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Income Opportunity for Patriots 

     We provide members with a special opportunity to earn substantial amounts of money in an easy and convenient manner that requires very little time or effort.   Members do not need to sell any products or services to earn generous Affiliate Awards.  They can make substantial amounts of money by simply helping us advertise our Introductory natural healthcare concepts education website
     Yes, it is true, A4J club members can earn money by simply inviting qualified Americans to visit this very helpful website; they can earn an affiliate award for each of those citizens who like our education services and who can qualify to join our A4J Private Education Club Membership and then pay their first-year annual membership dues
     Those affiliate awards are a generous finder's fee commission that is paid out of the first-year annual membership dues that each new A4J club member pays for their A4J private education club membership
     If A4J club members are then happy with the remarkable healthcare education and other vital education services that we provide for A4J club members, they can choose to renew their A4J club  membership for another year at the substantially reduced renewal annual membership dues rate
     Even though A4J club members obtain tremendous educational benefits during their first year of membership, benefits that will be very helpful for a lifetime, there are also good reasons why many club members may want to renew their club membership for years two and beyond - as we will explain later herein as we progress with this introductory education about A4J club membership benefits and features.
     All of our A4J club members will have the optional  opportunity to help us promote our very important educational services and then earn a generous "affiliate award" (finder's fee commission payment) for each personally referred American citizen that then qualifies for A4J club membership and joins our A4J private educational club.
     Making additional amounts of money in such an honest, dignified, and respectable manner is very easy and exceptionally convenient.  Think about this for a moment:  our very important and very valuable educational services can help patriotic American adult citizens improve their health in several remarkable ways, and can also improve the health of their dependent children living with them in their home.
      We also help our A4J club members improve their lives in several ways while we are helping them protect, defend, and strengthen our  American RepublicWow!   This is truly an exciting income opportunity for many "qualifiable" patriotic-minded American Christian-oriented natural-born citizens.  
     Club members can spend a little time working with our affiliate  awards program whenever it is most convenient for them to do this.  Consequently, A4J club members can work at this home-based business income opportunity whenever they like, and work as little or as much as they choose to work from time to time.  They set and perform their own work schedule.
     We also help our A4J club members learn how to accomplish these very important objectives easily and effectively in convenient ways.
     To get started, a qualified prospective member will complete a Membership Application Form (will be provided to them) They will  complete the application and mail it to our office Our office personnel   will carefully review their application promptly
     If their A4J club membership application is approved, the new A4J club member will be notified promptly by Email that they have qualified for membership (single person or a married couple status).  
     When they pay their first-year annual club membership dues, their Club Membership Kit of educational information and materials will be shipped promptly via the best method for their official mailing location.

A4J Affiliate Referral Activities

     Our remarkable A4J affiliate "network marketing" income opportunity program can help A4J-SC club member A4J sales  affiliates earn generous amounts of income easily for their very important patriotic type "educational advertising type work.      

     Their very easy advertising work, where they refer their "apparently qualifiable" network marketing prospects to our introductory educational website, is the essence of their "A4J  work."  That easy "referral work" may frequently result in them earning an "affiliate award" (finder's fee commission) for each "apparently qualifiable" A4J club member prospect that then 

     (1) qualifies to join our A4J education club membership and

     (2)  then chooses to join our A4J private education club membership by paying their first-year annual membership dues.

     Their "apparently qualifiable" A4J club member prospect can responsibly consider the very important and very valuable advantages, benefits, and the exciting income opportunities that our exclusive private education club membership offers to each A4J education club member

     If the new A4J club member chooses to be an MLM affiliate (no additional fee), they will immediately be qualified to begin inviting "apparently qualifiable" American adult citizens to visit and review our very important introductory natural healthcare concepts educational website.  That website is located at     

     New A4J club members will usually start their affiliate sales education work by inviting some of their "network marketing" prospective A4J club membership contacts, that are "apparently qualifiable" to join our A4J private education membership club, to review our very informative introductory natural healthcare concepts educational website

     "Network marketing prospects" are people within their "circle of influence" - adults that they personally know such as family members (adult brother, sister, mother, father, the new club member's adult children), close and some distant relatives, church member contacts, or other club member contacts, business contacts (people that they do business with), etc.

      As you will see herein, ABC of Health developed this very helpful A4J educational website to make it very easy for A4J-SC sales affiliates to also introduce "prospective A4J-SC club members" to our remarkable A4J educational services - after prospects review our two "free to review" educational websites that are parts one and part two of Lon's autobiographical story.

     The new A4J sales affiliate should keep in mind that the invitations that they give to selected American citizens to visit our introductory educational website can be exceptionally important and very valuable to each selected "apparently qualified" A4J private education club member prospect

     Our introductory educational website, and also our main healthcare concepts educational website located at, provide very important and very valuable "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education

     That special healthcare education can be "life-changing" for  most American adult visitors and may also be "life-saving" education for some of those visitors.  Therefore, an invitation to visit our introductory website can be a VERY BIG DEAL!!!

     Some of those invitations may result in a selected "personally known prospect" qualifying to join our A4J club membership and then choosing to join our A4J private education club.

     That very important action may enable them to learn how to greatly improve their lifestyle, learn about very important nutrition supplement products that can help them avoid, reduce, or minimize serious sickness and disease conditions in their life, and the life of their spouse, and maybe improve the life of dependent children that are living at home with the parents

     They may get excited about our "network marketing" income opportunities and choose to be one of our A4J club member sales affiliates. That may result in them earning some easy money (affiliate awards that are "finder's fee commissions"). 

     Remember that A4J sales affiliates have the potential to earn generous affiliate awards in their first year as an A4J sales affiliate with Americans 4 Justice - SC (ABC of Health).  The amount of affiliate income that they earn is determined by their success with our affiliate business income opportunity.

     So you see, an A4J sales affiliate's invitation to a prospect to visit our introductory website can truly be a VERY BIG DEAL!!!

 Unlimited Number of of A4J Club Members

    It is very important to understand that our affiliate sales commission software program allows each A4J sales affiliate to sponsor an unlimited number of new A4J private education club members

     That is the first reason the "affiliate award" income potential is exciting.

     Each new A4J club member can choose to be a sales  affiliate and each new club member sale earns another sales affiliate award (finder's fee sales commission).

     That is the second reason that our sales affiliates "affiliate award" income potential is exciting.    

     Each sales affiliate can have multiple opportunities to increase the amount of affiliate awards (finder's fee commission income) that they can earn each year - by simply sponsoring additional A4J education club members.


      You see, each new A4J MLM affiliate has the same kinds of opportunities to sponsor new A4J club members and earn an "affiliate award" (finder's fee commission income) for each new A4J club membership sale that occurs due to their MLM affiliate "advertising referral" to our introductory educational website.

     It is very important to understand that each A4J MLM affiliate's sponsoring of a new A4J club members, who then choose to also become an A4J MLM affiliate, will have some easy A4J affiliate management duties.

     The sponsoring MLM affiliate will need to help each first level new A4J MLM affiliate (who chose to be an A4J MLM affiliate) learn how to get started with their very easy A4J affiliate referral advertising actions.

     The more effective this A4J MLM sponsor's management action are, the more new A4J club memberships that will likely be sponsored in their down-line legs, and the more A4J MLM affiliates that will become active with exciting A4J affiliate referral advertising work (referring their "apparently qualified" A4J private education club member prospects to our introductory education website.

      Each additional down-line leg can earn additional income for the upline affiliate sponsor because down-line affiliate awards can be paid four levels deep below the initial sponsor's level for all A4J MLM affiliate's sponsoring actions (new A4J club members) that are generated by the active A4J MLM affiliates in each of the A4J affiliate's sponsored down-line legs.    

     A new down-line leg is activated by simply sponsoring  another A4J club member who then chooses to become an A4J MLM affiliate.  That action can start new down-line opportunities to earn additional affiliate awards due to potential sponsoring activities by all A4J MLM affiliates who are located in that down-line leg. 

     Remember that there are always four potential down-line levels of affiliate sponsorship work and that successful sponsorship work earns affiliate awards for that A4J affiliate's sponsoring A4J MLM affiliate, and it also earns affiliate awards for the A4J MLM upline affiliates - four levels of upline A4J MLM affiliates can also earn "affiliate awards."   

      Each A4J MLM affiliate can have additional opportunities to increase the amount of their affiliate awards (finder's fee commission earnings) that they can earn each year - by simply sponsoring additional A4J private education club members who then individually choose to become A4J MLM affiliates.   

Dignified MLM Affiliate Advertising Work

       The A4J MLM affiliate's "affiliate referral work" is very important dignified patriotic-type education work and advertising work that is very easy to accomplish.

     Our A4J MLM affiliates can conveniently work from their home because they can use our introductory educational website to accomplish very important educational work with each "apparently qualified" prospective A4J private education club member. 

     A4J MLM affiliates do not need to conduct meetings to encourage citizens to join our A4J club membership; our  introductory educational website can do very important and very helpful education work for each A4J MLM affiliate.  That website is available 24/7 for each of the MLM affiliate's "apparently qualified" A4J club member prospects that have good access to the Internet.

       You can see that this is truly an outstanding home-based MLM type business opportunity that can be operated conveniently by each A4J club member, with little time for referral activity efforts being required. 

     This truly exciting MLM type business opportunity can also be conducted at very low cost.  Referral advertising invitations (to visit and review our introductory education website) can be made with brief personal voice discussions (and a printed note or business card showing our introductory website address), or voice communications via telephone calls, Faxes, E-mails, text messages, post cards, or one page letters (using only communications information that has been approved for use by ABC of Health for referring contacts to our introductory education website). 

      Our A4J club member MLM affiliates can easily and conveniently encourage "apparently qualified" natural-born American citizens (18 years of age or older) to visit our introductory educational website

     Visitors can learn that Lon and Janie Willoughby have invested a lot of time and a lot of diligent effort and a lot of money to enable our educational websites to educate patriotic-minded American citizens about very important subjects that all responsible citizens need to understand.

     You are learning that our introductory educational website will do very important educational work for our affiliates by educating their referred prospects about the truly remarkable advantages, benefits, and exciting opportunities that our A4J club members enjoy. 

     Club member MLM affiliates simply need to refer their "apparently qualified" prospects to our introductory educational website and help them understand that it is very important to responsibly review all of the introductory educational information in the Home department of that website. 

     Visitors to this A4J education website will see and understand that this very easy "referral work" is very important patriotic work that patriotic-minded American adults can easily do while working very conveniently from their home on their own time schedule.

     In this manner, A4J club member MLM affiliates can use our introductory educational website to educate "apparently qualified" American adult citizens that they personally know (and believe that they are good responsible patriotic-minded American citizens). 

     Their prospects should be patriotic-minded citizens that truly care about their exceptionally important American citizenship.  Those citizens will likely be delighted to learn that an A4J private education club membership will provide them with a very effective responsible and sensible membership that can also help them protect their precious American freedoms in the future in very important ways.

    You can see that our A4J MLM affiliates can accomplish their introductory educational referral "advertising work" with their A4J club membership prospects by simply referring them (introducing them) to  our introductory educational website

     Ultimately, A4J MLM affiliates will want their "referral education and advertising work" (referring prospective American citizens to visit and review our introductory educational website) to result in serious A4J club membership consideration by their "apparently qualified" prospective American patriotic-minded citizens.    

      "Apparently qualified" American natural-born citizens who like and appreciate what we offer our private A4J education club members can then contact our office (by Email, Fax, U.S. Mail, or by telephone) to learn more about our A4J-SC club membership evaluation process

      When a referred A4J club member prospect shows a responsible interest in our A4J MLM affiliate networking business opportunity, we have this educational website that ABC of Health office personnel can refer them to for additional information about our exciting A4J MLM affiliate business opportunity. 

     We are quite selective about who can qualify for membership in our A4J private education club, so we carefully evaluate each membership application in a fair-minded, reasonable, and responsible manner.

Wealthy Club Member Opportunities

     Wealthy club members may not be interested in making  additional income for themselves, but they will now be able to offer our remarkable income producing A4J MLM opportunity to "apparently qualified" American adult citizens that they personally know who might benefit a lot from this very easy A4J MLM type income producing opportunity.

     In addition to this special income opportunity, wealthy club members can also introduce their prospective club members to  our super important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services.  Our healthcare education services are the very valuable core component opportunity of our patriotic type A4J private educational club membership

     Our life changing and life saving natural healthcare and wellness concepts education has the potential to improve each  club member's life in truly remarkable ways.  (This very special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education is not available anywhere else in America.)

Patriotic Type Political Education

     You will soon see that the patriotic-type political education that we also provide herein "free to review" for all American adult visitors is vital political information that all American citizen voters needed to review before they voted in the November 2020 elections

     As reported herein, it is exceptionally important that American voters learn about the socialistic and communistic political schemes and tactics that have been used for many years (mostly with Democratic Party politicians) in trying to convince and dupe American voters into voting for politicians who will work to help gradually convert America into a socialist country first, and then slowly and gradually convert America into a communist controlled country. (The way they have already accomplished successfully in many other countries.)

     The DVD documentary "The Enemies Within" by Trevor Loudon reports some of those devious and very harmful political actions in a responsible and sensible manner.  It was therefore very important that all patriotic-minded American voters watched that exceptionally important political documentary video before voting in November 2020.   We will provide more information about this DVD later in this Home Department (how/where to purchase, etc.).

      Responsible American voters can see clearly herein that the educational services that Americans 4 Justice - SC is providing are exceptionally important.

      American citizens can see that this A4J-SC educational website enables them to quickly and conveniently learn about our very important and very valuable educational services Visitors can also learn about our very easy to achieve A4J MLM affiliate referral awards income opportunities

     The very important and very valuable "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that visitors will find at our main health education website (ABC of Health dot com) is a big bonus education service that can help motivate visitors to begin taking much better care of their natural health

     You may be able to help ABC of Health become more effective in educating patriotic-minded Americans (that you know) about the vital educational services that we provide "free to review" for all American visitors to our educational health websites

     Visitors also learn about the remarkable education services that we provide for our A4J private education club members.

Visitors Learn Important Information

     It is very important to understand that all American visitors to this website will learn very important information that all patriotic-minded Americans need to know, whether or not they may be eligible to become a member of our A4J - SC educational membership club.

     American citizens who visit this website can also refer other American citizen voters to our introductory education website, whether or not the referrer or the referred person may be eligible to become a member of our A4J private education club. 

     As you are learning now, the very valuable political education presented at this website is very important and very valuable for all responsible American voters.

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