Objectives of Americans4Justice

          Helping Patriotic Americans Achieve the American Dream             

Freedom, Fairness, Equality, Justice, Opportunity, Health & Happiness

Helping A4J Club Members Become All They Can Be

Achieve Their Ultimate Potential

     The objectives of Americans4Justice are multi-functional.  We strive to provide patriotic-minded Americans with very valuable educational information and programs that can enable them to improve their health and their quality of life, for themselves and their immediate family members.  A4J education programs can also help members become better citizens and much more effective patriots. 

     We also provide leadership and coordination functions to help hundreds of patriotic groups unite into a very powerful team of responsible patriots to help defend, protect, and improve the best features of our American Republic  

     Our A4J education strategy utilizes the infrastructure of several very successful companies - some are multi-million dollar companies that have been in business for many years. Members of A4J will have easy access to remarkable programs that can help them acquire exceptionally valuable educational information about several very important subjects, including the major categories of information listed below.

      1.  Health, Nutrition,  and Personal Hygiene - Education Project This vital information is incredibly important because it can enable an American patriot to greatly improve their health and the health of immediate family members (same household) and may even enable a patriot to save their life and/or the life of family members from infections by pathogenic bacteria and/or viruses. 

     Members are provided with very valuable guidance to help them learn how to achieve an improved lifestyle in the areas of health, nutrition, and personal hygiene.  They obtain access to health secrets that can be life-changing and life-saving for many members.   Members can learn how to increase  energy and vitality and extend one's potential for a long and healthy life by many years.  

     This vital health information can be worth a lot of money because vibrant health cannot be purchased like a product (automobile, home, TV, etc.).  Long-term vibrant health with minimized disease potential is possible for most people when vital health knowledge is used properly.  It is clear that money cannot substitute for health knowledge.  Consequently, when you put this issue in proper perspective, you will understand that vital health protecting, health-saving knowledge is worth more than any amount of money.

      2.   Holistic Healthcare Freedom -an Education Project.  Members learn about the responsible patriotic actions that are essential to expand and improve availability of holistic health care services in the states that still prohibit these very beneficial health care services (most States).  

     We help members understand how the powerful medical profession and pharmaceutical industry combine their political influence to dominate and effectively control which health care services are "legal" in most States.  Members can learn about the limitations and restrictions that prevent open access to holistic health care services in most States

      Our members learn about the political actions that patriotic voters need to take in each State to help improve availability of holistic health care services,  holistic healthcare information and related health care products.  Helping improve the availability of holistic health care services in all states is one of our major objectives.

      3.  Political System Improvement - an Education Project.  Members learn practical,  useful, and vital  political information that will empower them to become better citizens and more effective patriots.  A massive Patriot Team can substantially improve the political system. 

     Working as a Patriot Team across America, our "educated members" can become a very powerful political force for good to help restore the American Dream that has been severely damaged and diminished in the past thirty years by enemies or our American Republic.

      4.   Estate Planning and Financial Planning - an Education Project. Members can obtain vital estate planning information regarding wills, trusts, etc. and learn how they can accomplish needed estate planning at reduced cost.  This valuable information can help many families save thousands of dollars in legal fees and can also help minimize estate taxes for wealthy members.  Members can also learn about Financial Planning opportunities.

     5.   Judicial Improvement and Reform - an Education Project.  Members of A4J learn why it is very easy for  judicial systems to operate in an extremely unfair, unethical, arrogant, pompous, self-serving autocratic "elitist" manner.  Members  also learn why any judicial system in America can be corrupted easily by any judge at will (any time they choose).  Consequently, members understand why they should try to avoid being a litigant in extremely expensive judicial systems that can easily be extremely self-serving and function as ruthless extortion rackets. 

      Members learn to avoid the judicial systems in America like they would try to avoid getting AIDS or other serious diseases.  Lon learned through more than 20 years of related ongoing litigation actions that the judicial systems in America can easily operate in an outrageously unfair, unethical, and corrupt manner any time that local attorneys and the judge choose to operate this way - usually for self-serving reasons.  They can operate as despicable despots and tyrants and easily wreck a person's life in an extremely unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded manner any time they choose to do so, and there is almost nothing that you will likely be able to do about it.  Do not count of the attorneys that control and operate the law enforcement agencies to help you at all (state agencies or federal agencies, including the FBI).  Lon Willoughby has personal experience with these issues.

       Members gain access to  exceptionally important information about how the judicial systems in America really work,   Our members can learn that trial court judges and appellate court judges can easily violate the sacred public trust placed in our "self-regulating" judicial systems. Lon Willoughby's extensive litigation actions, with numerous trial court judges and numerous appellate court judges, found that said judges had essentially no ethics at all.  They can easily betray their own published ethics standards in an extremely unfair, unethical, self-serving manner and get away with it every time.  There will not likely be any type of investigation made about any complaint that a severely abused litigant litigant files to any law enforcement agency, or a judicial oversight commission.  Lon found that the entire judicial system can easily operate as a heinous fraud upon the public trust and get away with it any time they choose to make it so.

      Members also learn how to help us take effective patriotic actions that can eventually produce a much better judicial system in each State and in the federal court systems throughout the United States of America.  We want  judicial systems that are required to operate with a reasonable level of fairness and impartiality for all litigants, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or social status, and do so every time in every situation. 

      Members learn about the full rights, power, and authority of educated jurors.  They learn the truth about the rights of jurors (can they judge the law and the facts?).   They learn how to be a good juror because it is very important for patriots to fulfill this exceptionally important citizen's duty. 

      The right to a jury trial is misunderstood by many Americans.  There are many situations where a civil litigation litigant does not have a right to a jury trial.  The right to a jury trial is usually dependent upon old common law standards.   Members learn about situations where they have a right to a jury trial, rather than a bench trial (where a jury is not allowed and the trial court judge makes the total decision for the case). 

     6.  Home-based Business Opportunity Project.  We have a remarkable business opportunity that is very easy to accomplish, is dignified and is emotionally rewarding, and it takes very little time or effort to earn very generous  Affiliate Referral Awards by simply referring people to this introductory education website.  

      One of our primary objectives is to provide each member with an excellent opportunity to make more money than their annual membership fee cost (initially and on an annual renewal basis).  In essence, we want each membership to pay for itself with a lot of money left-over as earned income from our Referral Awards System.

      An abundant amount of additional income will enable many members to take important actions that they might not otherwise be able to afford to take, time-wise or cost-wise.  Additional income will provide the freedom they need to become more effective patriots for America.

    Consequently, we developed an amazing, very easy to use, unique home-based business opportunity for patriotic-minded Americans that pays generous up-front income and can also provide substantial residual income for the years ahead.  The  residual income can grow and grow and grow as the years go by because large numbers of patriotic-minded Americans will likely join our Patriot Team as the word spreads across America about this incredibly valuable membership opportunity.

     In order for us to pursue our ambitious patriotic objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner, it is very important for our members to be as healthy as possible.  Why is this exceptionally important to A4JFirst of all, we truly want our members to enjoy life in America as much as possible for as long as possible, and healthy people can obviously enjoy life much better than unhealthy people.  In addition, we want our members to become knowledgeable about vital information that we provide  and use this knowledge to become more effective patriotic citizens.

     We realize that healthy patriots can be much more effective than patriots who are in poor health  or patriots that are preoccupied with debilitating disease conditions in their family.  Healthy members can also stay active with our Patriot Team activities for many more years than unhealthy members. 

      For the reasons stated above, it is enlightened self-interest for Americans 4 Justice members to help patriotic-minded citizens learn how to greatly improve their long-term health potential and thereby increase their longevity potential.  Consequently, we understand that it is essential for our members to have access to  very valuable health education programs that can improve their lifestyle and health substantially. This vital health knowledge can enable members to increase their energy, vitality, and potential longevity while they decrease their potential for many disease conditions, pain, and suffering. 

     Members will have access to information that can enable them to learn about holistic methods of improving health and lifestyle and coping with various health conditions. However, we do not want to teach America's enemies how to become much healthier and much more effective persons; consequently, we have a screening program for selecting new members and for promoting members to higher income producing levels within our business opportunity. 

       Our members learn that Freedom, Liberty, and Justice are not FREE to Americans for the same reasons they have never been free to any people throughout the history of mankind.  History shows that there are always greedy and selfish individuals in every generation who want to control and dominate other people for their own personal benefit (power, wealth, social status, etc.).  Throughout history, most of the powerful people have been bad people.  These are indisputable facts of life, as proven by recorded history, again and again and again. 

      An enlightened understanding of world history clearly shows that the precious values of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice have been obtained at great costs through terrible wars with many battles that caused much pain, suffering, and death for large numbers of people.  Our members learn that life in America is always a serious ongoing challenge to maintain, improve, and strengthen our American Republic political system.  This ongoing challenge is not a dress rehearsal; this is the real thing - so every patriotic-minded person needs to decide what actions they are willing to take to help defend, support, and improve our American Republic form of government. 

 Holistic Healthcare Freedom Project 

     Lon Willoughby has worked with holistic health care programs for many years (20+), and that experience  enabled him to see and understand the great need to improve health care freedoms across America.  He believes that all adult citizens have an inherent right to choose the health care services and products that they want to use to take care of their precious health.  They should be free to choose which type of health care practitioner(s)  they want to use for their healthcare needs. 

     It is clear that most people in South Carolina do not understand that the statutory laws for this State prohibit most, if not all, holistic healthcare services unless they are provided by a licensed medical doctor.  That situation is further restricted severely when the State Medical Board effectively discourage"medical doctors in this State from providing holistic healthcare services (alternative, complementary, or integrative practices and therapies). 

     Lon understands that most people do not have sufficient information about this vital subject to understand the magnitude of this deficiency in healthcare services.  In general, people do not understand the importance of this very serious healthcare deficiency.  Furthermore, most people do not know how to take effective actions to make vital improvements in this State regarding this exceptionally important healthcare challenge. 

      Americans4Justice will help people learn how to take charge of their lives and their healthcare much more effectively, and will help people in a given State get organized to take effective actions to get their State legislators to review and revise relevant State Statutory Laws to allow and encourage holistic healthcare practitioners to come into the State and provide badly needed holistic type healthcare services and relevant products.

      Our club members learn that most Americans still have very limited  access to exceptionally important preventive health care information, procedures, services, and products although these advanced healthcare advantages are available in a few states. This is true because many States (statutory laws) and/or their medical profession boards still discourage or otherwise  restrict the practice of alternative, complementary, and integrative holistic health care services in said states.

Question:  Why do these conditions still exist in South Carolina in the year 2020?  

Answer:  Medical Board members still dominate and control the "legalized" distribution of healthcare information, products, and services in this State.

Question:  Is this medical board control exercised in a self-serving manner for financial benefit to members of the orthodox medical profession to the exclusion of many other beneficial healthcare services, including alternative, complementary, and integrative healthcare services by enlightened medical doctors? 

Answer:  Many states do not openly allow alternative, complementary, and integrative holistic healthcare services by enlightened and forward thinking medical doctors.  Very few States allow the noble and very beneficial and enlightened practice of holistic naturopathy, irrespective of the practitioners advanced healthcare education, training, and experience. 

     Consider why these situations still exist in most States in America in the year 2005.  Who prevents these exceptionally beneficial healthcare services from being readily available to the general public?  Follow the money trail - who stands to gain financially, socially, and politically if enlightened holistic healthcare services are not allowed to be offered legally to people in a given State? 

     Thomas Jefferson was a brilliant and innovative person who had great wisdom.  He understood the dangers inherent in allowing "government agents" (medical boards?) to have dictatorial and tyrannical control over our lives and well-being.  Consider the present state of poor health in America and then think about the wisdom shown in his prophetic statement:

     If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.

    It is self-evident that a lot more money can be made from treating sick people who do not know how to take proper care of their health than the money that can be made by helping people learn how to take better care of their health using advanced holistic health care procedures and services along with quality nutrition supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, immune system boosters, intestinal cleansing herbs, parasite cleansing herbs, pH balance products, etc.), purified drinking and cooking water, and purified air to breath at home . 

     Holistic healthcare considers the body as a whole unit and works to bring the entire body into a healthy state, realizing that it is futile and short-sighted to just treat individual symptoms.  The symptoms may provide important information about the state of body malfunctions, but masking the symptoms with pain killing drugs does not correct the underlying deficiency that is causing the pain.

     Holistic healthcare strives to help the body achieve optimum health for the short-term and the long-term health of the individual. Is this a better approach to health care?  We believe the evidence shows that it is a much better approach for many health conditions than the symptom-based protocol that is typical for conventional medical care.

 Judicial Improvement & Reform Project

      Americans4Justice members learn that there is an urgent need to improve our judicial systems substantially  and eliminate the appalling and disgustingly unfair and unethical  "self-serving capacity" that was cleverly  (deceitfully?) designed into our judicial systems by prominent jurist. Our judicial systems did not get into the terribly corrupt self-serving mess that exists today by accident.      

       Lon's extensive litigation experiences, over 21+ years, convinced him that this "self-serving capacity" makes it very easy for unethical judges and other attorneys to corrupt any judicial process any time they choose with no fear of investigation, retribution, or punishment - because members of the "legal brotherhood" control investigations and prosecutions.

     It is self-evident that the legal profession and the judiciary have steadily grown in numbers during the past 240+ years and they have become a very powerful political force in America.  Think about how many members of the U.S. Congress (House and Senate) over the years have been law school graduates.  Think about how many presidents and vice presidents have been law school graduates. 

     And then think about how many legislators in the state government political offices have been law school graduates.  Then think about  how many powerful political offices in both the states and the federal government have been held by law school graduates.  Then and only then will you begin to see how America is dominated and controlled to a very large extent by members of the legal profession. 

    Many state and federal legislators are attorneys and this power block of "legal brotherhood" members can exert tremendous political power in State and federal legislative functions.  Also consider that many law enforcement agencies (state and federal) are effectively controlled by attorneys.  In effect, every county of every state in the United States is effectively controlled, to a substantial extent, by members of the legal profession.

     Did the American people go to sleep for two hundred years while all of this was taking place in a progressive ongoing scheme to enable judges and other attorneys to dominate and control all Americans, or were the American voters simply naive and trusting "subjects" who had too little understanding of, and too little appreciation for, mankind's history regarding the persistent self-serving nature of powerful and privileged elitist groups? 

     Based upon Lon Willoughby's  21+ years of litigation experiences in state and federal courts, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court for two cases exposing extreme judicial corruption, it is very clear to him that the "legal profession political force" is now so disgustingly self-serving that it may be one of the worst enemies that freedom-loving American patriots have within the United States of America.  We therefore have an urgent need to expose the self-serving nature of this powerful political force to all patriotic-minded Americans.  

     It is natural for people to be very skeptical about this situation upon hearing about it for the first time.  However, when new members begin to learn about this very disturbing situation,  we can help them learn that there is an abundance of information  to substantiate the author's opinions, as stated herein.  Important books have been written that expose the deceptive, self-serving nature of the "legal brotherhood"  in America.  

     You can read a report about Lon Willoughby's experiences with an extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt judiciary, over a period of 21+ years of litigation, by going to the Judicial Reform section of this web site.  See selection button to the right or at the bottom of this page.

     Our members understand that we have a duty and a responsibility to become more knowledgeable about the vital issues identified herein.  It is clear that we must become more effective politically if we want to enjoy the benefits of freedom, liberty, and justice in America for our generation and for our children and grandchildren. 

     Having acquired an enlightened understanding of the urgent challenges identified in this section, our members will enthusiastically choose to help develop and promote an independent educational organization that is dedicated to helping patriotic-minded Americans learn how to become better citizens and more effective patriots while they also learn how to improve their health substantially in holistic ways that are cost-effective.  

     Members learn that the vital economic and social challenges identified herein have been going on for a long time, and they will likely continue from one generation to the next, for hundreds of years in the future. It is therefore very important for our members to learn how to be as healthy as possible so they can be more effective patriots and stay in this noble struggle for many more years than would be possible without the exceptionally valuable specialized health care knowledge acquired through membership in Americans 4 Justice.

     People who are well informed about these vital political issues will quickly realize that every patriotic-minded American needs to be a member of Americans 4 Justice However, at the present time, memberships are restricted for American citizens that live in the upstate area of South Carolina, having a permanent home address with a Zip Code of 296 _ _ .

 Creed of Americans 4 Justice

     Our members affirm that they subscribe to the creed composed by Dean Alfange titled The Uncommon Man that reads as follows:

     I do not choose to be a common man.  It is my right to be uncommon - If I can.  I seek opportunity - not security.  I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me.  I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed.  I refuse to barter incentive for a dole.  I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence;  the thrill of fulfillment to the state calm of utopia.

     I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout.  I will never cower before any master not bend to any threat.  It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the world boldly and say, this I have done.

     All this is what it means to be an American.


The Rise and Fall of Great Civilizations 


     A comprehensive review of world history shows that the average age of the world's great civilizations has been about 200 years.  Great nations typically rise and then fall,  progressing through this sequence of events:


From Bondage to Spiritual Faith

From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage 

From Courage to Liberty, From Liberty to Abundance

From Abundance to Selfishness - From Selfishness to Complacency

From Complacency to Apathy - From Apathy to Dependency

From Dependency back again into Bondage


     Although the United States of America has passed its 200 years mark (243 years), it is clear that we have traveled a long way down the  sequence of events listed above.  It appears that many of our citizens are now in the Complacency and Apathy phases and many are already in the Dependency phase.  For proof of this situation, we can look at the very large number of citizens who will not go to the polls and vote in local and state elections. We even have millions of citizens who will not bother to vote in our state or national elections.

     Yes, we have millions of people that have already copped-out; they sit on the side lines and complain but make very little effort to take any responsible actions that could help us build a better America.  Hopefully, our A4J education services can help many of them regain hope that their personal actions can make a difference because they can now join forces with many other Americans in a responsible way to help make good things happen.

      The cycle of events listed above is what has happened to the world's great civilizations, time and time and time again.  However, we believe that this cycle is not inevitable if enough citizens can be educated to understand the problems and choose to become part of the solutions.

    Due to our modern means of communications, and especially Email, it is much easier to educate and inform large numbers of American patriots today about vital issues than it has ever been before in the history of man.  

    Americans4Justice will make it very easy for our A4J club members to become knowledgeable about the vital issues identified herein so they can become more effective patriotic team members and help us promote solutions to these critically important issues.  In addition, our A4J affiliates can get paid generous referral awards (finder's fee commissions) for being an active patriot that helps us find new A4J club members.  This is truly a winning combination of ideas!

     Each of us has an opportunity to choose each day which side of this ongoing ideological struggle our personal efforts will support.  Will our daily efforts support the good team [people who strive to bring about more freedom, liberty, justice, equality, opportunity, honesty, and health and happiness for as many people as possible]

     Or will our daily efforts effectively support the bad team [people who are characterized by deceitfulness, selfishness, power-brokering, and who strive to cause the masses of people to live with more dependency upon government services [effective bondage], increased disease rates (AIDS, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, etc.), and live with more pain and suffering with shortened life spans - for all but the privileged insiders? 

     Where do you stand regarding the vital issues identified herein?  Are you willing to do something important with your life by striving to help many other patriots accomplish these Objectives? Ask yourself this question - are you philosophically in favor of our objectives or are you against what we are striving to accomplish?  If you are opposed to these objectives, this is clearly not the organization for you to join.  However, if you like our objectives and want to see them accomplished, you should seriously consider applying for membership as soon as we begin accepting membership applications. When that day arrives, we will notify everyone on our Email list.

    Many people are not actively participating in these great ideological challenges due to lack of awareness, lack of understanding, or simply a lack of courage to choose which side they want their life to support.   

    The  people who stand on the sidelines and take no actions about these vital social challenges are effectively "allowing" the enemies of our freedoms and liberty to gain more control over mankind, as those forces have been trying to do for many years.  Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were concerned about some of these matters.  That was a long time ago.   

     Some of those political groups, organizations, and secret societies are still  pursuing their selfish totalitarian socialistic objectives, from one generation to the next generation, with the help of powerful families of "elitist insiders" and their unwitting, uninformed, friends and allies. 

     We can help our members obtain reliable information about those sinister political forces so our members can understand that this struggle is not a game that one can choose to play or not play; it is a life and death struggle for our freedoms and liberty against powerful forces who want to rule the masses of people on Planet Earth in an extremely self-serving manner through despotism and tyranny. 

     The enemies of freedomliberty, and justice have made a lot of progress toward their goals in the last 200+ years due to the deceitful manner in which they fool the masses of people.  However, modern communications gives us a huge advantage because we can now educate large numbers of people quickly.

     Consequently, we can still get the upper hand in this ongoing war of good forces against evil forces.  In order to succeed, we need to have a comprehensive program that provides leadership for uniting hundreds of patriotic groups in America.  We need the help of every patriotic-minded American in this ideological war that will ultimately determine whether or not we will be able to continue as a free people for the rest of our lives and into the next generation of Americans.

    We are determined to help this great nation become the country that our Founding Fathers dreamed of and wished for when they risked all they had to make this nation free of despotism and tyranny (King George III - King of Great Britain from 1760 to 1820).  We believe our Founding Fathers would be pleased and proud of the objectives that Americans4Justice is striving to achieve.

     Members of A4J come to a clear understanding that FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and JUSTICE are not FREE, never have been, and never will be!  This has been true throughout the history of mankind on Planet Earth.  We understand that every generation has to learn how to effectively oppose well organized groups, organizations, and secret societies who work together, generation to generation, to increase their power and ability to dominate and control the masses of people on Planet Earth.                      

     If this is the first time that you have heard about these self-serving power-hungry, despotic, tyrannical type organizations, please understand that you are not yet well-informed at this point in your life about these critically important political and financial issues. We understand that you might be very skeptical about these "new concepts" so we are prepared to help you rapidly improve your knowledge about this situation.     

    Members can learn how major political functions and objectives can be manipulated by powerful individuals and  organizations. Members learn that major news outlets are effectively "controlled" and this knowledge helps them understand how to cope with the  facade of  controlled news that is frequently public propaganda news for the masses. 

     Several books have been written to expose some of these sinister secret and private organizations that have been working for many years to subjugate the masses of people on Planet Earth. We can help members learn how to obtain more information about these exceptionally important political issues.

   You can learn more about Americans4Justice by visiting the Programsection of this website.  Select the Programs Icon at the top or bottom of this department to link to that information. 

    If you like the objectives stated herein, please consider joining our team and lets get to work together, helping millions of American patriots take back America and rebuild the American Dream that has been severely damaged and diminished by our enemies (both foreign and domestic).    

     ACTION ITEM:  If you have a sincere responsible interest in learning more about these vital issues, please contact us by Email and let us know that you want to get on our Email list - see the instructions provided at the end of the Programs section.

     Thank you for your kind consideration,


Lon Willoughby, founder and director of Americans4Justice


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     A4J club members can also help us educate good patriotic type clubs, groups, or organizations within their local community, or their city, or their local county - all within the upstate area of South Carolina that have home address ZIP Codes of 296 _ _ .   
     Currently, the distribution of our six lessons CQV natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program is restricted to "qualified"  American citizens that live in the upstate area of South Carolina (citizens that have a permanent home or residence ZIP Code of 296 _ _ ). 
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      In essence, each A4J club member will have an opportunity to earn generous Affiliate Referral Awards when they voluntarily contact their prospects directly, and invite them to visit this introductory Americans4Justice-SC dot com website.  Club members, or their prospective person, or a married couple, can contact ABC of Health directly for more information about our A4J membership opportunity.
     Alternatively, club members can choose to refer the name and mailing address of "apparently qualified" responsible patriotic-minded natural-born American citizens to our ABC of Health office, and we will mail each prospective citizen a custom-printed Americans 4 Justice invitation post card (to their home address). 
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     The "free to review" education at ABCofHealth dot com presents life-changing natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are worth thousands of dollars to most visitors. 
     Visitors can also learn about our Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV) qualification standards - which are also the qualification standards for our Americans 4 Justice - SC club member.   
     A review of our sister website can also educate visitors about our ABC of Health company and our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services.  Visitors can learn about our six lessons CQV natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program.  It is an integral  core education component of each A4J education club membership.
      Visitors to that sister website can learn a lot of "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  The website presents natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be very important and very valuable to most American adults. 
     This proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts education is not available anywhere else in America in this "free to review" Internet access format.
     A4J club members will have an opportunity to qualify to earn income through our Affiliate Referral Awards Income System.  This is a very important opportunity for stay-at-home spouses and parents with dependent children that are living at home with their parents. 
     This remarkable MLM opportunity is also an excellent income opportunity for retired individuals who would like to have a very convenient way to earn additional income in a very easy and very important way that is dignified "education work" that can be done  from their home.  We offer A4J club members a truly remarkable "turn-key" MLM "network marketing" business opportunity.
     Many natural-born patriotic-minded American citizens who live in the upstate area of South Carolina may qualify for this very easy A4J - SC club member MLM affiliate income opportunity

     The Income Opportunity department of this website explains more helpful information about our MLM affiliate referral award income opportunity.  '

Earning a substantial amount of additional income with our MLM Affiliate Referral Awards income Opportunity can enable many A4J club members to take important actions that they might not otherwise be able to afford to take. 

     This generous additional income can help provide the financial freedom that may be needed by some A4J club members, and this additional income may enable them to become much more effective American patriots
     Earning financial freedom may enable many A4J club members to work more effectively in helping them develop a better life for their family - while also helping our A4J education services offer a better life for many other politically active patriotic-minded Americans - especially our retired members, stay-at-home spouses, and also some voting-age qualifiable college students who want to earn additional income in a very dignified manner on a light easy work part-time basis.
     Consequently, Americans 4 Justice provides a remarkable home-based business income opportunity for "qualified" patriotic-minded American adults.  We pay generous up-front income (Affiliate Referral Awards on the first level and on four additional downline levels).  Our commission system also includes opportunities to earn residual affiliate awards income on voluntary annual membership renewal fees near the anniversary date of each downline affiliate's initial joining date for their A4J club membership.
     This very important and valuable residual income feature can enable a club member to continue earning residual income from affiliate referral work that they did during their first year and each subsequent year of their A4J club membership.  This residual affiliate award income can continue for years, year after year, and this residual affiliate income will likely grow in amount of income as the years go by.
     The residual affiliate income feature can continue as long as one is an active member in our A4J membership club - earning residual income year after year into the future.  The residual affiliate income can continue growing as the years go by because large numbers of qualified patriotic-minded Americans (tens-of-thousands!!!) will likely join our Patriotic Club Team as the word spreads across South Carolina. about our services. 
     A4J memberships will eventually become available throughout SC and then likely become available in nearby southern states like NC, GA, TN, etc.) This incredibly important and very valuable private A4J educational club membership is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those natural-born American citizens who can qualify for membership.
     In order for us to pursue our ambitious patriotic objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner, it is very important for our members to be as healthy as possible.  Why is this exceptionally important to A4J?
     First of all, we truly want our members to enjoy their life in America as much as possible and for as long a time as possible.  It is clear that  healthy citizens generally enjoy life much more than unhealthy citizens. 
     We want all of our A4J club members to become knowledgeable about our copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  Our six lessons CQV natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program is a component part of our first year's A4J club membership service.
     Our special six lessons CQV natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program presents exceptionally important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can improve a member's healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle actions in the near term and then continue with those improvements routinely for the rest of their life.
     Our A4J club members can use these natural healthcare and wellness concepts to become healthier and more effective family members and thereby substantially improve life for their family members - while we help them learn how to become much more effective America citizens regarding important political challenges that will likely occur. 
     The outcome of these political challenges will likely affect them for many years - probably for the rest of their life.  The outcome of some political challenges can be very important to each member and their family members - and for future generations of their family members.  Members can learn how to get on the right side of political actions.

     We realize that healthy patriots can be much more effective than dedicated responsible patriots who are in poor health, or  who are preoccupied with serious debilitating health conditions within their immediate family members.

     Healthy members can stay active with our voluntary Patriotic Team services for more years than unhealthy members are likely to do.  Healthy members also have much lower healthcare costs so they have more money available in providing for their family.
     For the multiple reasons shown above, it is very sensible  enlightened self-interest for modern-day American patriots to want to help other patriotic-minded citizens learn how to greatly improve their long-term health potential and also increase their longevity potential. 
     This is a voluntary team effort project that is very important toward our successful achievement of the various education goals and objectives identified at this website.  A4J club members can pick and choose which goals and objectives they are most interested in working with in their local community or in this state (South Carolina).
     We understand that it is essential for our members to have access to very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that can enable them to increase their energy level and their vitality, and also likely increase their longevity potential.  
     A4J club members can learn how to decrease their potential to suffer with common sickness and disease conditions that plague millions of American, and those healthcare actions can help members minimize the pain and suffering that could have been involved with those health conditions.
     Our A4J club members will have access to special natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can enable them to learn about holistic methods of improving their personal health and improving their lifestyle - in ways that can help them cope more quickly and effectively with various health conditions that are common in America. 
     However, we must carefully avoid helping teach America's enemies about how to become healthier and much more effective persons; consequently, we have a security screening evaluation process for selecting new A4J club members. 
     We will carefully evaluate each new prospective A4J club membership applicant to help us ensure that we are accepting membership applicants that are good responsible patriotic-minded natural-born American citizens. 

Attitude is Very Important

     Attitude is a very important part of short-term and long-term health, and attitude is a very important factor in an individual's effectiveness in achieving desired objectives.  A4J club members will therefore have an opportunity to learn how to develop and maintain a PCP Attitude on a daily basis. 
PCP = Positive, Constructive, and Productive   

     Our A4J club members can obtain access to very important 

information that can empower them and motivate them to achieve

 all they can be.

     We will strive to help each club member have much better

 opportunities to achieve their ultimate potential in life.

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