens.

     Consequently, one of our major objectives with our private

Americans 4 Justice educational club membership is for Lon

to share with our A4J - SC club members very important and very

valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are worth

a lot of money for most American adult citizens (and their

"living at home" dependent children). 

     These are proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and

wellness concepts trade secrets that are only available through

our direct association with ABC's of Health, Inc. (owner of more

than 50 copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness

concepts that are ABC's corporate healthcare trade secrets). 

     Unfortunately, the USA has more than 200,000 deaths per 

month, and Lon and Janie realize that most of those are 

premature deaths (before ages 90 to 100 years). 

     Lon and Janie also understand that millions of

Americans are suffering with sickness and disease

conditions.  Lon has learned how to educate

Christian-oriented American citizens about very

important natural healthcare actions that they can 

take to reduce and minimize the potential for having to

cope with some of those serious healthcare problem


     Lon believes that many American citizens can be

taught some of the vital alternative health type natural

healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon has

developed and copyrighted for exclusive healthcare

educational use by ABC of Health

     As trained and experienced educators, Lon and Janie

have developed special ways to teach vital natural

healthcare and wellness concepts to our A4J- SC

education club members.  That enables these special

natural healthcare and wellness concepts to be easy to

learn and also easy to use effectively by club members. 

     Lon has learned how to simplify important natural

healthcare and wellness concepts that can enable our

A4J - SC club members to easily learn natural healthcare

and wellness concepts that can quickly improve their

diet, exercise, and other important lifestyle actions.

     Our special natural healthcare and wellness concepts

education services are worth much more money than the

modest and very reasonable cost of a one-year A4J club

membership fee

     Consequently, visitors to this website can understand

that our natural healthcare and wellness concepts

education services for our A4J- SC club members is a

major reason for "qualified" American citizens (living in

the upstate area of South Carolina) to join our private

patriotic citizens' A4J - SC education membership club

     We also have other club objectives and education

services that can be very important and very helpful to

patriotic minded American citizens.  However, our A4J

-SC education club membership is only available to

natural-born American citizens who can meet our

"qualification standards" for club membership. 

     Our sister introductory website explains our

qualification standards for Certified Qualified Visitors

(CQV's).  We use those qualification standards for

membership in our A4J - SC private education club

     Later in this department we will provide an overview of the 

very easy home-based income opportunity that Lon developed for

our A4J - SC private education club members.  All club members

can participate in this very easy networking income opportunity.

     Visitors to this website can read about our very

important goals and objectives in the two departments at

this website titled:

"Educational Services" and "Objectives of A4J." 

     We reported previously that Lon had his 83rd birthday back in

June 2019.  It is important to pause for a few moments to consider

that the average American does not live to be age 83, and to also  

consider that those that are still alive at age 83 (whether they are

male or female) are typically taking eight to twelve medical doctor

prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.  However, Lon Willoughby is

still healthy and he takes no prescription pharmaceutical drugs.

     Many years ago, Lon and his wife Janie formed a South

Carolina Corporation to specifically promote natural healthcare

and wellness concepts education for the company's customers.

     In December 1998, that company, named ABC's of Health, inc.,

purchased an existing natural healthcare products sales store in

Greenville, South Carolina, and began doing business on January

4, 1999.  As indicated above, Lon Willoughby already had

acquired an extensive amount of alternative health type natural

healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.  He was well

qualified to be the manager of that ABC of Health healthcare

products store.

     Lon's wife, Janie, was a teacher at the Mauldin High School, in

Mauldin, SC, where they lived (six miles from the health store). 

She was teaching about 150 students per day (juniors and 

seniors) so Janie had no time available to work in their new

health store.  She had multiple lesson plans to prepare to teach

each day, and she usually had lots of test papers to grade each

week, in addition to teaching five classes each day.

     Lon spent several thousand dollars to expand their offering of

nutrition supplement products, and he also began offering air

filtration equipment and water filtration equipment and water

 purification equipment for sale in the health store.  Fortunately,

Lon was knowledgeable about those special health type products,

and none of the competing health stores in the area had anyone

who had such special healthcare products knowledge

     Lon also hired an assistant, Diane Owen, to help him

operate the new healthcare store business.  Diane was

very helpful to customers and to Lon in managing the store. 

During the first four months of business, they gradually increased

the monthly sales volume of the business by about 300%

compared to the previous owner's monthly sales volume. 

     During their first year, Lon and Diane grew the business until

they needed a larger store with more showroom capacity, and

more office space, and they needed a classroom where Lon could

begin teaching free healthcare classes on a recurring basis.

     The business was growing well, but the health store was not

making any profits on a month by month basis due to the many

overhead expenses that Lon and Janie had personally funded

(with many thousands of dollars in loans to the business) to help

build the business progression at their first store location.

     Fortunately, Lon found a suitable store location in Greenville

about four miles away from their first store in Greenville, and they

moved their health store operation in February 2000 (after the

January 2000 Y2K computer scare that was projected to create 

havoc with many computers worldwide and cause serious 

problems for worldwide business operations). 

     This was called the Y2K computer problem - Y = year, K = 1000

, and Y2K = Year 2000.

     Some computer experts believed that many computers would

have difficulty transitioning from the 1900 dates (1999) to the 2000

dates because the computer language for those dates was only

six digits - such as 123199 for December 31, 1999.  When January

dates arrived, the dates would be 010100 for January 01, 2000.

So computers were going to go from 123199 to 010100 - and it

 was widely thought that this date situation would likely cause

serious problems for many computers. 

     Computer experts in many locations worked with government

personnel in a very cooperative manner to avoid those serious

computer problems, and their efforts were effective because most

computers were enabled to make those serious date transitions 

without difficulty.  A major computer crisis was avoided so the 

world-wide economy did not get damaged in serious ways - as 

millions of Americans had anticipated.  

     Lon then spent several thousand dollars fixing up their new 

store location (removal of old badly worn carpet, floor

repairs, painting expenses, new carpet installation

expenses, store moving expenses, new sign expenses.

Lon also purchased fifty padded stack-able chairs for the

new classroom, and he had several other essential

expenses related to the store move.

     Lon continued managing the ABC of Health healthcare and

wellness store business for many more years, and that work

enabled him to acquire a lot of natural healthcare concepts work

experiences that were incredibly important and valuable

     He and his assistant store manager, Diane Owen, worked with 

more than a thousand health store customers, and lots of visitors,

during the busy years that occurred after January 4, 1999.

     Unfortunately, for Lon and Janie Willoughby, the retail health

store business marketplace changed a lot during their first 12

years of operation due to technological advancements in Internet

services for customers shopping for many products using 

personal computers, tablets, and smart phones. 

     Many customers began using those helpful devices to conduct

 purchases of many health store type products at deep discount

prices via the Internet's amazing capabilities.  

     Several Internet type health stores quickly developed to make

it easy to purchase health store type products conveniently 

from home and have those products shipped right to their home -

usually with low cost or no cost shipping. 

     Those very competitive marketing situations caused Lon and

Janie to lose a lot of customers and a lot of sales.  Their sales 

volume began to decrease so much that their overhead business

costs (including employee wages) caused the store to begin

losing money at the rate of several thousand dollars per month.  

     Lon and Janie lost a lot of money as they struggled to keep the

health store in business for several years with those money

losing conditions on a month by month basis. 

     From the beginning of their health store business in January

1999, Lon Willoughby had worked with no salary or wages

because the new business did not make enough profit to pay him

any wages at all (not even one dollar per month). 

    Lon continued working with those conditions because the

health store business was helping many customers each month

with their healthcare issues, and Lon realized this work enabled 

him to learn additional very important and valuable natural

healthcare and wellness concepts.  


     For several years, Lon was optimistic about this situation.  He

believed that he would eventually develop ways to have enough

profit margin to begin paying him a reasonable monthly income

for his very valuable store management services and his very

important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education 

services for store customers.  He was pleased that the health 

store was helping a lot of people with their healthcare concerns.

     Lon tried to develop new ways of conducting business,

including offering free basic natural healthcare classes in the

classroom, but nothing that he did was able to overcome the

dominating competition that had gradually developed locally with

several major competitors.

     Big local stores like BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club, Target, Vitamin

Shoppe, and Walmart were offering a lot of nutrition type products

that were being sold at discount prices.  Lon did not understand

how they could afford to discount their product prices so much

and still make a reasonable profit.


     During year 2013 Lon learned that the large chain stores could

buy nutrition products at much better wholesale prices (lower

prices) than small independent health stores because the large

chain type stores could buy in large volume wholesale orders

compared to the small volume wholesale orders that the small

independent health stores placed with various manufacturers.

     Many years had passed before Lon learned about the multiple

tiers of wholesale prices.  He finally learned that there was one

level of wholesale price discounts for small independent health

stores who would usually place relatively small wholesale orders

for each brand of products that they purchased from various

nutrition companies (brands) but better discount prices were

available for large wholesale orders (thousands of dollars), and

then even better discount wholesale prices for even larger

wholesale orders (many thousands of $$$). 

     None of the multiple nutrition product companies that Lon had

been purchasing health store type products from for years (at

wholesale prices) had informed him about the multiple tiers of

wholesales prices that were available from their company.  

     For many years, Lon had thought that all health stores were 

getting the same wholesale prices that he was getting with

his wholesale product purchases from each nutrition products 

distributing company (he purchased several brands of products

from various health product manufacturers or distributors).

     Consequently, for many years, Lon did not realize that much

better wholesale prices were available for large orders (large

companies and chain store type businesses) who could place

very large wholesale orders to get the best wholesale prices. 

     Chain types businesses could then distribute internally those

bulk buying health store type products to their various store

locations and then sell those products at discounted prices.  

     Small independent health stores could not compete with those

discounted prices because their relatively small wholesale

purchases could not qualify for the lower wholesale prices.

     Lon eventually learned (in year 2013) that those situations 

enabled the large stores and chain type stores to buy large

purchases and then sell products at deep discount prices.  They

could still make a reduced but reasonable retail profit margin.

     Grocery chain stores and pharmacy chain type stores also

started stocking more health store type nutrition products as their

customers' interest in buying those type of products increased.

     Those chain type stores could therefore afford to sell those 

health store type products at discounted prices and still make a 

reduced but acceptable retail profit margin.  


     There was no feasible way for ABC of Health, or other small 

independent health stores, to compete with chain type store's 

"discounted prices" because the small health stores were having 

to pay substantially more for products when they purchased 

products wholesale for resale in their small health stores.

      Lon finally learned in year 2013 why ABC of Health

could not compete with those chain type stores successfully.

ABC of Health did not have enough wholesale buying power to

compete with multi-million dollar chain stores such as BJ's,

Costco, EarthFare, K-Mart, Sam's Club, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart,

and the very large "Whole Foods" health food store that had been

built in Greenville (about four miles away from ABC of Health). 

     After years of trying to develop ways to compete successfully

in the greatly changed marketplace, Lon and Janie eventually 

realized that there was no practical way for them to compete with

the discount prices that Internet type stores and the large local

chain type stores were using to sell health type products.  

     Lon and Janie reluctantly decided to close the ABC of Health

natural healthcare and wellness store business permanently on 

April 24, 2014 (near the end of their current lease of the store 

facility).  They had been in business for 15 years when that 

occurred.  (1/04/1999 to 4/24/2014)  

     Lon realized that ABC of Health was still helping many

customers each month, but the store had been losing money at

the rate of $2,000 to $4,000 per month for many months (without

Lon being paid anything for his valuable health store services).

     Finally realizing that there was no practical reasonable way of

reversing those sales deficiency situations, due to dominating

competition for those sales of health store type products, Lon 

and Janie closed the ABC of Health store permanently on a 

date that would give them a few days to get moved out of the 

store facility by the end of their annual renewable lease term. 


     It was clear that ABC of Health did not have the wholesale 

buying power to compete successfully with local chain type

businesses and Internet type businesses that were selling health

store type products at deep discount prices. 

     It was not possible for ABC of Health, or other small health

stores, to compete with Internet type businesses that sold health

store type products at deep discount prices and also offered

convenient free shipping for most purchases.


     Although the ABC of Health store closed permanently, the

ABC of Health Corporation tried to remain in business as a

natural healthcare and wellness concepts education company


     Unfortunately for Lon and Janie, most people had been getting

helpful free healthcare services at small health stores for years,

and they did not want to start paying for the helpful healthcare

consultation services that ABC of Health was now offering for

reasonable consultation fees. 

     People who had never paid for a natural healthcare

consultation service did not understand how beneficial those vital

consultation services could be to an individual or to a family.

     Lon and Janie found that local American adults were literally

dying prematurely without the natural healthcare and wellness

concepts consultation education services that they needed - but

would not pay for when needed.  The health store market

place had changed a lot, and most health store customers had

difficulty adjusting to those changes in a responsible manner.

Lon's Super Valuable

Natural Healthcare Knowledge 

      Lon and Janie Willoughby realized that he had acquired a lot 

of alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness 

concepts knowledge that was very important and very valuable.

     He had worked long hours for 15+ years with no pay at all (80 

to 90 hours per week), but he had learned life-changing and life-

saving healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge that could

be very important and helpful to many American citizens.  A

stated above, hardly anyone was willing to pay a reasonable 

consultation fee to obtain vital natural healthcare and wellness

concepts education services from Lon at ABC of Health.

How could Lon continue helping American citizens?

     Lon realized that he had learned how to help many American

citizens improve their natural healthcare and wellness concepts

actions (diet, exercise, lifestyles, and nutrition supplements) in

remarkable ways that most Americans needed to know about.

     Lon and Janie realized that they needed to develop a practical

way for many Americans to obtain access to Lon's special natural

healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.  They believed that

most American adults were capable of learning how to take much

better care of their natural healthcare assets - they just needed

some practical education about those vital healthcare issues

     Could Lon and Janie develop a natural healthcare concepts

education program that might enable them to reach out to large

numbers of adult American citizens and educate them about

some of Lon's very important and valuable alternative

health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     Could these two trained and experienced educators

develop a natural healthcare and wellness concepts

education program to help accomplish that objective? 

     Could such an education program be profitable enough

to enable Lon and Janie to recover some of the hundreds

of thousands of dollars that they had loaned the ABC of

Health store during its 15 years of operation? 

     They had gradually loaned all of their IRA retirement

funds to the business in order to continue operating, and

now they had no retirement funds in any IRA account.

(Remember that Lon did not receive any salary or wages

at all during those very challenging 15 years of service).

      What motivated them to try to stay in business when they

were obviously losing money in the health store business? 

     Lon and Janie realized that tens of thousands of Americans

were dying prematurely in the USA each week that passed

because those sick and diseased citizens did not have access to

Lon's natural healthcare and wellness concepts education. For

many years, Lon believed that he would develop a way to make

the business profitable.  Unfortunately, that never occurred.

     Lon gradually learned in a very expensive way that ABC of

Health did not have the large wholesale buying power that was

needed to successfully compete with multi-million dollar chain

type stores in the local area that had begun selling health store

type products at deep discount prices (BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club,

Target, Walmart, etc.). 

     Many large local chain grocery stores and many local chain

pharmacy stores were selling health store type products at

discount prices.  Lon eventually realized that ABC of Health

could no longer make adequate retail profits by trying to sell

health store type products.  It was now clear to Lon that a small

independent health store could not compete with those deeply

discounted retail prices.

     Internet businesses such as Amazon.com, and other Internet

businesses, were also selling health store type products at deep

discount prices.  There was no feasible way for small independent

health products stores to compete in the greatly changed market

place due to deeply discounted prices for health store products.

     It was clear to Lon that the days of the small independent 

health stores had unfortunately come to an end, and thousands 

of those stores had already gone out of business by year 2013

Nine local independent health stores had already closed.

     Lon realized that almost all of the small independent health

stores in America would eventually have to go out of business

because they cannot compete successfully with the discounted 

prices that were becoming easy to find in the marketplace.

     During recent years, even the franchised GNC health store

businesses have had great difficulty in the very competitive

discounted prices marketplace.  GNC has already had several

hundred nutrition products stores close (America and Canada). 

What adverse affects are these thousands of

health store closures having on consumers?

     Lon and Janie realized that millions of American consumers

are being affected harmfully by those health store closing actions.

Why?  Because consumers no longer have access to very helpful

healthcare and nutrition information that was commonly available

in thousands of small health stores throughout America.

     Many thousands of those helpful nutrition oriented and

experienced health store employees have lost their jobs with the 

closure of thousands of small independent health stores.

      Multi-million dollar businesses such as Kmart and Sears have

also gone bankrupt in this changing marketplace, along with

thousands of other small, medium, and large size businesses.

     We have had major changes in the way that many millions of

Americans do business with Internet services and other mail-

order sales companies.  Even Costco, Sam's Club, Target, and

Walmart chain stores have modified the ways they do business so

they can compete better with Internet type sales businesses.

     Yes, tens of thousands of employees have lost their jobs due

to these rapidly expanding discounted price changes in America.

It is now clear that millions of health conscious shoppers can no

longer obtain important natural healthcare and wellness concepts

information that they used to be able to obtain at their local small

independent health store (now closed in thousands of locations). 

Lon and Janie Gradually 

Developed A New Business Plan

     Stay with us for a while longer to see how Lon developed our

Americans 4 Justice education programs to effectively serve the

needs of thousands of health-conscious and patriotic-minded 

American citizens that live in the upstate area of South Carolina.

   The information below presents some very important concepts

that all health conscious Americans need to understand.  Be

patient as we present some vital natural healthcare concepts.


     Lon gradually developed an exciting way for many American

citizens in the upstate area of South Carolina to have very

convenient access to some of Lon's very important and very

valuable alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness

concepts knowledge.  Remember that thousands of Americans

die weekly because they did not have access to Lon's vital natural

healthcare and wellness concepts education.

     Our new business plan enables many American citizens to

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healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.  He can now help

many more American citizens, in much better ways and more

effective ways, than when the ABC of Health healthcare and

wellness store was in operation in Greenville County, SC.


     Pause and consider seriously that Americans are dying

prematurely by the tens of thousands weekly because they did

not have access to Lon Willoughby's special natural healthcare

and wellness concepts educational services

     Are you beginning to understand how important and valuable

Lon's natural healthcare and wellness concepts education can be

to an American adult and their children?

     Our sister educational website at ABCofHealth dot com has

been modified greatly by Lon (thousands of hours of work), and

that website now provides a lot of "free to review" natural

healthcare and wellness concepts education for Americans.

     This health education is now available to American citizens

living anywhere within the USA.  These vital natural healthcare

educational concepts can be life-changing education that can

help many American citizens at no cost ("free to review" info).

     As you continue reviewing this A4J - SC website, you will see

that our Americans 4 Justice - SC patriotic club membership is

going to improve natural healthcare education opportunities a lot

for many natural-born American citizens that live in the upstate

area of South Carolina (more than a million SC citizens). 

     Eventually, ABC of Health will expand the geographic area for 

"qualified American citizens" that will be able to join our 

Americans 4 Justice patriotic educational club membership

However, in this early phase of this new A4J - SC private

education club business, we will focus our education efforts

on helping natural-born American citizens that live in the upstate

area - have a permanent residence address (not a temporary

address) that has a ZIP Code of 296 _ _

     In future years, our A4J educational membership club will be

able to help a lot of "qualified" American citizens throughout SC.

Important Change of Subject Matter

      We will change the subject matter at this point because we

need to take a few minutes to introduce American adult visitors to

some very important political education information that every

responsible patriotic-minded American needs to read and

understand well. 

     This is another very important complex subject that Lon knows

how to simplify to help American visitors (to this introductory

A4J - SC website) quickly understand these vital political issues.

     America voters will have some very important elections occur

in November 2020, and this is an appropriate time for American

voters to get educated about some very important political issues

that will likely be involved in these upcoming elections. 

     Stay with us for a few minutes and become better educated

easily and quickly about some very important political issues that

can have a lot of serious effects on your future in America. 




     You will learn herein that we also educate our A4J - SC club

members about vital political situations that will enable them to

understand how to better defend and protect their precious

freedoms from powerful and well-financed political forces that

strive continuously to "gradually gain more control over Americn

citizens" for their own self-serving financial and political benefits.


     Most Americans are not aware of the very important political

situations that have been continuously striving (for many years)

to subjugate American citizens into a socialistic nation - where

the government can dominate and control all citizens - similar to

China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and many other socialistic

and communistic countries.

Can this tragic political situation happen in the USA? 

     Yes, it can happen here, and it is already happening here

because our socialistic political enemies have already made a lot

of progress toward achieving their socialistic goals in the USA. 

     Unfortunately, most Americans are not aware of these very

dangerous political situations due to our "tightly controlled"

major news media outlets. You will learn down below why the

major news media outlets in America are tightly controlled and

are not allowed to inform Americans about some types of

"sensitive political subjects."

     Several very important books have been published about

these "sensitive political subjects" but most American adult

citizens are likely not familiar with these special books. 

     The book "None Dare Call it Treason" was published in

June 1964 by author John A. Stormer. It is a real mind

opener about some of these very important "sensitive

political subjects."

    In January 1967, Gary Allen published his book titled

Say "No" To the New World Order.  Then in 1971, his book

titled "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" was published, and

more than five million copies were printed.

     Unfortunately, most American adults today likely do not know

about these three incredibly important books.  The special

books identified above are still available for purchase at the

www.Amazon.com online book store, and some other online

bookstores, because the very serious political situations that are

reported therein are still moving forward gradually in America.

      Those situations have grown much stronger politically, and

they have become much more dangerous in America over the

years.  Consequently, it is very important for all responsible

American adult citizens to become educated about these very

important political issues.

     If you go to the Amazon book department and search for any of

these books by name, the book selection system will identify

several books that have been published in this same category -

books that educate American citizens about the great danger that

is advancing daily to gradually convert America into a

socialist nation (to make it a more controllable type country).  

     Many years ago, when a series of European countries were

being manipulated toward socialist and communist control,

less than five percent (5%) of the citizens were knowledgeably

helping socialist and communist manipulate the political system

in their home country. 

     Citizens in those selected countries were going about their life

as usual, unaware that very important political changes were

gradually occurring in their local government that would

eventually enable the socialist and communist government

manipulators to gain substantial control of each targeted

country's political system. 

     Most citizens in those countries did not realize what was

gradually happening until later when the socialist and

communist government manipulators had managed to take

control of those targeted countries, systematically one by one. 

     By the time that many citizens began to understand what had

been happening, it was then too late for citizens to effectively

oppose that situation in their home country's political system. 

     Those situations occurred to numerous European countries in

a systematic calculated manner because the citizens had not

been educated about the political schemes and tactics that were

being used by socialist and communist to gradually take control

of each targeted government's political system.

     Similar political schemes and tactics have been going on in

America gradually for many years (since the 1920's), but most

American adults are still oblivious to these political situations. 

     We will show that several very important books have been

published about these situations, but most Americans are still not

educated adequately about these very important political issues.

     Millions of American voters have been fooled into actively

"cooperating" with socialistic and communistic political schemes

and tactics - especially our young voters.  During the 2016

elections in the USA, many millions of voters were easily fooled

into cooperating with and actively supporting socialistic political

schemes and tactics.

     The election results show that millions of American voters did

not realize that they were doing what the socialist and communist

political manipulators were secretly "leading" them to do.

     Some of their socialistic (and maybe communist) political

candidates were actually elected by gullible poorly informed

voters in local and state elections and some such candidates

were also elected to political positions in the US Congress. 

     Voters who were educated about this vital political subject

knew what schemes and tactics to look for, and they could see

and understand the "socialist liberal-minded schemes" that were

being promoted by some "democratic party" political candidates. 

     Those same socialistic schemes and tactics were also actively

promoted by some candidates during the 2019 - 2020 democratic

presidential debates.  Some candidates actively promoted free

government services that would obviously cost a lot of money.

      How could we possibly fund those new government services? 

Such Socialistic economic schemes typically cause hopeless

economic bankruptcy for countries and drive them into

economic chaos.  Those predictable situations makes it much

easier for the socialist and communist political manipulators to

take more control of the government in those countries.


     Many voters easily get suckered into these socialistic schemes

and tactics because they are promoted as "free government

services" for "the people" that will be paid for by "tax increases

for the wealthy citizens."

     That is a common political scheme and tactic that socialist and

communist manipulators promote to get ignorant naive voters to

help them gain more political control of the government.

     Nikki Haley, our former Governor of South Carolina, then became the American Ambassador to the United Nations.  In that capacity, she had to deal with numerous socialistic type governments. 

     She therefore understands the massive economic problems that socialistic type governments typically develop and then have to try to cope with when their socialistic political processes began to fail.

     Nikki Haley is now the founder of a very important non-profit educational organization named Stand for America     They have developed an excellent educational website at the following Internet address:

www dot StandForAmericaNow dot com

     In a few minutes, we will provide a link to that website so you can conveniently detour to that website and review their Home Department introductory information. 

     NOTE:  We use upper case and lower case letters to make the website name more obvious, but in the Internet world, all letters are automatically converted to lower case letters.  Consequently, you can use all lower case letters or upper and lower case letters when you type any website name.  The Internet doesn't care how you do this in a website name because all letters will be changed to lower case letters.

     When you review that new website, you will see that Lon's and Janie's responsible concerns about the very serious growing threat of deceptive socialism in American politics are well founded political concerns. 

     Lon and Janie strongly encourage you to join this new organization and stand strong and tall to help defeat socialist influences in our 2020 political elections.  You can be very helpful in this respect by actively inviting some of your family members, friends, and other contacts to visit that very important educational website

     Use the website link provided down below to visit that website, and then use your TABs function or your Back Arrow function to return to this A4J-SC website at this location. 

     Please remember to carefully observe your TABs at the top of your viewing screen while this website detour is taking place.  You may need to select the new TAB that developed to complete the detour action to that website.

     If you use your Back Arrow function to get back to this location, please remember to select this function one time for each different department that you visit at that website.  Your landing department counts as department number one.

Welcome back to this Home Department of A4J - SC. 

Book information about Socialism and Communism     

     The Amazon.com book department still sells the important

educational book titled Tragedy & Hope, a 1348 page book written

by Dr. Carroll Quigley when he was a college professor at

Georgetown University.  This very important book, written by

a socialistic insider, was first published in 1966. 

     Amazon.com also still sells the book titled The Naked

Capitalist by author W. Cleon Skousen.  This book is a Review

and Commentary on Dr. Quigley's book identified above.  In his

16 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), attorney

Cleon Skousen learned a lot about the serious Communist threat

in America. He became an important employee in the FBI. 

     His first published book titled The Naked Communist was

highly regarded as an excellent book to use for understanding the

objectives, schemes, and tactics frequently used by Communists.

     Many years later, after Mr. Skousen's death, His son Paul

Skousen completed the writing and publishing of the book titled

The Naked Socialist.  This outstanding book is highly regarded as

the book to read to gain an excellent understanding of Socialist

political objectives, schemes, and tactics. 

     The book explains why socialist political operations have

always failed, wherever they have been tried (and many countries

have used socialist type political actions).  However, socialism 

always fails eventually.  It is clearly not a good political system.

     The books identified herein are still available for purchase at

Amazon's book department (and other online bookstores) -

because the political situations reported in these very important

informative books are still progressing gradually in America. 

     The socialist objectives reported in the books identified above

are becoming stronger politically and becoming more dangerous

to America as each year passes because most of our citizens are

still not educated adequately about socialism and communism. 

     The socialist and communist-oriented government political

manipulators are determined to defeat the "careless, foolish, and

ignorant Americans" who go about their lives daily as if the

socialist and communist political agent manipulators are not a

serious threat to America and its 300+ million citizens. 

     However, socialist and communist are constantly working to

weave their sinister political schemes into the political fabric of

America.  Unfortunately, they have gradually had a lot of success

in accomplishing some of their political objectives in America.

     Unfortunately, most American adult citizens are still not

educated about the very important political socialistic

advancement situations reported in Tragedy & Hope and

the Review and Commentary of that book in The Naked

Capitalist.  We recommend that you read The Naked

Capitalist first to get Mr. Cleon Skousen's critical review

and evaluation of the "insider" book Tragedy & Hope.

     These socialist political issues will be very important

in the upcoming November 2020 elections.  You now

understand why the Tragedy & Hope "insider book" that

was first published in 1966 still provides very important

"socialist tactics" information today (54 years later). 

     You now understand why it is very important for us to include

this type of political education at this website.  Lon and Janie

Willoughby understand that this website should inform patriotic

Americans about these dangerous political issues and also

inform all American visitors about these vital educational books.  

     American visitors to this website can get a free introduction

to each of these books by selecting each book at Amazon.com

and then reading the free preview that is available for each book.

     If you are not educated about these exceptionally important

political issues, and you want to get educated as quickly as

possible, we recommend that you go to the book department at

Amazon.com and search by name for the DVD type video titled

Enemies Within - with Trevor Loudon (Actor). 

     The video cost $16.00 and is 88 minutes in length so this is an

inexpensive and quick way to get educated about some political

issues that will be exceptionally important in the 2020 elections.

The video has more than 1200 reviews at Amazon.com and it is

highly recommended by most reviewers. 

     The video is so important that you may want to purchase

several copies (after you review it) so you can loan this DVD

video to family members, close relatives, and friends.  

     This is a very easy and effective way to help educate several 

people - who may also then purchase several copies of this video 

so they can also loan the video to some of their close contacts. 


     Yes, the video is truly that important and very relevant to the

upcoming 2020 elections.  You will likely be amazed at what you

learn about vital political issues with this educational DVD.

     If you want to qualify for Amazon's free shipping, order this  

educational DVD and also order The Naked Socialist (book)

together to qualify for free shipping.  Be sure to carefully select

"free shipping" when completing your order.

     Fortunately, several other DVD type documentary type films

have been produced about these very important political

subjects.  Look for DVD type documentaries produced by an

immigrant author and film producer named Dinesh D'Souza.

     He has seen a lot of the political turmoil in the world, and he

appreciates our amazing America so much that he authored

the hardback book titled "What's so Great about America."  

     Down below, you will also learn why you should not depend

upon the major American news outlets to inform you about

these tremendously important socialization and communistic

political processes that are working constantly to gradually

convert America into a more socialistic nation (a more

controllable nation that can be manipulated by powerful political

and financial organizations headquartered in Europe). 

     Yes, there are some very wealthy (multi-billionaires) natural-

born American citizens who have also helped a lot in this

"socialization" process.  Fortunately, there are also some multi-

billionaires in America who strive heroically to help oppose those

socializing political manipulator agents in American politics. 

     Every patriotic-minded American adult needs to learn about

these well-organized "socialistic political forces" that have been

working continuously for many years (since the 1920's) to help

convert America into a more socialistic nation (and eventually

convert America into a communist nation). 

     Once you understand what has been happening in America for

the past 90+ years, you will realize that the socialist and

communist agent manipulators and their thousands of "workers"

have made a frightening amount of progress with their political

schemes and tactics.  The DVD video titled Enemies Within -

with Trevor Loudon (Actor) will quickly help you understand the

frightening progress that our enemies have made in America. 

     It is very important to understand that socialist and communist

activist generally do not believe in a God (a Supreme Being) so

they have no moral religious beliefs that define and motivate their

actions toward other people. 

     It is also very important to understand that their political

beliefs effectively become their "religion."  Understanding this

vital concept can enable rational and sensible people to begin to

understand much better their steadfast fanatical determination to

try to convert all countries on Planet Earth to communism.  

     It is very important for patriotic-minded Americans to learn that

they need to actively support the politicians that are trying to

protect and preserve our "free market capitalistic economy" and

prevent the dangerous manipulative socialistic political forces

from being successful in converting America into a more

socialistic nation (a more controllable nation by elitist wealthy

political despots in Europe).

     If you do not understand anything about these dedicated and

very effective socialistic political forces and their objectives,

understand that you are right where they want you to be.

     Unfortunately, most American adults are likely still uneducated,

naive, and casually ignorant about the socialist and communist

government manipulators and their devious self-serving political

schemes and tactics. 

     Most American adult citizens do not understand what is going

on politically in these respects, and they are therefore complacent

and tragically inactive about helping the better educated patriotic-

minded citizens who are working responsibly to help prevent the

"socialization" of our "free market capitalistic economic system."

     Our A4J - SC education club members will have important

 opportunities to get educated adequately about these

exceptionally important political issues.

     The very important book "Why We Whisper" was published in

2008 by authors Jim DeMint and J. David Woodward, PhD. 

     You may recall that Jim DeMint is a former U.S. congressman

and a former U.S. senator from South Carolina.  He resigned his

senate position during his second six year senate term to become

the president of the Heritage Foundation in January 2013.  On May

2, 2017, he resigned from that position and then became a senior

advisor to Citizens for Self-Governance

     Mr. DeMint also became the founding chairman of the

Conservative Partnership Institute.  It is clear to Lon Willoughby

that Mr. DeMint has been working responsibly for many years to

help protect our American political system from very harmful

socialistic influences.

     Mr. J. David Woodard, Ph.D. is a professor at Clemson

University, Clemson, S.C. where he teaches political science

courses.  He is the author or coauthor of several books,

and he holds the Strom Thurmond Chair of Government at

Clemson University.  He was the ideal person to work with Jim

DeMint as coauthor of the very important book identified above.

     The book "Why We Whisper" presents an excellent report and

understanding of some major cultural changes that have taken

place in America that are having dramatic affects on modern day

politics nationwide. 

     The book explains how liberal news media policies and liberal

government policies have influenced the way conservative

Americans tend to speak about important political issues


      Americans seem to be much more cautious about

expressing their "free speech" political opinions, and

citizens tend to whisper those opinions quietly rather

than expressing their opinions openly in a confident and

courageous manner - as was commonly done many years


Socialist "People Control Strategies"

     All patriotic-minded Americans need to understand that 

serious "people control strategies" have been going on in 

America for many years, and they are also actively being 

maintained in many other countries.  

     These "people control strategies" will likely continue in the 

future because some multi-billionaire financiers in Europe and in

 America have been involved in funding these major political 

"people control objectives" for many years. (Their objective 

appears to be: gain more control over various governments and 

countries for their personal financial consolidation benefits.) 

     A small amount of basic education about these political issues

 is critically important for all patriotic-minded American citizens if 

we are to have any realistic hope of remaining a relatively free 

people.  What hope will our naive and trusting children and 

grandchildren and great grandchildren have for living as free 

Americans if American adults do not responsibly wake up quickly 

and begin learning about these vital political issues? 


     Our A4J - SC patriotic private membership club can help 

provide the competent knowledgeable leadership that is needed 

badly by most American adults at this time. 

     As you can quickly grasp, this is exceptionally important 

political information that you have not learned about, and will not

learn about, from the major network news companies.  Why? 

Because "powerful economic and political forces" gained 

dominant control over the major news company outlets in 

America more than 50 years ago.  

     That major dominant news media outlet control is a

fundamental strategy and tactic of "socialistic people control"

that has been active in America all of your adult lifetime (since the

early 1920's).  

     Does this major news media "political control situation" 

surprise you?  Lon and Janie Willoughby began learning about 

these important political issues in the early 1970's - more than 45

 years ago.  Consequently, they have learned a lot about these 

major political issues over the years.  

     Lon also worked for many years as an educator to help 

American citizens learn about these very important political 


     Back in 1979 and 1980, Lon had a full-time job with a national 

educational organization as the State Coordinator in South 

Carolina.  He routinely traveled throughout the state to provide 

leadership guidance to organizational chapter member citizens 

throughout the state - in many towns and cities - about these vital

political educational issues.

     That situation occurred about ten years before the Internet was

 being developed (in 1989).  Lon and Janie Willoughby are now

using the amazing Internet capability to help them facilitate and

promote our remarkable new club membership education service

of Americans 4 justice. 

     They focus their combined efforts on promoting better natural

healthcare education for our members, but they also educate our

club members about several other very important subjects that

can effect their lives greatly in the future.

Exciting Opportunities for Some

Patriotic Americans in South Carolina

     Lon and Janie recently moved forward with the activation of

 Americans4Justice with a very exciting business venture that 

can make a lot of progress in a relatively short period of time.  

This progress can happen because they developed an Affiliate 

Referral Awards Income System that is a component part of our 

exciting Americans 4 Justice private patriotic educational club.   

     Working together, Lon and Janie developed a very easy way 

for A4J club members to earn substantial amounts of income by 

simply referring apparently "qualified" American natural-born 

adult citizens to this very important educational website.  

    A4J club members referring "apparently qualified" American 

citizens to this introductory educational website is as easy as

 very important patriotic educational work can get.  

     Think about that for a few moments - the "work" is to simply 

refer "apparently qualified" American natural-born citizens to

this introductory A4J-SC educational website

     Those easy referral actions can enable our A4J-SC club

members to have opportunities to get paid generously for that

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our personnel and then choose to join our A4J club membership.

     The "referring club member" can help their personally known

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     You see, our very important and valuable natural healthcare

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However, now that our MLM Unilevel software program has finally

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     We won't get into those details at this time, but we will present

more helpful information about this remarkable club member

income opportunity as we move forward down below. 

    We have vital educational information to share with

each new Americans 4 Justice - SC club member. 

     We can help each new A4J- SC club member become a much

more effective patriotic-minded citizen while we are also teaching

them how to take much better care of their natural health

     We make it very easy for patriotic-minded Americans to 

quickly get on board and wake up about some very important 

political issues.  As related above, Lon and Janie have developed

a way to enable many of our A4J - SC club members to get paid

generously for helping "qualified" American citizens, living in the

upstate area of SC, find this introductory educational website. 

Those visitors can begin getting educated about the important

advantages of membership in Americans 4 Justice - SC.    

     Lon and Janie and ABC of Health want our A4J - SC members

to become healthier and stronger patriotic-minded citizens, both 

physically and mentally strong, and we know how to help them 

accomplish these vital objectives

     Thank you for visiting this very important introductory 

educational website.  It helps American adult citizens understand 

the vital importance of our remarkable private educational club

membership.  Fortunately, we still have enough freedoms left in 

America to publicize our goals and mission statements at this

introductory educational website.

      We help patriotic-minded American citizens easily learn the

truth about some very important issues that directly affect the

lives of 330+ million American citizens (men, women, and

children) living within the USA

     Lon and Janie understand that American citizens joining 

together in our A4J- SC private membership club can 

help build a better South Carolina with more natural healthcare

and wellness concepts education and more natural healthcare

services throughout the state. 

     Our A4J club member teamwork efforts can also help get the

SC State Constitution amended and updated to get rid of the

extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving despotic and

totalitarian judicial monopoly that has developed in this state. 


     Lon Willoughby has personal experiences with the self-serving

judicial corruption that can easily occur in any state courts in

South Carolina.  Lon also knows what needs to be done with a

modification of the state's Constitution to begin making major

improvement in the state's judicial systems throughout SC.

     America 4 Justice - SC can enable each active club member to

help substantially in making major improvements in this state by

doing a small amount of helpful work. 

     A4J club members simply need to begin informing their

patriotic-minded family members, friends, and other associates

about this very important introductory educational website

     That simply and easy patriotic action will help their contacts 

learn about our important goals to help strengthen America and 

help protect our precious freedoms.  Their contacts can visit this 

website and obtain "free to review" vital education that can be

very helpful to responsible American citizens.

     Visitors to this website can also learn about our sister

introductory website (ABCofHealth dot com) where they can

obtain a lot of very important and valuable natural healthcare and

wellness concepts that are "free to review" for American visitors.

     Stay with us a few more minutes and learn about the 

remarkable educational work that our organization is striving to 

do daily to help responsible and sensible American adult citizens 

learn how to join together to easily help protect our very

important and valuable American freedoms in more effective ways

as members of Americans 4 Justice - SC.   The hour is late to get

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     ABC of Health has developed a remarkable Affiliate Referral 

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     When an apparently "qualified" referred American citizen

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      You see, it can be very easy to earn generous referral awards

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     The qualified new A4J member prospect can pay their annual

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    We have potential income chart of this downline

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prospective A4J - SC club member to understand this

remarkable affiliate referral awards system.  

    A copy of this commission chart can be provided to

"qualified" American citizens who request it with an

Email to our company.

    This affiliate referral income chart will not be posted

for display  in the Income Opportunities department at

this website.  We do not want millions of socialist and

communist workers to see this remarkable income

system chart.  We realize that they would likely copy our

income system and then use it to help them achieve

some of their goals much faster.


    This is a remarkable MLM network marketing income 

opportunity that can help a lot of our A4J club members

earn substantial amounts of easy income while doing

very important educational work - just by helping

"apparently qualified" American citizens find and 

review this vital introductory educational website.  

     Can very important patriotic type "educational work"

get any easier than this?  Lon doesn't think so.  He

developed the ideal easy to accomplish MLM income 

earning networking opportunity for A4J club members.

    Each A4J - SC club member can help develop several A4J down

line teams and then help each team grow in size and affiliate

referral activity effectiveness over time.  "Apparently qualified"

American citizens can be referred to visit this vital introductory

A4J - SC educational website.  

     "Qualified" natural-born American citizen visitors can choose 

to join our exciting American citizens patriot A4J - SC

private educational club. 

     You can learn more about this remarkable affiliate referral 

awards income opportunity later at the Income Opportunities

department of this website.  Review that department for more 

information about our very exciting remarkably easy home-based 

affiliate referral awards income opportunity.

     Our educational services are designed to help make very 

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Members can choose to voluntarily participate in our exciting

Affiliate Referral Awards Income System.  

Bonus Awards

     We have designed this very easy network marketing income 

opportunity system to also provide very valuable bonus awards 

of additional alternative health type natural healthcare and 

wellness concepts education. 

     These special Bonus Awards can be earned by A4J - SC club

members who are more active and more successful with our

Affiliate Referral Awards Income System.  

     The only way to qualify to obtain these very important and 

very valuable special natural healthcare and wellness concepts is

to become an active and successful referrer of "apparently

qualified" American citizens to this introductory educational

 website.  We will explain more about these bonuses to our new

A4J - SC club members during their initial orientation education.

We Provide Very Important 

Educational Services for 

Patriotic American citizens

     We develop and promote teamwork among our A4J - SC

club members so we can work together in an enlightened

manner to promote our vital education objectives and our

mission to help freedom-loving patriotic-minded "qualified"

American citizens living in the upstate area of South Carolina.

     In due time, we will expand our active geographic area, but 

in this early phase of our education activities, we will focus 

our efforts in the upstate area of SC.  

     We want to build a strong base of membership activities in 

the upstate area first, before we offer our private patriotic club

 membership education services to "qualified" American 

citizens in other areas of South Carolina.  

     However, interested American citizens in other areas can

go ahead and begin inviting their responsible patriotic-minded

family members, friends, and other associates to visit this 

vital educational website.  Those visitors can begin learning 

about the very important education subjects presented herein.

Those American visitors can learn important information, but

they will not be able to join our A4J - SC club membership at

this time.  

     We will encourage our A4J - SC club members to help us

develop a better America for all citizens in this very special

country, the United States of America, with 50 individual states

that are joined together into an amazing Republic that has stood

the test of time for more than 243 years.  

     Thanks to our brilliant and courageous founding fathers and

 mothers, this is the most remarkable political government

structure that has ever been developed on Planet Earth.  

     Unfortunately, we have many natural-born and foreign-born 

American citizens who foolishly strive to convert this great "free 

enterprise nation" into a socialistic type of government for their 

own misguided reasons.  

     They apparently want to change our "free enterprise" system,

 the most dynamic and productive economic system on this 

planet, and convert it into a socialist type economy.  

     Their foolish and misguided political efforts try to gradually 

convert our remarkable economic system into a socialistic 

economic system by deceptively offering our American citizen 

voters "free government benefits" in an effort to buy their votes.  

Yes, their siren promises sound good to many voters who have

 not been educated about the very serious dangers of socialism.

     It is very important for all American citizens to understand that 

all government benefits have to be paid for by tax paying citizens 

- because that is where most of the money comes from to pay for 

those "free government benefits."  Some government funds do 

come from tariffs on imported goods, and there is also the very 

serious financial problem of deficit spending by the U.S. 


     You can see that our economic education of A4J - SC club

members is very important information for our members to

understand clearly.  Their are no free government benefits - all

government benefits must be paid for somehow.  Most of those

benefits must be paid for by the American taxpayers or they will

be paid for by additional deficit spending by the United States


     Currently, we have tremendous deficit spending of more than 

13 trillion dollars.  (The national debt.)  That devastating financial 

situation has already bankrupted this great nation, and that deficit

 spending has already placed a terrible financial burden on future 

generations of American citizens.  


     It is therefore very clear that we cannot afford more socialized 

government operations such as free college for all students and 

free healthcare services for all citizens.  Pause for a few moments

 and consider where the money will come from to pay for those 

alleged "free government services?"


     One does not need to have a college degree in economics to 

understand that we cannot afford any more "socialized

government expenditures like the two prominent political 

concepts identified above that are being proposed by some of the

current Democratic Party's presidential candidates. 


     The easy to understand political education that is presented 

herein about these political issues will help responsible sensible 

voters make wise decisions in the next election (November 2020) -

 help them not get fooled by the socialistic type political schemes

 and tactics that are designed to fool voters and get them to vote

 for liberal-minded democratic candidates who are promising 

more "free government benefits and services" for voters.  

     Many young voters get fooled by those political schemes and 

tactics because they do not have sufficient education about the 

grave dangers of socialism.  Fortunately, many older voters have

 had more education about those situations and their votes help 

balance the scales somewhat in these respects.

     Remember that free is not free.  All government services must 

be paid for by tax paying citizens.  There are no free government

 benefits.  Somebody must pay for all government services or we 

we will have more government deficit spending - which has 

already severely bankrupted this great nation.


Our Educated Members Work Together

to Develop a Better America for All Americans

     After quickly reviewing our educational objectives, if you like what we do and want to learn more about our membership services, we suggest that you bookmark this website so you will have very convenient return access.

     New memberships are currently restricted to "qualified" patriotic-

minded natural-born American citizens that live in the upstate area of

South Carolina - have a permanent address with ZIP Code of 296_ _

     Visit our sister website at ABCofHealth dot com to learn more about our alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services.  That website will explain our "qualified visitor" standards.  The department named Client Qualifications explains why we are selective about accepting A4J club membership applications
     We welcome new ideas and suggestions from our members, and we value fresh enthusiasm from members who want to work more actively to help our membership grow and achieve more effectively the objectives and mission projects that we promote with this very important American patriotic education organization - a Private Membership Club.

     Americans4Justice (A4J) is an independent educational

organization for patriotic-minded Americans who truly care about

defending, protecting, and preserving the best features of

our American Republic.

     We help our members obtain access to vital information,

helpful organizations, and important programs that can help

enable our club members to become more knowledgeable

American citizens and thereby become much more effective

American patriots.

        Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that American citizens

in South Carolina need a lot more HEALTHCARE FREEDOM

regarding natural healthcare and wellness concepts education

and also those kinds of natural healthcare services throughout

this state.  

    Most responsible American citizens also want much more

Fairness and Justice and Reasonable Economy in our

government agencies in general (within both state and federal

agencies) and this is especially applicable within our

governmental social services departments. 

   Lon and Janie understand that millions of freedom-

loving and patriotic-minded Americans want and need a lot

more JUSTICE in the American judicial systems (state courts and

the federal courts). 

     Lon Willoughby understands that most American adults

do not have an adequate understanding of the outrageous level of

unfair and unethical self-serving elitist despotic and tyrannical

injustice that appears to be commonplace in state judicial

systems in South Carolina.

     Lon Willoughby has had more than 17,000 hours of experience

with some judicial systems in two different southern states, and

his very important judicial experiences found that American

judicial systems are routinely disgustingly unfair, unethical, and

corrupt in an outrageously self-serving manner anytime that it is

beneficial for members of the "legal profession" to be that way.

     Most American adults probably understand that we may have

some problems in our judicial systems, but they have no idea of

how ruthlessly unfair, unethical, and corrupt trial attorneys and

trial judges can be routinely whenever it is in some way beneficial

to some member or members of the "legal profession" to conduct

judicial actions in that manner.  (Providing benefits to the "legal


     One of our very important goals and objectives in Americans 4

Justice is to educate all A4J club members about the extremely

serious unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions that can

easily occur in any America judicial system (in state court

litigation and/or federal court litigation). 

     During 21+ years of related litigation actions in a distant 

southern state, Lon Willoughby, living in Mauldin, SC, learned the

hard way, and in a very expensive way, that appellate court judges

can be just as unfair, unethical, and corrupt as trial court judges. 

     Generally, appellate court judges were trial court judges 

before they became appellate court judges.  They likely know well

 that unfair and unethical self-serving judicial actions occur in the

 trial courts below their appellate court level. 

     Lon's extensive litigation experiences during those 21+ years

of related litigation actions found that appellate court judges will

frequently "cooperate" with the unfair, unethical, and corrupt

litigation schemes and tactics that were perpetrated in the trial

court below. 

     Out of ten appeals that Lon filed about those kinds of unfair,

unethical, and corrupt litigation schemes and tactics, the

appellate court judges ruled against him in eight appeal cases. 

     He won only two appeal cases out of the ten appeal cases that

he filed. if the appellate court judges had wanted to be fair and

honest, Lon should have won all ten of those appeal cases.

     In all ten appeal cases, the attorneys and trial court judges got

away with their unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation schemes

and tactics without any responsible investigations being

conducted about the unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation

actions that were reported in Willoughby's appeal briefs.. 

     The appellate court judges had the full documentary evidence

in front of them in the "record on appeal" but they took no

responsible judicial actions to initiate criminal-type investigations

of the criminal-type litigation actions that appellant Lonnie

Willoughby personally exposed in nine of those ten appeals. 

     Lon's first appeal case (in 1990) was conducted by an attorney

that Lon had hired to represent him in that appeal case.  The

appeal attorney knowingly and willfully betrayed his appeal client,

Lonnie Willoughby, during that appeal. 

     The attorney "failed to report and expose" in the appeal briefs

that he filed for appellate Lonnie Willoughby the unfair, unethical,

and criminal-type litigation actions of two "opposing" trial court

attorneys and a corrupt trial court judge.

      Consequently, Lon Willoughby lost that first appeal because

his appeal attorney deliberately "cooperated" with the 

defendant's appeal attorney by not exposing that trial court 

attorney's unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded trial court 

litigation schemes and tactics during Lon's appeal case. 

     That situation taught Lon Willoughby that members of the

"legal profession" will generally try to protect each other during

litigation actions, even if it means that have to deceitfully and

ruthlessly betray their litigation client to accomplish those "legal

brotherhood protective actions."

What Can American Citizens Do

About Judicial Corruption?

    The first thing to do is to get educated about these serious

problems and avoid, as much as possible, getting involved in

any judicial system in America. 

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that responsible 

natural-born American citizens working together as an  

organized team effort can make a lot more progress toward the

desirable goals that are promoted in our patriotic citizens' 

Americans 4 Justice private membership club than individual

citizens trying to accomplish those goals.

     Lon and Janie also understand that it is very important for our

 A4J club to be a private membership club so we can exercise 

very careful control over who can "qualify" to join our private 

Christian-oriented American citizen's club (irrespective of their 

race or sex).

     We realize that many socialist and communist would like to get

into our membership so they could have opportunities to disrupt 

and interfere with our teamwork effectiveness.  

     Our enemies will learn that the patriotic teamwork actions that 

we promote for our A4J - SC club members can help enable 

millions of American citizens to achieve improved healthcare and 

more happiness and success in their family life.  This will help 

make America a better and stronger nation.  

     Socialist and communist political manipulators are obviously

opposed to our very helpful education and leadership actions in 

those regards.   

     it is very clear to Lon and Janie that  patriotic-minded citizens

in South Carolina need a well organized goal-oriented education

program that can help citizens maintain and protect their natural

health and also work together in an effective team manner to

progress more effectively and more efficiently toward helping

other natural-born patriotic-minded American citizens work

toward achieving our very important A4J objectives.

    Americans 4 Justice was developed to help fill the obvious 

need for more patriotic-minded leadership and guidance for good,

fair-minded, patriotic Americans who are willing and able to join 

with other Americans to help defend and protect America from its

 many socialistic and communistic-minded enemies at home and 


    Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that socialist and 

communist political propaganda does promote some objectives

 that have some reasonable and desirable features - features that 

can be beneficial to the public at large and most especially 

beneficial to those people at the lower level of the economic 

status of American society. 

     Some socialistic ideas, concepts, and objectives appear to be 

good and clearly have some sensible merit.  However, Lon and 

Janie also realize that socialist and communist political strategies

can be very dangerous for freedom loving people. 

A lot of history shows very clearly that their political objectives

usually cause increased government growth and control that

gradually and silently cause more government controls over the

general population. Those very dangerous political situations

have already happened to many countries. 

     Socialistic political processes can gradually grow over time

until the people at large have been effectively enslaved by their

government masters.  There are many instances of these

situations occurring during the last 100 years of history. 

    Our A4J - SC club members can work together in an

educated team manner to help prevent more socialistic

political successes in American politics.

Let's Look Back at Some

Very Important History

      Let's consider what happened to the Russia people when

socialist and  communist forces worked together to take more

and more control of the people during the Russian revolution

during 1917.  In the beginning phases of that revolution, the

socialist and communist political propaganda sounded good - like

they planned to help ordinary poor Russian citizens have more

opportunities for a better life.


     As the socialist and communist forces collusively gained more 

political influence and military power, they advanced their strategy into 

brutal and ruthless armed aggression to consolidate their joint political 

and military control over the naive trusting Russian people.  

     That was truly a tragic situation, where the ruling Russian Czar (Tsar) 

was overthrown militarily, and he and his immediate family members were

 captured and ruthlessly murdered. The Czar's military police, riding 

horses among the people (on foot), had acted brutally and ruthlessly with 

the ordinary Russian citizens who had tried to peacefully assemble in 

mass to protest against the way they had been treated by the Czar's 

military police forces.  

     Those brutal and ruthless police military type actions gave the socialist

 and communist political forces the opportune opening that they needed 

to gain the attention of the badly mistreated ordinary Russian people.   

     Those conflicting political situations illustrate how important it could 

have been for ordinary Russian citizens to have had access to a 

knowledgeable educational organization similar to Americans for Justice

 (i.e. Russians for Justice) in 1917 to help ordinary citizens understand 

what was actually happening politically in their country -  before the 

socialist and communist forces gained sufficient political control and 

military power to ruthlessly terminate such a helpful educational service 

to ordinary Russian citizens.  

      Let's also look back in history and consider the socialistic

changes that took place in Germany during 1917 that helped

start World War I


     Then consider the later actions in Germany during the 1930's

under Adolf Hitler's increasingly dominant political control and then

military control over the German people in the late 1930's that helped

cause World  War II to begin. Those political situations were tragic for

many millions of people because Germany, Japan, and Italy joined

together in political actions that eventually caused World War II.    

     Pause for a few moments and consider the extremely brutal 

tactics used by Chinese government forces to ruthlessly control 

many millions of Chinese people during a similar time period. 

     During the 1960's, the Chinese government communist

military forces started the "cultural revolution" that brutally

and ruthlessly killed millions of their own citizens to consolidate

their dominate military and political control over many millions of

Chinese citizens.

    Now pause and think about the stark differences in the way 

people in South Korea live compared to the tragically bad and 

undesirable way that their neighbors in North Korea live under the

 extremely ruthless domineering communist government type 

controls that have made North Korea an extremely undesirable

 place for people to live. 

     Americans4Justice helps our A4J members develop a better 

understanding of these very important historical governmental 

concepts because we realize that people who do not understand

 these very important political concepts about human history are 

very likely doomed to repeat the tragic mistakes of the past - 

gradual domination, subjugation, and then effective political 

slavery through the slippery slopes of socialism, communism, 

and fascism (Italy under Mussolini).

Major Advantages of the

Modern Technological Age

     Today, many millions of American citizens have access to the 

remarkable Internet and fast and inexpensive Email type

communications and modern telephones and cell phones and Fax

communications, and many other very important advantages that

the Russian people and the German people and the Chinese

people did not have available to them when they needed those

technological advantages.

     Americans4Justice also helps fill the great need for additional

patriotic-minded leadership by providing essential programs that

can improve substantially the physical health and emotional

health and emotional strength of our A4J - SC club members.

     Our educational services also help our members develop

healthier family members, both physically and emotionally 

(spouse and dependent children living at home with parents).  

     We provide additional leadership and organizational skills that

can enable our members to be better managers of their own

family members first (charity begins at home).  These A4J - SC

club members can then be more effective in helping us build

better teamwork in our growing patriotic club membership.


     Americans4Justice also works to develop more effective

coordination guidance that can quickly help many patriotic-

minded American citizens living in South Carolina join together to

develop a politically powerful teamwork effort to intelligently work

economically for achievement of the desirable goals presented in

our A4J objectives


     Striving together as effective team members, our A4J - SC club

members can help our organization progress toward the

important objectives listed below.  Those cumulative team

member actions will enable our patriotic-minded club members to

help build an even better America for our own generation, and

 for our children's generation, and for their children's generation

(our grandchildren). 

     These action can improve things for future generations of

Americans.  We realize that the education projects that we

promote must be carried forward for each new generation of

American citizens.  

     These vital educational issues are too complex and too

confusing for each generation of Americans to casually and

magically understand what they will need to know to maintain a

strong free American political system.  Each new generation of

American citizens will need the kind of vital education that

Americans4Justice can provide.

     We plan to expand our educational services into some other

southern states in the future, and eventually expand to a

nationwide patriotic educational service, but we will focus our

efforts in South Carolina until we have developed a strong team of

A4J - SC patriotic-minded private club members in this state.

     The direct quote below shows that Thomas Jefferson

understood the imperative need to educate ordinary citizens

about important political and governmental issues and functions,

and he surely understood that this need for helpful education

would continue into each new generation of American citizens.

      "I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.  This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." 
     That remarkable statement, expressing the genius and wisdom of Jefferson's understanding of human nature, relevant to governmental authority, control, and power, is taken from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to William Charles Jarvis on September 28, 1820.  Reference:  The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Memorial Edition, Lipscomb and Berg, eds., vol. 15 (page 278)

      Now consider these very important helpful words from the

intelligent, very competent, and wise Ben Franklin:

"The good men may do separately is small compared

with what they may do collectively."

     That brilliant statement is one of the guiding principles of 

Americans4Justice.  Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that 

large numbers of patriotic-minded American citizens working 

together in an organized united team effort can potentially 

accomplish remarkable progress that will not likely be achieved

if those same patriotic-minded citizens try to work as individuals

rather than joining together into a cohesive team of citizens -

such as our Americans4Justice club members can do.

 Valuable Educational Services

for Patriotic Americans

      Our Americans4Justice education services utilize the infrastructure of several very successful companies - some are multi-million dollar companies that have been in business in America for many years.  Our members will have easy access to some remarkable programs and services that can help them acquire exceptionally valuable educational information about several very important subjects, including some of the very important educational subjects listed below.

      1.  Alternative health type natural Holistic Healthcare Knowledge - an Education Project Our first order of business for each new A4J member is to help them develop better healthcare actions (physical and mental health) for themselves and for their immediate family members (their qualified spouse and dependent children living at home full-time with their parents).  Our special natural healthcare and wellness concepts improvements will enable new members to begin functioning at a higher physical and mental level than they have likely enjoyed before.

     Our special six lessons natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program (a component part of an A4J - SC club membership) can help members improve their individual natural healthcare actions and also improve the natural healthcare actions of their immediate family members in very important ways..

     Our special natural healthcare and wellness concepts have the potential to enable A4J club member patriots to improve their natural healthcare actions a lot.  Our special healthcare concepts may also help some patriots save their own life and/or save the life of some family member(s) from dangerous infections by pathogenic (harmful) bacteria or viruses, yeast, and parasites. 

     There are many types of pathogenic microbes and other organisms that can live inside humans and inside their pets (and thereby spread harmful microbes and parasitic organisms to the pet owners).

     You may know that pathogenic microbial infections can cause serious health problems such as: blindness, deafness, loss of limbs (feet, legs, etc.), and they can also cause many other very serious health conditions, including very painful and agonizing death for many American citizens each year that goes by

     Our founder and director, Lonnie Willoughby, is a skilled nutrition consultant, a natural healthcare consultant and a classroom educator and teacherHe knows how to quickly neutralize many pathogenic microbial infections with a special product that is safe to use, economical, and it is readily available in the marketplace - if you know about this special product and learn how to purchase this exceptionally important health protecting product.

     The exceptionally important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is available to our A4J club members can likely enable many members to extend their longevity by several years while they also enjoy the wonderful benefits of much better health (more energy and vitality with less disease, pain, and suffering in the years ahead). 

Yes, these remarkable healthcare benefits are possible in a cost-effective and practical and sensible manner for our A4J - SC club members through our alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services.


     2.  Alternative Health Natural Holistic Healthcare Freedom - an Education Project.  Members can learn about the responsible patriotic actions that are needed badly to expand and improve the

availability of alternative health type holistic natural healthcare and wellness concepts services in the numerous states that still prohibit these very beneficial healthcare services (includes South Carolina).   

     We help our members understand how the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry "cooperate with each other" to maintain a very powerful monopolistic political influence over

healthcare services in America. Their combined political influence enables the medical profession to dominate and effectively control which healthcare services can be offered "legally" in most states.

EXAMPLE:  Naturopathy is an alternative health type healthcare service that operates in a holistic manner (it takes the whole body into consideration as a complete unit when striving to evaluate how to improve specific deficient health functions). 
Naturopathic physicians generally strive to correct the real health problem, rather than striving to make the symptoms less noticeable while the real health problem likely continues to get worse - like conventional American medicine treatments tend to do in many cases.
Responsible research has shown convincingly that American medical profession practices are the number one killer of Americans - more deaths annually than any one disease condition such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer, dementia, diabetes, etc.
Our A4J educational organization teaches that it is very unfair and outrageously unreasonable to many millions of American citizens throughout the USA for very practical, sensible, and logical holistic Naturopathy healthcare services to still be "illegal" in many states in the USA (including South Carolina). 
In year 2020, two state statutory laws in South Carolina continue to prohibit daily this very important and valuable  alternative health naturopathic holistic healthcare practice. 
Lon and Janie Willoughby want our A4J - SC club members to work together politically in a teamwork manner to help the SC General Assembly member politicians update both of these very bad statutory laws and authorize (allow) Naturopathic Physicians to practice in South Carolina. 
Naturopathic physicians could help a lot of people in SC with poor health conditions, but the strong medical profession monopoly in South Carolina will likely fight this desirable improvement project with everything they have got politically.  They likely do not want SC citizens to have reasonable access to naturopathic physicians in the healthcare services field.
Our A4J - SC club members will  learn about the political actions that patriotic-minded voters need to take throughout South Carolina to help improve the availability of holistic healthcare servicesholistic healthcare information, and related healthcare products.

     3.  American History and Government Political Operations - an Education Project.  We understand that it is very important for American Patriots to have a responsible understanding of American History and for citizens to remember some of the most important events that helped shape and mold our great nation into the remarkable Republic type nation that we have become during the past 243 years.  
     Americans4Justice - SC will therefore help educate our members about some of the exceptionally important historical events that every responsible American adult citizen should understand the significance of in the development of this remarkable Republic type nation (in spite of all the serious flaws or disappointments that remain or have developed due to unethical self-serving actions by some people in positions of financial and/or political power).   
      A4J club members can learn practical, useful, and vital political information that will empower them to become better citizens and become more effective American patriots. 
     As our club members work together in various improvement projects, first across South Carolina, and then in other states, we can build a large American Patriots Team that will have sufficient political impact to substantially improve the political and social systems in America over time - building a better nation, one A4J club member family at a time.
     Working as a Patriotic Team across South Carolina, our "educated A4J club members" can become a very important political force for good in South Carolina to help restore the great American Dream that has been severely damaged and diminished in the past 80+ years by socialistic-minded enemies or our American Republic (yes, we still have influential and politically powerful enemies in America and abroad). 
     Please observe how much socialism is apparent in the modern-day Democratic party presidential candidate debates that have been in the news recently.  Some of the democratic candidates appear to know very little about the serious dangers of socialistic type governments.  They appeal to the voters' ignorance about these important political issues by offering the voters "free government services" that will allegedly be paid for by rich tax payers.
     4.  Financial Planning and Estate Planning - an Education Project.  A4J members are provided with basic information about these vital subjects and informed about valuable low cost services that are easily available. This very valuable basic level estate planning education can help many families understand how to improve their family's financial structure.  Over time, this education can help some A4J members save thousands of dollars in probate related legal fees, and also reduce or minimize probate administration time and frustration, and also help minimize federal and state estate taxes for some wealthy members.  


     5.  Judicial Systems Improvements and Reform - an Education Project We will help A4J members learn why it is very easy for any judicial system in South Carolina, and anywhere else in America, to operate in an extremely unfair, unethical, arrogant, pompous, self-serving "elitist" corrupt and despotic tyrannical manner. 
     Our members can also learn why any judicial system in America can be corrupted easily by any judge at will (any time the judge and local trial attorneys "allow" this to occur - for self-serving benefits to the legal profession).   Our founder and director, Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., has had a lot of personal experience with some judicial systems in America, at the state court level and at the federal court level.  He knows about these situations from his personal experiences and also from the experiences of other people who have had similar "judicial experiences" in America. 
     Whenever you have some time, you can go to www.ABCofHealth.biz (select the Judicial department) and read the 13 page short report that Lon Willoughby wrote to inform many American citizens about some of the unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt judicial situations that Lon experienced in some southern American courts. 
     Learn why Lon now refuses to travel into any other states in America (not even into his nearby birth state of North Carolina - where most of his relatives live).   Lon and Janie Willoughby understand why it is very important to stay within their current home county (Greenville County, SC - since 9/1977). 
     They understand how dangerous it can be to travel into other counties within the State of South Carolina, due to the widespread judicial corruption that Lon has personally experienced in state courts in SC and experienced in another southern state's courts (state and federal courts- up to the Supreme Court of the United States twice).
     Lonnie Willoughby has spent more than 17,000 hours of his life working with litigation matters in two southern states.  He knows first-hand how disgustingly unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt and expensive judicial systems in America can be.  His litigation actions in another southern state (while he lived in SC) went on for 20+ years.
     Those litigation actions cost Lon Willoughby more than $200,000 in direct costs and more than $300,000 in lost income while he was involved in related litigation actions over 20+ years where he responsibly reported and exposed unfair, unethical, fraudulent, and outrageously corrupt trial court judicial actions in the distant state.
     Lon found that it was all a big waste of diligent effort, time, and money.  He gradually learned that the judicial systems in that state (trial courts and appellate courts) were so disgustingly corrupt in a "self-serving manner" that an individual generally cannot do anything about unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions in the trial courts or in the appellate courts (in the state courts system or in the federal court systems also).
     Consequently, our A4J club members will be educated about the importance of avoiding becoming a litigant in any American judicial systems.  Lon learned that American judicial systems can be extremely self-serving and easily function as malicious and ruthless extortion rackets (especially in distant courts - outside of one's home area). 
     Attorneys/lawyers and judges in distant locations know that the non-local litigant is at a very serious disadvantage, and they can easily manipulate the litigation process to make it very awkward, very difficult, very expensive, and very time consuming for a non-local litigant.
     In Lon's situation, they made related litigation actions continue in the distant state for 20+ years in a malicious and ruthless manner while they tried to destroy him financially, destroy his self-employed business in Greenville, SC, and they tried to destroy his marriage and family life with his two sons and other family members and friends. 
The attorneys/lawyers were as unfair, unethical, conniving, sneaky, corrupt, despotic, and tyrannical as they could be - and they got away with all of it without any responsible investigation or punishment at all in spite of Lon's diligent efforts to report and expose those criminal actions.
     A4J club members will learn why they should carefully avoid getting involved with any judicial situations that can be avoided, like they would responsibly try to avoid getting AIDS or other very serious disease conditions. 
     Why?  Because judges in America have way too much "judicial discretion" - they can easily act like corrupt despots and tyrants and thereby wreck a person's  life in an extremely unfair and unethical criminal-minded manner that can be malicious and ruthless.  Attorneys and judges did that with Lonnie Willoughby for 21+ years.  
     Judges know that there is essentially nothing that you can do about such judicial actions in a practical, cost-effective manner because state law enforcement agencies and federal law enforcement agencies are controlled by attorneys/lawyers.  Those attorneys are also members of  the "legal brotherhood."
     It is extremely unlikely that you will ever get any of the elitist members of the "legal brotherhood" to investigate responsibly your complaints about unfair, unethical judicial actions by another elitist member of the "legal brotherhood" (a trial court attorney, lawyer, a trial court judge, or a three-judge panel of appellate court judges).  The entire system can be as corrupt in a self-serving manner as they want it to be, and there is nothing that a severely abused litigant can do about it.
     Lonnie Willoughby found that this unfair situation prevailed, again and again, even when there was clear and convincing documentary evidence that he had been abused during a litigation process in an outrageously unfair and corrupt manner - even when it was clear the that the judicial abuse was conducted in a malicious and ruthless manner.  His very responsible complaints were simply ignored by appellate court judges and/or law enforcement agents.
     Lon Willoughby can therefore personally ensure that our members will have access to exceptionally important education about how the judicial systems in America really work behind their deceptive false public image.  A4J club members can learn how easy it is for trial court judges and trial attorneys to willfully betray the American people, in an extremely unfair and unethical manner that is self-serving.  (very beneficial to elitist members of the "legal brotherhood" - the "legal profession.")
     Members of our Americans 4 Justice Membership Club will learn how easy it is for attorneys/lawyers, and judges to repeatedly betray the sacred public trust placed in "self-regulating" judicial systems.  Members will also learn that appellate court judges can be just as unfair, unethical, and just as corrupt as trial court judges and trial court attorneys/lawyers. 
     Yes, America's courts can easily act corruptly, and to an extreme degree, and repeatedly get away with it.  Lon knows this from a lot of personal experience with trial court litigation actions with 10 judges and 10+ appellate court actions (state and federal appeal cases that he personally conducted pro se - represented himself without an attorney). 

     You now understand why our Terms and Conditions

department strictly prohibits us from allowing any member of the

legal profession to become a member of Americans4Justice.

     Lon understands that some of those American citizens might

like our education services, and some of them might want to help

us succeed in our education mission. 

     Unfortunately, we cannot trust any members of the legal

profession to become a member of Americans4Justice.  Lon

Willoughby understands that all graduates of an American Law

School have probably been brainwashed to be obedient and

subservient to the "legal brotherhood" and to all judicial authority,

even when it is reasonably clear that the judicial authority is

being unfair, unethical, and corrupt in a litigation process.

     Our A4J members will learn how to help us take effective patriotic actions that can eventually help develop much better judicial systems within South Carolina, and eventually extend into other states within America. 
     We want and need  judicial systems that are required by enforceable law to operate with a reasonable level of fairness and impartiality toward all litigants, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or the litigant's  personal social status (poor, middle class, or wealthy). 
     A4J club members can also learn about the full rights, power, and authority of educated jurors.  They can learn the truth about the rights of jurors -- can they properly judge the facts and also judge the laws involved with the case?  Are the laws involved with a case being applied in a fair and reasonable manner, or are they being applied in an unfair, unreasonable self-serving judicial manner? 
     A4J club members can learn how to be a good juror because it is very important for American patriotic-minded citizens to fulfill this very important citizen's duty in a knowledgeable and responsible manner.  These actions can help ensure that our precious freedoms can survive and win in an improved court of law. 
     Many Americans do not have a good understanding about their "right" to a jury trial.   Unlike criminal litigation, all civil litigation issues do not  have a protected right to a jury trial -- for the plaintiff or the defendant.  This "right" is usually dependent upon applicable common law  standards.  
     A4J club members can learn about their protected right to a jury trial and also learn about a bench trial (judge evaluates all factual issues and all legal issues - a jury is not allowed when it is a bench trial).   
       6.  Home-based Income Opportunity System.  Lon Willoughby has developed a remarkable home-based income opportunities system that is very easy to accomplish in a dignified, positive, responsible, and emotionally rewarding manner.  It will usually takes only a small amount of time and effort to earn generous Affiliate Referral Awards (commission income). 
     There are no products to purchase or sell monthly on a recurring basis like most MLM network marketing programs.  You see, we are an alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education company, and we develop very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational programs
     Our special six-lessons CQV natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study Internet based education program is a core component part of our natural healthcare education program for A4J - SC club members
     The cost of this special natural healthcare concepts education program is included in the annual membership fee for our Americans 4 Justice - SC private educational club membership
     As explained previously, our A4J - SC club members can choose to earn generous Affiliate Referral Awards Income by simply helping us educate "apparently qualified" patriotic type natural-born American adult citizens that they know personally (that live in the upstate area of SC). 
     A4J club members can also help us educate good patriotic type clubs, groups, or organizations within their local community, or their city, or their local county - all within the upstate area of South Carolina - that have a ZIP Code of 296 _ _ .   
     Currently, the distribution of our six lessons CQV natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program is restricted to "qualified"  American citizens that live in the upstate area of South Carolina (citizens that have a permanent home or residence ZIP Code of 296 _ _ ). 
     As stated above, one of our primary objectives is to provide our A4J club members with an excellent opportunity to easily earn Affiliate Referral Awards income that will be greater in amount than their annual membership fee (their initial first year membership fee and any voluntary annual renewal membership fees in the future).
      In essence, each A4J club member will have an opportunity to earn generous Affiliate Referral Awards when they voluntarily contact their prospects directly, and invite them to visit this introductory Americans 4 Justice - SC website.  Clyb members, or their prospective person or married couple, can contact us directly for more information about our A4J membership services.
     Alternatively, club members can choose to refer the name and mailing address of "apparently qualified" responsible patriotic-minded natural-born American citizens to our office, and we will mail each prospect a custom-printed Americans 4 Justice post card to their referred citizen.
     Our special custom printed postcard will present an invitation for them to visit this introductory educational website.  As you have seen, this website will also recommend that they visit our sister natural healthcare and wellness concepts education website at ABCofHealth dot com and learn about our "free to review" alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts basic education program
     The "free to review" education at ABCofHealth dot com presents life-changing natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are worth thousands of dollars to most visitors. 
     Visitors can also learn about our Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV) qualification standards - which are also the qualification standards for our Americans 4 Justice - SC club member.   
     A review of our sister website can also educate visitors about our ABC of Health company and our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services.  Visitors can learn about our six lessons CQV natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program.  It is an integral  core education component of each A4J education club membership.
      Visitors to that sister website can learn a lot of "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  The website presents natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be very important and very valuable to most American adults. 
     This proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts education is not available anywhere else in America in this "free to review" Internet access format.
     A4J club members will have an opportunity to qualify to earn income through our Affiliate Referral Awards Income System.  This is a very important opportunity for stay-at-home spouses and parents with dependent children that are living at home with their parents. 
     This situation is also an excellent income opportunity for retired individuals who would like to have an excellent opportunity to earn additional income in a very easy and very important way that is dignified "education work" that can be done very conveniently from their home. We offer A4J club members a remarkable "turn-key" business opportunity.
     Many natural-born patriotic-minded American citizens who live in the upstate area of South Carolina may qualify for this very easy A4J - SC club membership income opportunity
     The Income Opportunity department of this website explains more concepts involved with our affiliate referral award income opportunity.  Earning a substantial amount of additional income with our Affiliate Referral Awards Income Opportunity can enable many members to take important actions that they might not otherwise be able to afford to take. 
     This generous additional income can help provide the financial freedom that may be needed by some A4J members, and this additional income may enable them to become much more effective American patriots. 
     Earning financial freedom may enable many members to work more effectively in helping them develop a better life for their family - while also helping our A4J organization offer a better life for many other politically active patriotic-minded Americans - especially our retired members, stay-at-home spouses, and also some voting-age qualifiable college students who want to earn additional income in a very dignified manner on a light easy work part-time basis.
     Consequently, Americans 4 Justice provides a remarkable home-based business income opportunity for "qualified" patriotic-minded American adults.  We pay generous up-front income (Affiliate Referral Awards on the first level and on four additional downline levels), and we also include an opportunity to earn residual affiliate award income on subsequent voluntary annual membership renewal fees.
     This very important and valuable residual income feature can enable a club member to continue earning residual income from affiliate referral work that they did during their first year and each subsequent year of membership.  This residual affiliate award income can continue for years, year after year, and this residual affiliate income will likely grow in amount of income as the years go by.
     The residual affiliate income feature can continue as long as one is an active member in our A4J membership club - earning residual income year after year into the future.  The residual affiliate income can continue growing as the years go by because large numbers of qualified patriotic-minded Americans (tens-of-thousands!!!) will likely join our Patriotic Club Team as the word spreads across South Carolina. about our services. 
     A4J memberships will eventually become available throughout SC and then likely become available in nearby southern states like NC, GA, TN, etc.) This incredibly important and very valuable private A4J educational club membership is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those natural-born American citizens who can qualify for membership.
     In order for us to pursue our ambitious patriotic objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner, it is very important for our members to be as healthy as possible.  Why is this exceptionally important to A4J?
     First of all, we truly want our members to enjoy their life in America as much as possible and for as long a time as possible.  It is clear that  healthy citizens generally enjoy life much more than unhealthy citizens. 
     We want all of our A4J club members to become knowledgeable about our copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  Our six lessons CQV natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program is a component part of our first year's A4J club membership service.
     Our special six lessons CQV natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program presents exceptionally important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can improve a member's healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle actions in the near term and then continue with those improvements routinely for the rest of their life.
     Our A4J club members can use these natural healthcare and wellness concepts to become healthier and more effective family members and thereby substantially improve life for their family members - while we help them learn how to become much more effective America citizens regarding important political challenges that will likely occur. 
     The outcome of these political challenges will likely affect them for many years - probably for the rest of their life.  The outcome of some political challenges can be very important to each member and their family members - and for future generations of their family members.  Members can learn how to get on the right side of political actions.

     We realize that healthy patriots can be much more effective than dedicated responsible patriots who are in poor health, or  who are preoccupied with serious debilitating health conditions within their immediate family members.

     Healthy members can stay active with our voluntary Patriotic Team services for more years than unhealthy members are likely to do.  Healthy members also have much lower healthcare costs so they have more money available in providing for their family.
     For the multiple reasons shown above, it is very sensible  enlightened self-interest for modern-day American patriots to want to help other patriotic-minded citizens learn how to greatly improve their long-term health potential and also increase their longevity potential. 
     This is a voluntary team effort project that is very important toward our successful achievement of the various education goals and objectives identified at this website.  A4J club members can pick and choose which goals and objectives they are most interested in working with in their local community or in this state (South Carolina).
     We understand that it is essential for our members to have access to very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that can enable them to increase their energy level and their vitality, and also likely increase their longevity potential.  
     A4J club members can learn how to decrease their potential to suffer with common sickness and disease conditions that plague millions of American, and those healthcare actions can help members minimize the pain and suffering that could have been involved with those health conditions.
     Our A4J club members will have access to special natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can enable them to learn about holistic methods of improving their personal health and improving their lifestyle - in ways that can help them cope more quickly and effectively with various health conditions that are common in America. 
     However, we must carefully avoid helping teach America's enemies about how to become healthier and much more effective persons; consequently, we have a security screening evaluation process for selecting new A4J club members. 
     We will carefully evaluate each new prospective A4J club membership applicant to help us ensure that we are accepting membership applicants that are good responsible patriotic-minded natural-born American citizens. 

Attitude is Very Important

     Attitude is a very important part of short-term and long-term health, and attitude is a very important factor in an individual's effectiveness in achieving desired objectives.  A4J club members will therefore have an opportunity to learn how to develop and maintain a PCP Attitude on a daily basis. 
PCP = Positive, Constructive, and Productive   

     Our A4J club members can obtain access to very important information that can empower them and motivate them to achieve all they can be.

     We will strive to help each club member have much better opportunities to achieve their ultimate potential in life.

 A Review of Some of Our Education Services
Alternative Health
Natural Holistic Healthcare Freedom Project 
     A4J management personnel provide leadership and guidance that can help A4J club members learn about the availability of holistic healthcare services in various states and also learn how to help improve the availability of holistic type healthcare services in this state.  South Carolina badly needs to update our relevant statutory laws to allow holistic healthcare professional services to have more freedom to operate.  
      A few states have updated their laws but most states are still operating with antiquated laws that prohibit  holistic healthcare practitioner services by anyone except licensed medical doctors.  This situation enables  medical profession personnel to have a seriously unfair monopoly for healthcare services and holistic healthcare information distribution. 
     Many states prohibit (criminalize) holistic healthcare services such as colon therapist, health store sales clerks and nutrition consultants providing nutrition services, herbalists, homeopathic practitioners, iridologist, natural healthcare consultants, naturopathic physicians, and some other forms of non-medical doctor natural healthcare and wellness concepts services. 
     The extremely unfair and unreasonable nature of this "medical monopoly" is demonstrated when state medical boards strongly discourage medical doctors from using alternative, complementary, or integrative holistic healthcare practices, protocols, or related healthcare products
     Some state medical boards have punished medical doctors severely for providing alternative health type holistic healthcare services for some of their medical patients.  That dictatorial punishment can include suspending a doctor's hospital services privileges and have also included suspending a doctor's license to practice medicine.  
     This is a very important issue that every freedom-loving American patriot needs to learn about so they can effectively support a healthcare reform program in their state. Your continued good health and well-being will likely depend upon holistic healthcare services and/or knowledge at some point in your life. 
     The health of most adults could be improved substantially by utilizing holistic healthcare services and practices on a routine basis.  Consequently, it is very important for us to educate our members about vital holistic healthcare knowledge.  Lon began learning about this type of healthcare knowledge back in the early 1980's and he and his wife Janie have benefited greatly by using natural healthcare and wellness concepts in their lifestyle for about 37 years.
     Holistic natural healthcare and wellness concepts consider the body as a complex integrated unit and recognize that trying to improve conditions at one point in the body will generally affect other functions in the body.  It is therefore very important to use therapeutic agents carefully (herbs, homeopathic remedies, medicines, etc.), with the whole body outcome taken into consideration.  In other words, holistic healthcare does not just treat the symptoms; it strives to correct the underlying root cause of a health problem. 
     Medical profession personnel can perform some amazing, remarkable, and absolutely wonderful medical procedures to help people with many adverse health conditions.  We want our A4J club members to respect and appreciate the many fine men and women working in the conventional medical profession who dedicate their lives to helping people cope with many serious healthcare challenges. 
     We also recognize that it is clear that medical profession  personnel are not educated to provide all of the diverse natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that Americans need.  
     We are confident that the public will be better served when  we have more healthcare freedom in this state for holistic natural healthcare practitioners, services, and products.
     This increased healthcare freedom will help ensure that more medical profession personnel will be allowed to utilize sensible alternative, complementary, and/or integrative natural healthcare services, procedures, and products whenever they could be beneficial to the medical system patient's health. 
     One of our objectives is to help educate voters throughout America about the need for more holistic type natural healthcare freedom, and also educate them about the responsible patriotic actions that need to be taken to enable millions of patriotic-minded voters to take responsible and sensible actions to help make these improvements happen, one State at the time, starting with the State of South Carolina.  
Judicial Improvement & Reform Project  
     Americans4Justice also has a very important educational program to help patriotic-minded citizens across America learn how to take appropriate actions to substantially improve fairness and impartiality in the judicial system in their State and in the federal courts judicial systems throughout America
      Why should patriotic-minded Americans be concerned about the judicial systems and about how they operate?  Do we really have very serious judicial problems that needs immediate attention by all patriotic-minded American adult citizens? 
      When you review the information that follows, and review the Judicial Reform section of this Website, you will understand why Judicial Reform is an exceptionally important and urgent project for all patriotic-minded Americans.
     You will also learn that several patriotic organizations are already working on very important judicial reform issues in a responsible manner. Our Judicial Improvement and Reform Educational Program will strongly support the work of those vital organizations.
      Our exciting Patriot Team Membership Program and our remarkable Home-based Referral Awards Income Opportunity will ultimately provide very strong and much needed support for many  patriotic groups, and our helpful coordination programs can greatly increase their cumulative effectiveness.
     The A4J Home-based Income Opportunity will eventually enable members of many patriotic groups in America to earn substantial amounts of income in an easy and time-efficient manner when they become members of Americans 4 Justice.  This Affiliate Referral Awards income will enable patriotic-minded American citizens to be much more effective in their teamwork efforts to help us accomplish the stated goals and objectives of A4J.  
     Consequently, our membership can grow very rapidly, and our ability to achieve the vital objectives of A4J will thereby increase at a rapid rate.  We can become a very large and very important patriotic type organization in a relatively short period of time. 
     As the founder and director of A4J, Lonnie Willoughby enjoyed his 83rd birthday on June 5, 2019.  Lon has  spent a lot of time, over a period of many years, working with our Judicial Corruption Reporting Project  (started back in 1990). 
     Lon has spent more than 18,000 hours of his life involved with litigation actions because of the extreme amount of circuit court judicial corruption that he encountered in an equity court litigation process that occurred in 1989.  (18,000 hours is equivalent to more than seven years of full-time work at 40 hours per week.) 
     As a result of that initial judicial corruption, Lon spent many years of his life reporting and exposing a series of corrupt judicial actions in related litigation cases that continued for more than 20 years. 
     The bottom line is that Lon Willoughby discovered that the judicial system in the distant southern state was outrageously corrupt and no matter what he reported and exposed, they (judges and law enforcement officers) were not going to do anything about it. 
     Over those 20+ years, he found that trial court attorneys (lawyers) were typically unfair, unethical, and deceitful liars and "twisters of the truth" at every opportunity. 
     He also found that trial court judges were as unfair, unethical, and as corrupt as they could be.  Lon found that trial court judges routinely "cooperated with" any unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation scheme and tactic that an opposing attorney (lawyer) could concoct or devise.
      Lon litigated through a series of seven unfair, unethical, and corrupt judges.  Those situations caused him to file more than ten appeal cases.  He gradually learned that appellate court judges could be just as dishonest, unfair, unethical, and corrupt as trial court judges. 
     Lon encountered corrupt appellate court judges numerous times during his ten+ appeal cases.  Consequently, he has a very good understanding of the disgusting level of unfair and unethical judicial corruption that exists in that southern state - which he believes is probably representative of typical judicial corruption in American courts.
     Lonnie Willoughby, living in Mauldin, South Carolina, served as a co-trustee of his parent's inter vivos trust estate.  A serious dispute arose with Lon's brother, serving as the other co-trustee, and that dispute eventually caused an equity court litigation process in the circuit court of the distant state where his parents had lived for many years and had then retired in that state.  Their estate planning trust estate documents were therefore filed in the local circuit court records in that state.
     After discovering the judicial corruption in the circuit court litigation processes, Lon tried to initiate responsible investigations (state and federal level law enforcement agencies) of  extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions that were taken against Lonnie Willoughby in a distant State court equity court litigation process that formerly began in February 1989

     That extreme level of judicial corruption occurred with an unfair and unethical circuit court judge and two local "opposing attorneys" that collusively cooperated with each other in a conspiratorial way to deliberately create an extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial process against co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. 

     The two "local" attorneys knew each other very well, having previously worked together in the same local law firm.  They apparently created that outrageously unfair and unethical judicial process because Lonnie Willoughby (living in Mauldin, South Carolina) had helped his aging parents in the distant state develop an excellent estate planning inter vivos type trust estate that minimized potential federal estate taxes and also minimized potential complexities and attorney fees in the distant state's probate court system. 

     The local circuit court judge and the two "opposing" trial

attorneys deliberately created an unfair, unethical, and corrupt

equity court litigation process for co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby,

Jr.  They apparently wanted to maliciously and ruthlessly punish

Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. for having helped his aging parents

develop an excellent inter vivos trust estate plan. 

     That situation illustrates the extreme level of self-serving unfair

and unethical judicial corruption that can easily occur in the legal


     Related complex litigation actions for Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. then continued into 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and the year 2000.  Lon got a break in litigation actions in year 2000 when his major attorney opponent died three days before Christmas day. 

     That was the extremely unfair and unethical attorney that had corruptly represented co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. in the initial bench trial litigation process that occurred during 1989.

     The litigation actions resumed in 2002 because the deceased attorney had two adult sons in that state who were also practicing attorneys, and they joined together to continue the malicious and ruthless harassment litigation actions against Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. from year 2002 into year 2012. 
     That disgustingly unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation process stopped in year 2012 only when Lon Willoughby refused to file or participate in any more trial court litigation actions or any more appeal court cases.  He eventually concluded that he was involved in a disgustingly corrupt self-serving judicial system that was hopelessly corrupt - to an extreme degree - in the trial courts and usually in the appellate court system.
     An extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt state judicial system ruthlessly abused, coerced, harassed, intimidated, and persecuted Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. for many years because he had responsibly reported and exposed judicial corruption in many trial court actions and in numerous appellate court cases that he filed.  
     The corrupt judicial system retaliated against Lonnie Willoughby in a malicious and ruthless manner because he was a responsible pro se litigant (representing himself - without any attorney assistance) who refused to be intimidated into silence by their outrageously corrupt self-serving judicial schemes and tactics
     Over the years, Lon Willoughby learned that the self-serving judicial systems in America routinely despise any non-attorney who attempts to present his own litigation actions pro se (without attorney assistance).  Lon had been betrayed by attorneys at two law firms in the distant state, and he was not going to let that happen to him again.
     Lon was determined to not allow a series of judicial officers to intimidate him into silence about the extremely corrupt self-serving manner in which the judicial system conducted litigation against non-resident litigant Lonnie  Willoughby, for direct and proximate benefit to a "local" law firm and its chief officer, who became a defendant attorney in Lon's compulsory counterclaim litigation - alleging deceit, fraud,and legal malpractice.
     Lon responsibly reported and exposed in detail a series of extremely unfair and unethical judicial actions that were taken against him by "officers of the court" (judges and trial attorneys/lawyers), as they collusively corrupted the "equity court" litigation process to an extreme level for benefit to the defendant law firm and its attorney.
     The series of judges that became involved in that extended litigation process (20+ years) became more and more unfair and unethical over time, demonstrating to non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby that they could be as unfair and unethical and corrupt as they chose to be 
     They were obviously confident that no one (state or federal law enforcement agencies) would prosecute a state judge or local attorneys for alleged unfair, unethical judicial actions against a non-resident pro se litigant
     Consequently, Lon now has a very good understanding of the extremely unfair and unethical litigation schemes, strategies, and tactics  that trial attorneys and trial judges can conclusively use to manipulate the judicial processes in American courts in a corrupt self-serving manner (state and/or federal courts) - any time they choose to do so. 
     Lon gradually learned that trial court judges and trial attorneys can easily abuse, coerce, harass, intimidate, persecute, and prosecute innocent people, whenever they choose to do so, with essentially no risk at all of a responsible investigation and prosecution for such unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions. 

Why Is It So Easy for

"Officers of the Court" to

be Outrageously Corrupt?

     Lon's extensive experiences with the judicial systems in American had started in 1989 (state court of a distant state). Over a period of years of litigation actions, Lon learned that judges are routinely allowed to operate in an extremely unfair, unethical manner at will (any time they choose to do so), and Lon eventually learned that there is nothing that an abused litigant can do, in a practical and cost-effective manner, to reverse the severe damages done to a litigant by unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions (or similar actions by a state prosecutor).   
     An abused, coerced, harassed, intimidated, and severely persecuted "innocent" litigant who diligently and courageously tries to get something responsible done about such unfair, unethical judicial actions (or abusive prosecutor actions) will eventually learn that members of the "legal brotherhood" effectively control the investigation and prosecution of complaints about judges and attorneys (lawyers). 
     The abused litigant will gradually learn that the "legal brotherhood" can easily operate like a self-serving good ole' boys club, anytime they choose to do so.  In Lon's extensive experiences, extending from 1990 to the present time in 2019, the "legal brotherhood" routinely operated in an extremely self-serving manner and casually ignored  Lonnie Willoughby's responsible complaints about the extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions that had been taken against him.   
     All of Lon's responsible litigant actions in reporting those extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal judicial actions were casually and summarily ignored, by judicial officers (state and federal courts) and law enforcement agencies (state and federal). 
     Lon presented his complaints to the following agencies: the state appellate courts numerous times, the state's law enforcement agency (like the state's FBI), state prosecutors (several times), the state's attorney general's Office, the governor's legal staff, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the distant state (FBI - twice), the U.S. attorney's office, a chief federal judge in a federal lawsuit, a federal appellate court, and two related appeal cases to the Supreme Court of the United States.
     Consequently, Lon Willoughby knows how extremely corrupt, despotic, and tyrannical state and federal judges can be in a self-serving manner,  and he now understands why it is so easy for them to get away with outrageously unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving judicial actions.  
     Ask yourself this question:  What can a severely abused litigant do about unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions if the appropriate law enforcement agencies (state and federal) casually refuse to review the litigant's evidential documents (records of corrupt litigation process) and summarily refuse to investigate the litigant's valid complaints?  
     Who can the severely abused litigant turn to for help at that point?  Unfortunately, with our present "self-regulating" judicial systems, Lon's diligent actions have proven convincingly that there is no practical, cost-effective solution available for a severely abused, harassed, and persecuted litigant. 
     This outrageously unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial  situation needs to be corrected ASAP!!!  Lon understands that the judicial corruption is so wide-spread and so deeply entrenched within the judicial systems that it will take millions of voters to get any helpful statutory laws passed that might have the potential to help enforce more fair and just judicial systems throughout America. 
     Lon was so disgusted with the appalling lack of integrity and ethics in the judicial systems and law enforcement systems that he decided to develop an independent educational organization that will help patriotic-minded Americans in numerous ways, including helping them  inform millions of  voters about the ever-present potential for judicial corruption in state and federal court systems. 
     As reported herein, judges can easily operate in an extremely unfair, unethical, self-serving despotic and tyrannical manner at will.  This is the major judicial problem.

"Judicial Problemand the

"Constitution Solution"

Education Project

     Is it reasonable to believe that well-organized dedicated efforts by millions of patriotic citizen voters can help achieve  the judicial reform that is needed badly to establish a responsible level of fairness and impartiality in state and federal courts?  The answer is YES!  However, it will take a lot of coordinated educational actions by patriotic citizens in each state to inform enough voters about this "Judicial Problem" and the  "Constitution Solution." 
     Achieving that desirable objective will not be accomplished easily or quickly, but it can be accomplished with sufficient "patriotic education efforts" in each state. The solution is readily available through an amendment to the peoples' document - the State Constitution of each state.
     "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."  If you can qualify for our A4J membership, we can help you get started in a smart and efficient way!!! 
      You can now see and understand why it so important for responsible and sensible American adult citizens to join together to help develop a focused, well-organized education service for patriotic-minded American citizens, and also numerous service organizations throughout America, as quickly as possible.  We must inform responsible and sensible American voters about these disgusting judicial corruption problems in America.  
     The judicial systems in America are continuing to quietly and deceptively increase and consolidate their self-serving dictatorial, tyrannical, monopolistic control over all Americans as each week passes. They systematically gain more judicial power and more judicial control as each week passes, and most Americans have no understanding of these situations. 
     Our children, grandchildren, and future generations of American children will grow up as slaves of a totally dominating and controlling self-serving dictatorial and tyrannical judicial system if we do not get to work in taking responsible actions to help educate American adults about this extremely serious problem.
     The American people do not know that this extremely unconstitutional "judicial power-grab self-serving scheme" is going on, day by day, and they do not understand that this heinous scheme has been going on for many years. 
     Most of our legislators in the United States Congress and in the 50 states do not understand this situation either; they have not been informed about the judicial conspiracy to rule America from the courts with support and reinforcements by multiple legislative actions drafted and promoted by attorney legislators (at the federal level and also occurs in many states within America). 
     Why is it very difficult to expose this heinous judicial conspiracy in the news media (local, state, or the national news)?   Attorney legislators have drafted, supported, and promoted statutory laws that make it very dangerous for individuals or organizations to expose attorney/judicial corruption actions to the public. 
     Individuals or organizations expose themselves to very serious liabilities if they go public with specific information (names, places, litigation case numbers, dates, etc.) because libel  (published media) and slander (verbal) statutory laws were cleverly written and then passed into law that effectively protect attorneys and judges from exposure in the public news media (due to the very intimidating effective threat of very expensive lawsuits). 
     This is the reason that the revealing report presented at this website carefully avoided naming any attorney or judge or identifying any litigation case name/number and also avoided naming the state involved with the extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal judicial actions that  were taken against Lon Willoughby over a period of more than 21+ years. 
     Lon Willoughby conducted legal research about laws that protect  citizens who report and expose unfair, unethical, and criminal actions in the courts but he found a conspicuous absence of laws at the state and federal level that would provide any immunity from prosecution (civil or criminal) to individuals or organizations that present a responsible report (exposure) of unfair, unethical, and/or criminal actions in the courts (state and federal). 
     Think about this for a moment:  Do trial attorneys and trial judges and appellate judges want this type of badly needed protections passed into law?  Of course not!  Is it going to be easy to get legislators to pass protective laws for ordinary citizens?  Not as long as attorneys dominate and effectively control the passage of such legislation.  All Americans need to understand that the "legal brotherhood" has stacked the legislative deck in its own favor as much as possible in the 50 states and in the U.S. Congress (House and Senate).  
     The legislature in one southern state passed a state statutory law that made it illegal to conceptually expose unfair, unethical actions/situations in the news media without naming the person(s) involved.  This law further protects attorneys and judges involved with unfair, unethical, and criminal judicial actions because the law makes it a crime for anyone in the state to expose to the public such situations in generalized, conceptual reports, such as the reports provided at this website. 
     Consequently, in this particular state, it appears that a private person or a news reporter can be prosecuted for a crime if a general conceptional report about attorney/judicial corruption is made public.
     On the other hand, the person making the report can be prosecuted for libel and/or slander if specific persons or organizations are identified verbally or in a published report.  Consequently, unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions are protected in either situation because of the intimidating effect of this Catch 22 combination strategy.  A  person could therefore be taking great liability risk to get involved in exposing to the public either situation.   
     This very intimidating situation will likely cause most people to wisely not take the great risks involved with reporting and exposing unfair, unethical, and criminal actions by judges or other attorneys.  That is the way the system is obviously designed to operate.  Attorneys and judges can therefore get away with extremely unfair and unethical litigation actions because the legal deck has been stacked in their favor so much that the judicial systems can easily function as elitist self-serving extortion rackets 
      In effect, a litigant must meekly do whatever the trial attorneys and trial judge collusively decide, even when it is outrageously unfair and unethical.  Otherwise, the litigant will likely be punished severely by ongoing litigation and costly litigation expenses if the litigant courageously and responsibly opposes  their unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving collusive decision about the litigation. 
     That is what happened to Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. when he responsibly exposed the extremely unfair and unethical Final Judgment that was rendered against him in 1989 in the distant southern state.   

What Can American Citizens Do About the

Judicial "Conspiracy" to Control America?

     Lon Willoughby believes that patriotic citizen voters in America outnumber attorneys, lawyers, and judges by at least 40 to one.  Lon is also hopeful that all members of the legal profession in America are not  corrupt-minded self-serving elitist despots and criminal-minded tyrants.  Lon believe that many attorneys and lawyers and judges would like to be good patriotic Americans who would like to see all judges adjudicate in a fair and impartial manner. 
     Unfortunately, good attorneys (lawyers) are required to work within  judicial systems that can easily be operated in an extremely unfair,  unethical self-serving manner that is easily corrupted (state and federal courts).  The good attorneys, lawyers, and judges also need our help, and we need their very valuable support to achieve the successful goals that are needed to achieve our Judicial Improvement & Reform Project as quickly as possible.  
     Lon Willoughby believes there are at least 40 to 50 million patriotic-minded citizen voters in America that can quickly turn the tide in the right direction if we simply educate them about the judicial problem and the constitutional solution that is needed.  
     In addition, millions of "not so patriotic" citizens will support this  project when they are informed about our very desirable noble objectives that will benefit most Americans a lot. 
     Consequently, as you can see from this explanation, we simply need sufficient  leadership, guidance, and patriot support to get this very important Judicial Improvement Education Project started in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 
     Fortunately, modern communications systems make it much easier and much less expensive to communicate with large numbers of voters (Websites and other Internet communication sites, E-mail, faxes, phone calls, etc.) than at any time in the past. The timing is right and the time to get involved is now!  
     With enough educated voter support, the Constitution of each state will be amended to provide citizens with a constitutionally mandated  right to establish a Special Grand Jury Review System to evaluate complaints about abusive, unfair, unethical litigation actions by judges and/or prosecutors.  
     Our A4J founder and director, Lon Willoughby, understands that this is the best, most feasible, most practical, and most cost-effective way to reign in and discipline abusive, unfair, unethical, criminal-minded, dictatorial, or tyrannical elitist actions by trial court judges or appellate court judges, or state prosecutors (solicitors) or police officers or their administrative superiors.   
     Lon also understands that each state constitution (50 states) needs to be amended to provide every citizen or organization with Absolute Immunity from civil law suits or criminal prosecution whenever they  responsibly report to an appropriate government agency or Special Grand Jury any type of unfair, unethical, or criminal actions by any government agent or employee, or any other person. 
     This vastly improved situation would enable responsible reports about unfair, unethical, and criminal actions by trial attorneys, trial court judges and appellate court  judges, and state prosecutors or solicitors, and also federal prosecutors and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents. 
     Lon believes that a similar constitutional amendment needs to be made to the Constitution of the United States, but it would probably be much easier and a lot quicker to get the U.S. Congress to pass a protective law that would provide somewhat similar protection to citizens and/or civic type protective organizations. 
     It is clear that a Constitutional Amendment would be the better choice because it could not be reversed at some point in time by the U.S. Supreme Court, or by another U.S. Congressional Law.     
     As soon as we get the first few State Constitutions amended, this exciting education movement will sweep across America in a wonderful wave of freedom and liberty and justice sentiment.  The time for this movement is now, and we need the help of every patriotic-minded citizen in America to accomplish this monumental Judicial Improvement Project as quickly as possible.
     You can learn more about this exceptionally important, well-organized patriotic Judicial Improvement Project  by visiting the website www.JAIL4Judges.org/You will be happy to learn that  Proposed Constitutional Amendments have already been drafted for some states by responsible people who have studied these situation in depth.  
     Consequently, a large amount of very important work has already been accomplished that will help enable our members to work toward achieving this incredibly important and  essential Judicial Improvement & Reform Project. 
     You will also be pleased to learn that America has some courageous, honest, patriotic attorneys/lawyers and retired judges working with other people to help achieve this incredibly important project.  They also want to have judicial systems in America that operate in a fair and impartial manner.  They will understand the importance of this Judicial Improvement & Reform Project. 
     Lon Willoughby is convinced that a Constitution Amendment Project for each individual USA state is absolutely necessary for American patriots to better protect and defend their freedoms. 
     As reported herein, Lon has already acquired substantial experience trying to get appropriate state and federal agencies (judicial agencies and law enforcement agencies) to initiate investigations of a series of extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions taken against Lonnie Willoughby by "officers of the court" (judges, trial attorneys, and an unethical, corrupt state prosecutor) in a distant state. 
     After many thousands of hours of work diligently and responsibly reporting Lon's very serious complaints, no judicial agency or law enforcement agency (state or federal) has been willing to initiate a serious and responsible investigation of his valid complaints about a barrage of extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded abusive judicial actions. 
     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. was ruthlessly subjected to those extremely abusive judicial actions by a series of "officers of the court" over an ongoing period of 20+ years.  They clearly tried to severely damage and destroy Lonnie Willoughby as a person and his self-employed business in South Carolina. 
     They did cause him a great amount of damage and harm (economically, emotionally, and physically), but he survived those malicious and ruthless judicial schemes and tactics and went on to fight again, as shown herein.  
     Visitors to this website will be offered an opportunity to become a part of a Patriotic Team that has the specific objectives of  protecting, defending, and supporting the best features of our American Republic, including the establishment of a fair and impartial judicial system for all litigants, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or social status.
     Our members can learn how they can help build a better and stronger  America for themselves, for their children and grandchildren, and their great grandchildren, and for children of future generations of Americans. 

Why should "qualified Americans"

get involved with Americans4Justice?

     We realize that the timing is very late for some of the challenges that must be acknowledged and addressed in a responsible manner by knowledgeable patriots.  However, each day that one waits to join with other brave and valiant patriots in this noble education project is one more day that the enemies of our freedoms and our liberties enjoy more opportunity to consolidate further their power, control, and "authority" over our lives, and the lives of our children, grandchildren, and all succeeding generations of Americans. 
     The following motivating statement (below) was made by Sir Winston Churchill to the British people during World War II, but his statement is relevant to the extremely dangerous socialistic and communistic political schemes and tactics being used against naive American voters (as reported briefly herein). 
     Sir Winston Churchill's motivating statement below is also applicable to the medical profession's self-serving, and the judicial profession's self-serving "power-grab schemes" that are reported briefly herein (are reported to our A4J educational club members in more revealing details).
     "Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.  There may even be a worse case.  You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves."
     You can learn more about the need for our Judicial Improvement and Reform Project by visiting the Judicial Reform department of this website.
     You can also learn more about what we are striving daily to accomplish by reviewing our Objectives of A4J department.
     In order to help motivate more good people to get involved and join with many other American patriots to take responsible actions to help achieve the A4J objectives stated herein, we developed a remarkable Home-based Income Opportunity for our members. 
     As stated earlier, this can be a remarkable opportunity for stay-at-home moms/wives and for retired people who would like to have a source of additional income in a dignified manner.  Qualified college students might also want to consider this outstanding easy income opportunity.

Remarkable Home-based

Income Opportunity for Patriots 

     We provide members with a special opportunity to earn substantial amounts of money in an easy and convenient manner that requires very little time or effort.   Members do not need to sell any products or services to earn generous Affiliate Referral Awards.  They can make substantial amounts of money by simply helping us advertise this Introductory Information website
     Yes, it is true, A4J club members can earn money by simply inviting qualified Americans to visit this website; they can earn an affiliate referral award for each of those qualified citizens who then choose to join our A4J Club Membership
     Those affiliate referral awards are a generous commission paid out of the annual membership fee that each new A4J member pays for their first year of A4J club membership
     If they are then happy with the education work and the services that we provide for A4J club members, they can choose to renew their A4J club  membership for another year at the renewal annual membership fee rate.
     All of our A4J club members will have the option and opportunity to help us promote our very important educational services and then earn a generous  "affiliate referral award" (commission payment) for each personally referred American citizen that then qualifies and chooses to join our A4J educational membership club.
     Making substantial amounts of money in such an honest, dignified, and respectable manner is very easy and exceptionally convenient.  Think about this for a moment:  our very valuable educational services can help American patriots improve their health and the health of dependents living with them in their primary home.
      We also help our A4J club members improve their lives in several ways while we are helping them protect, defend, and strengthen our  American RepublicWow!   This is truly an exciting income opportunity for many "qualifiable" patriotic-minded Americans.  
     Club members can spend a few minutes working with our affiliate referral awards program whenever it is most convenient for them to do this; consequently, club members can work at this home-based income opportunity whenever they like, and work as little or as much as they choose to work from time to time.  
     We also help our A4J club members learn how to accomplish these very important objectives easily and effectively in convenient ways.
     To get started, a qualified prospective member will complete a Membership Application Form (will be provided to them).  They will  complete the application and mail it to our office.  Our office personnel   review their application promptly. 
     If their A4J club membership application is approved, the new A4J club member will be notified promptly by Email that they have qualified for membership (single person or a married couple qualification).  
     When they pay their annual club membership fee, their Membership Kit of educational information and materials will be shipped promptly via the best method for their official mailing location.  

 Membership Qualification Considerations 

     Americans that are natural-born citizens and also live in the upstate area of South Carolina (permanent home address ZIP Code of 296_ _ ) can apply for membership if they have the character, integrity, and dedication to the USA that is necessary to become a qualified Americans4Justice club member.
     We will promptly evaluate the individual's responses to our  Membership Application Questionnaire as an important part of our responsible review of the membership application process.  However, each new applicant should be recommended (sponsored) by someone who is already an A4J club member.
     Each new A4J club member applicant should identify this sponsoring person on their Membership Application Form by listing their name and their Membership Identification Code (MIC).  
     The A4J club member sponsor will be the first person that invited the new applicant to visit this Introductory A4J website, using any of the communications methods listed below.
      In the event that an individual learns about this website by surfing the Internet or from some other type of company sponsored advertisement that we provided (brochure, Email, flyer, magazine, mailing, newspaper, etc.), we can arrange an appropriate sponsorship for them if their A4J club membership is approved.   
     Thank you for your kind and thoughtful consideration of our A4J club educational services and programs.  Please contact us by Email if you would like to obtain additional information, or if you have comments or suggestions that you would like to share with u.  You can select the  Contact Us hyperlink (link) to obtain our convenient Email Form.  
     Please understand that we are in the pre-launch stage of development, consequently, we are not accepting membership applications at this time.  When we are fully operational, we will notify all persons by Email who have expressed a possible interest in our A4J club membership services.
     ACTION:  if you like our Goals, Objectives, and Education Programs, please send us an Email that informs us of your feelings about these very important issues, and also identify the person who referred you to this Introductory Website. 
     If your name is in our Email List, we will send you an Email when the membership application documents are ready for mailing to interested visitors to this Americans4Justice-SC.com website.
   Thank you for your kind consideration and patience as we complete all actions needed to become fully operational and begin accepting and evaluating applications for membership in our Americans4Justice Educational Membership Club.   

     May you live long and prosper well in good health in America - it is

still the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

    Lon and Janie Willoughby are dedicated toward helping

responsible American citizens keep it that way for a long time

into the future.  We invite your help in this incredibly important

education project.  Thank you for any help that you provide.

   Lon WilloughbyFounder and Director of Americans4Justice

and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health.

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      holistic medicine nountreatment of the whole organism, not just the symptoms of a disease.  
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