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      Even though we have an outstanding municipal water system in Greenville County, our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby (Will o bee) understands that it is still very important to use quality Point-of-Use (POU) water processing equipment at home to further improve the quality of the drinking water and cooking water.  

     Quality POU Water filtration equipment can remove most of the chlorine and ammonia disinfectant chemicals from the drinking and cooking waterThose vital chemicals are added to the water system to kill/destroy several kinds of microbes that can be harmful to humans (in drinking water), but it is very smart to remove those chemicals from drinking water and also cooking water before consuming that water. 

     Those disinfectant chemicals can be removed from drinking and cooking water with a quality carbon filter developed for that purpose.  High quality filters can remove up to 98% of those chemicals when the water filter element is new. 

     The water filter efficiency in removing chlorine and ammonia disinfectant chemicals diminishes over time as the filter media capacity to remove those chemicals is used up.  The filter elements should be replaced at intervals as recommended in the instructions for each filter.  It is very important to follow those directions.

Fluoride Chemicals

      A fluoride chemical is also added to many municipal water systems in the USA - supposedly to reduce cavities in children's teeth.  However, there has never been any reliable epidemiological study evidence that fluoride actually accomplishes that benefit effectively - without causing any significant harmful chemical effects.

     Some very smart chemist and scientist believe that there are serious concerns that fluoride's chemical toxicity can harm people substantially over years of use.

    Several very important books have been written about this fluoride controversy.  You can obtain very important information about those books at Amazon dot com (and other online book stores).  You can read sample book information free at Amazon dot com when you do a word search in their book department for "fluoride books."    

    Lon Willoughby got interested in this serious chemical controversy in the summer of 1981.  He studied several of the books written about the potential for harm to the human body by consuming water daily that contains natural fluoride (inherent in the water system) or fluoride that is added to a municipal water system.

Greenville County, SC

 Municipal Water System

     Lon learned that the Greenville County municipal water system had been adding a fluoride chemical to the water system for years (now more than 40 years).

     There are several types of fluoride chemicals that can be added to municipal water systems.  Lon learned that some municipal water systems in South Carolina do not add fluoride to the municipal water, but of the many municipal water systems that do add a fluoride chemical, most of them use some form of the inexpensive fluoride chemical named hydroflurorosilicic acid.  That is what is used in the Greenville County municipal water system.

 Tooth Decay Rates In American Cities

   Many cities in America currently add fluoride to their municipal water system, but there are also some large cities that do not add fluoride to their municipal water system. 

     Research data show that cities that do not add a fluoride chemical to their municipal water system have about the same tooth decay rate (for children) as the cities that do add a fluoride chemical to their municipal water supply system.  (Very little difference in children's tooth decay rates for the two situations.)

     These facts are pretty well documented so it very important to look at these statistical facts and be very skeptical about all of the propaganda about the benefits of fluoride for teeth (U.S. Government, American Dental Association - ADA, and some other propaganda sources). 

     Lon's research about fluoride found that there are some politically strong self-serving economic reasons that some companies have actively promoted fluoride use for many years. 

     Fluoride is a known toxic chemical that is expensive to get rid of properly as a toxic chemical so some clever companies developed a sales program to sell the toxic chemical as a "desirable" chemical to add to municipal water systems for the purpose of reducing tooth decay rates for young children.

     Many chemist, engineers, scientist, and other professionals have strongly disagreed with those sales concepts and have joined together to oppose the adding of fluoride to municipal water processing systems.

     You may find it very helpful to use the link below to visit FluorideAlert dot org and read the very important published article titled "50 REASONS TO OPPOSE FLUORIDATION."


      That website reports that most advanced countries on Planet Earth have rejected the concept of adding fluoride to their municipal water supply systems.  The tooth decay rates in those countries are about the same as in American cities that do add a fluoride chemical        

     While evaluating the fluoride controversy in some depth over a period of many years, Lon and Janie Willoughby chose to avoid using toothpaste with added fluoride.  They also learned that using a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier to improve the quality of their drinking and cooking water was important in several respects, including the removal (reduction) of the suspect fluoride chemical, along with chlorine and ammonia chemicals.

     Lon's detailed research about RO systems found that this remarkable water purifier system can also remove many other chemical residues from the processed water in locations that have additional contaminant problems such as: aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, petrol chemicals, pharmaceutical drug residues, etc. 

     Fortunately, the outstanding Greenville County, SC  municipal water system does not have any significant problems with those types of water contaminants, but many other cities and towns in America do have some of those municipal water contaminant problems. 

     Think back to the national news in 2016 when the Flint, Michigan municipal water system had very serious water contaminant problems with lead. 

Reverse Osmosis Systems

     Almost all RO systems are designed and built to be installed underneath the kitchen sink.  RO systems usually purify the water very slowly, so they normally have a water collection tank to store the water in as it is being purified (usually about 3 to 4 gallons capacity). 

     Those features cause the RO system equipment to have full water pressure supplied to the RO system at all times, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (24/7).  That situation makes the RO system, and many other under-sink water filter installations, subject to a possible water leak that can cause a lot of water damage in a home if a water leak occurs within the water processing system. 

     A water leak can cause many thousand dollars of water damage while one is asleep, or gone from home for several hours.  It is therefore very important to also install a water leak detector system that can turn the input water supply line off to the under-counter water filter system or an RO system if a water leak is detected.  (Cost is typically less than $100.00 for this protection.)

     The RO system that Lon and Janie Willoughby use daily is a custom-built system that Lon designed to be a fast operating counter-top unit that has no water holding tank. Water pressure is only applied when one is at the kitchen sink area to turn the system on and then off within a few minutes of operation once daily.  They use several glass quart jars to store fresh RO water in for their daily consumption of about five to six quarts.

    This custom designed RO system very effectively eliminates the water leak damage potential, and it also eliminates the inherent potential RO water tank contamination problem.  (There is no water tank to get contaminated over time.)  These are two serious potential issues that should be considered carefully.

     Lon used to develop and sell those custom-built RO systems in our health store in Mauldin, SC, but they are no longer available - we closed that store in April 2014.

 Water Distiller Systems

     Lon Willoughby also has expert level knowledge about water distiller systems, having been trained on those systems at the Pure Water, Inc. (PWI) factory in Lincoln, Nebraska in June 1981, and having many years of experience in using and selling several models of PWI water distiller systems.

     A water distiller system can do some important things to improve the quality of drinking water, but it is very important to understand that a water distiller system by itself will not remove the hydroflurorosilicic acid type of fluoride chemical from the distilled water.      

     Why not?  Because the boiling temperature of this type of fluoride is the same as the temperature for boiling water: 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level.  Therefore, this type of fluoride goes through the boiling water chamber just as the water molecules do, and it will not be removed from the processed water molecules.

     In order to remove this specific fluoride chemical with a water distiller unit, one should use a very special filter media designed for effective fluoride reduction, installed in the water supply line going into the boiling chamber.

    That same special media filter can be used with other water filtration units to minimize the fluoride chemical.

     It is very important to understand that the typical quality carbon type filters used for chlorine and ammonia reduction will not be effective for that fluoride reduction.

Bathing Water Issues

     Our ABC of health store also sold bathing water filters to minimize the toxic chlorine and ammonia gases in the bath room air while taking a bath (shower or tub bath).  Breathing those toxic gases while taking a bath is a lot more damaging to the lungs, brain, heart, kidneys, and other body cells than most American adults realize. 

     Lon and Janie Willoughby have been using shower filters for many years.  It is very important to replace the internal element periodically at the appropriate time.

     Bathing water filtration is a very important healthcare topic.  You can check into this by doing an Internet word search for "bathing water filters" or "shower filters."

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