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Americans4Justice (A4J) is an independent educational organization for patriotic Americans who truly care about protecting, defending, and preserving the best features of our American Republic.  Many patriotic-minded citizens also want to help build a better America where there is much more holistic type health care freedom,  more equality, and much more fairness and impartiality and integrity in our courts, and more financial opportunity for our generation, and for our children and grandchildren. We also want our patriotic efforts to help protect the rights of children that will be born in future generations of Americans.  We understand that we are very fortunate to be Americans, and we accept the responsibility to be forever vigilant and protect and defend our rights, freedoms, and liberties that were purchased for us through great sacrifices by many other Americans.   

We are determined to exercise our duty and responsibility faithfully to help pass these vital blessings and freedoms on to the next generation of Americans.  Our patriotic education programs and projects will help coordinate and promote cooperation among our members and will also strive to help other patriotic groups and organizations in these same respects.  Working together in this manner, our membership can be more effective in helping ensure that the noble objectives that are identified in our Home department and our Objectives department will be achieved in a cost-effective manner as quickly as possible.  Americans4Justice is a subsidiary division of our parent company, ABC's of Health, Inc., - dba ABC of Health


ABC's of Health, Inc. is a South Carolina Corporation that was established many years ago.  Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr. is the founder

and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., and he is the founder and director of Americans4Justica.

ABC's of Health, Inc. owned and operated a unique healthcare and wellness store in Greenville County, South Carolina for 15 years

( 1/1999 to 4/24/2014 )You can learn more about this business by visiting our Introductory Website at:


Being in the healthcare and wellness business for 15+ years enabled Lon Willoughby to acquire some of the

advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we can now offer to help our "qualified member" patriotic-

minded American adult citizens learn how to take much better care of their precious health.

We prefer that inquiries be made by Email or Fax because these communications do not interrupt our very

busy work scheduleHowever, if these communications will not work reasonably well for you, please telephone

our office.  If we are unable to answer the telephone at times during our business hours, it indicates that we are

busy with other client services.  However, our commercial quality voice mail system will take your call, 24 hours per

day, seven days per week.  Please leave us a voice mail message about your inquiry and we will call you back as

soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in the valuable educational services offered by Americans4Justice for patriotic-

minded Americans living in the upstate area of South Carolina with a permanent home address Zip Code of 296 _ _.

We are providing leadership, incentives, motivation, and guidance to patriotic-minded Americans with a

comprehensive service plan to help patriotic-minded Americans in our area of South Carolina protect, defend,

preserve, strengthen, and improve upon the American Dream for themselves, for their loved ones, and for future

generations of Americans.

May you live long and prosper well in good health, as a brave and courageous American patriot.


Lon WilloughbyFounder and Director of Americans4Justice


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