Income Opportunities for A4J Club Members

Part 2

     Lon and Janie recently moved forward with the activation of

 Americans4Justice - SC with an innovative business income

opportunity that can make good progress in a relatively short

period of time. This progress can happen because they developed

an Affiliate Referral Awards Income Program that is an elective

component of our remarkable Americans 4 Justice private

education club for selected patriotic-minded citizens.  

     Working together, Lon and Janie developed a very easy way 

for A4J club members to earn additional income by simply

referring "apparently qualifiable" natural-born American

adult citizens to our very important introductory natural health

care concepts education website

    A4J club members referring "apparently qualifiable" American 

adult citizens to our introductory health educational website is as

easy as very important patriotic educational work can get.  

     Think about that for a few moments - the "work" is to simply 

refer "apparently qualifiable" natural-born American citizens to

our introductory natural healthcare concepts educational

website and hopefully responsibly review all of the Home

department's presentation

     Those easy referral "advertising actions" can enable our A4J-

SC club members to have opportunities to get paid generously for

their "referral advertising work" - for referring "apparently

qualifiable" American citizens to our introductory natural health 

care concepts education website.

(AdvancedNaturalHealthConcepts dot com)

     The "referring club member" can help their personally

known "referred prospects" learn about this remarkable

educational opportunityThey can learn about the education

services that we provide for our Americas4Justice Club

Members, and whether or not they have an interest in trying to

qualify for becoming a member of our A4J private education club.

     If they like the education services that we provide for A4J club

members, they may decide to join with us by becoming a member

of our A4J Private Education Club.   Our office personnel will

work with them to help them understand the actions that are

necessary to become a Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV) and

thereby complete our security evaluation. 

     Our office personnel will work directly with each new CQV to

help them understand how to complete their application for

membership in our A4J Private Education Club.

     Each new CQV's A4J club membership application

paperwork will be evaluated carefully by our office personnel. If

an applicant is qualified by our office personnel, the applicant

can then make a final decision about paying their first-year club

membership annual dues to become an active member of our

A4J Private Education Club

     The amount of their first-year dues is not a fixed

amount; the dues amount will be determined jointly by

the new applicant and our office personnel, based upon

their financial status as presented in their membership

application paperwork.  Once they agree to pay that

amount of first-year membership dues and make that

payment directly to ABC of Health, they will have

completed our club membership application procedures.

     At that point, our office personnel will mail them their A4J

Club Membership Welcome Kit and provide the security

codes that the new member will need to fully access our six-

lessons A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts

Education Program on the Internet. 

     You see, our very important and very valuable six lessons

Natural Healthcare Concepts A4J Educational Program is not

available to a Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV) until they

become an active A4J private education club member.

     Now that our membership software program is activated, our

newly commissioned membership software computer program

for Americans4Justice-SC is now the only way that one

can obtain our remarkable Natural Healthcare and Wellness

Concepts Home-study Education Program.  The six lessons are

available on the Internet 24/7 for easy access at home by A4J

private education club members - using the security codes

that our office personnel provide to each new member.


      We will present more helpful information about our remarkable

A4J-SC club membership education services and our generous

affiliate income opportunity as we move forward below. 

    We have vital educational information to share with

each new Americans 4 Justice - SC club member. 

     We can help each new A4J- SC club member become a much

more effective patriotic-minded American citizen as we are

teaching how to take much better care of their natural health

     We also make it very easy for patriotic-minded Americans to 

quickly get on board and begin learning about some very

important political issues. 

     As explained briefly above, Lon and Janie have

developed an innovative way for our A4J - SC club

members to get paid generously for helping "apparently

qualifiable" natural-born Christian-oriented American

citizens, living in selected ZIP Code areas of the upstate

of South Carolina, find and review our very important

introductory natural healthcare concepts educational


     Those visitors can get educated about the very

important advantages, benefits, and valuable

opportunities of membership in Americans4Justice-SC.    

     Lon and Janie Willoughby want our A4J - SC club members to

become healthier and stronger patriotic-minded citizens (both

physically and mentally stronger), and we can help our A4J club

members accomplish these vital healthcare objectives

     Thank you for visiting this very important A4J-SC  educational

website. It can help you and other American adult citizens

understand the vital importance and great value of our remarkable

A4J private educational club membership

     Fortunately, we still have enough freedoms left in America to

freely publicize our very important goals and mission statements

at this A4J - SC educational website.

      As you can see, we help patriotic-minded American citizens

easily learn the truth about some very important issues that

directly affect the lives of 330+ million American citizens (men,

women, and children) living within the USA

     Lon and Janie understand that American citizens joining 

together in our A4J- SC Private Education Membership

Club can help build a better South Carolina with more natural

healthcare and wellness concepts education and more natural

healthcare services throughout this beautiful state. 

     Our A4J club member teamwork efforts can also help get the

SC State Constitution amended and updated to get rid of the

extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving despotic and

totalitarian judicial monopoly that has developed in this state


     Lon Willoughby has personal experiences with the self-serving

judicial corruption that can easily occur in any state courts in

South Carolina.  Lon also knows what needs to be done with a

modification of the State's Constitution to begin making major

improvement in the state's judicial systems throughout SC.

     America 4 Justice - SC can enable each active club member to

help in making important improvements in this state

by doing a small amount of very helpful educational work

     A4J club members simply need to begin informing their

patriotic-minded family members, relatives, church members,

club members,friends, and some business associates

about our very important introductory natural healthcare

concepts educational website

     That easy patriotic action will help their contacts learn about

our important goals to help our A4J club members in South

Carolina in multiple ways while we also help America protect our

precious freedoms

     A4J sales affiliate's "apparently qualifiable" prospective

club member contacts can visit our very important introductory

natural healthcare concepts education website and obtain "free

to review" vital natural healthcare concepts education

that can be very helpful to responsible American adult citizens.

     Visitors to our introductory natural healthcare concepts

education website will also be detoured to our main natural

healthcare concepts education website (ABCofHealth dot com)

where they can obtain additional very important and very valuable

natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is also

"free to review" for American adult citizen visitors who routinely

live in Continental America.  (the 48 contiguous states)

     Stay with us a while longer and learn about the remarkable

educational work that our organization is striving to do daily to

help responsible American adult citizens learn how to join

together to help protect our very important and valuable American

freedoms in more effective ways - as members of Americans

4 Justice-SC. The hour is late to get involved in some of these

vital education programs, but it is not too late yet.

     As  reported previously herein, ABC of Health has developed

an innovative A4J Affiliate Awards home-based business Income

System that can enable A4J - SC private education club members

to earn generous referral awards in a dignified way that is very

easy to do and requires  little time or effort to accomplish very

important education for A4J-SC club member prospects.

     The "free to review" easy education presented at our main 

natural healthcare concepts educational website (ABCofHealth

dot com) can enable "apparently qualifiable" American adult

citizens to understand  how they may "qualify" to become a

member of our incredibly important A4J-SC Private Education


No Products to sell monthly

     There are no products or services for our affiliates to sell to

anyone in our A4J Sales Affiliate Awards Income SystemA4J

Sales Affiliates simple help us get "apparently qualifiable"

natural-born, Christian-oriented American adult citizens to visit 

our very important introductory natural healthcare concepts

educational website and review the vital healthcare and wellness

concepts educational "free to review" presentation therein.  

     That is the very easy type of "work" that is needed for A4J club

member A4J sales affiliates to begin earning generous affiliate

referral awards income

     You have already learned that Lon and Janie Willoughby

developed two very important natural healthcare concepts

educational websites that can do the healthcare educational

"work" for each A4J sales affiliate with their "apparently

qualifiable" A4J club member prospects.

     Our office personnel will then take care of the rest of the

paperwork administrative details for prospective club member

prospects who want to learn more about our A4J Education Club

membership opportunity.


     After an "apparently qualifiable" prospect reviews our

introductory natural healthcare concepts educational website and

then reviews our main natural healthcare concepts education

website, they may decides that they would like to join our A4J

private education club.  They can then contact our office to

inquire about starting our "A4J membership qualification

evaluation process."

     Our office personnel will work with them directly to accomplish

the detailed "membership evaluation process" (send them papers

to fill out and send back to our office, along with the personal

data information that we need to complete their evaluation)

     After their membership application processing is completed

and approved in our office, and their first-year annual

membership dues payment has been processed in our office, the

referring A4J - SC club member (an A4J sales affiliate) instantly

earns a generous affiliate award for simply helping that

new A4J - SC club member find and review our introductory

natural healthcare concepts education website

      You see, it can be very easy to earn generous referral awards

income (finder's fee type commissions).  Our network marketing

membership computer software program will do the complex

tracking of the sales affiliate's award that is associated with the

first-year annual membership dues that was paid by the new A4J

club member

Our Membership Tracking Software System

     Our A4J Membership Computer Software Program will do the

complex tracking and record keeping, and also identify the

generous A4J affiliate award (finder's fee commission income)

that is due to be paid to the sponsoring A4J sales affiliate.

    A new potential commission stream is started whenever

a new A4J club member chooses to participate in our "no cost"

A4J sales affiliate commission programThey will then be

eligible to begin earning generous affiliate awards (finder's fee

commission income) for their "advertising work" (referring the

"potentially qualifiable" A4J club member prospect to our

introductory education website - who then completed our

"membership qualifications process" and got approved for

A4J club membership. 

     They then choose to pay their first-year annual membership

dues to complete the joining process for our A4J private

education club membership.

     Our office staff personnel promptly evaluate each referred 

"potentially qualifiable prospect" to determine if they can fully

qualify for membership in our A4J - SC private education club.

  A qualified and approved prospective club member can then

choose whether or not to finalize the joining of our Americans 4

Justice - SC Club Membership by providing payment of their

annual first-year dues directly to ABC of Health.  

     The qualified new A4J club member prospect can pay their

first-year annual club membership dues by credit card (Discover,

MasterCard, or Visa) or by postal Money Order or by a bank draft

funds transfer to our special "ABC of Health trust bank account."

     The A4J affiliate award payments involved in our A4J sales

affiliate awards program (finder's fee commissions) will

be calculated and accounted for daily by our office staff

personnel and our membership software program.

     A4J Affiliate award payments will be paid to earning affiliates

at two week intervals, whenever their current affiliate referral

award account balance is equal to or greater than $100.

     The innovative sales affiliate commission plan that Lon

developed enables each A4J - SC club member to voluntarily

choose to become an A4J sales affiliate and be eligible to earn an

unlimited number of A4J sales affiliate awards each year that their

A4J club membership is active and in good standing.  

    This is a unique "network marketing" income 

opportunity that can help a lot of our A4J club members

earn sales affiliate award income easily while doing

very important patriotic-type educational work

     Sales affiliates simply refer "apparently qualifiable"

American citizens to our introductory natural healthcare

concepts educational website and encourage them to

review the Home department's presentation.

     Can very important patriotic type "educational work"

get any easier than this?  Lon Willoughby says no, and he

has had a lot of educational work experience. 

     Lon developed an ideal very easy to accomplish

"network marketing" education opportunity program for

our A4J club members that works exceptionally well for

our A4J "networking" education opportunities

     This is the easiest and least time consuming sales

program that Lon has ever seen - by far.  It is a very easy

sales system to work with for A4J sales affiliates

because our office personnel do practically all of the

required administrative work.

A4J Sales Affiliates can focus

on referring "qualifiable prospects"

to Our Introductory Education Website

    Each A4J club member who chooses to work with our

affiliate sales commission program is eligible to refer "apparently

qualifiable" American citizens that they know to visit our very

important introductory natural healthcare concepts education

website (AdvancedNaturalHealthConcepts dot com)

     "Apparently qualifiable" natural-born American citizen visitors

can review that Home Department's detailed presentation, and if

they like what Americans4Justice is doing to help patriotic-

minded American citizens, they may choose to join our

exciting American citizens' patriotic A4J Private

Education Club - by going forward and completing our

membership application qualifying process and then pay their

very reasonable first-year membership dues to join our A4J Club. 

     You can learn more about this unique affiliate referral 

awards income opportunity later at the Income Opportunities

department of this website.  Review that department for more 

information about our remarkably easy to accomplish home-

based business income opportunity.

     All of our educational services are designed to help make very 

important improvements in the lives of A4J club members

Club members can choose to voluntarily participate in our

innovative Sales Affiliate Referral Awards Income System.  

Bonus Awards

     Lon designed this very easy "network marketing" affiliate

awards income opportunity system to also provide very

important and very valuable bonus awards of additional

natural healthcare and wellness concepts education. 

     These special Bonus Awards can be earned by A4J club

member sales affiliates who are more active and more successful

with our Sales Affiliate Referral Awards Income System.  

     The only way to qualify to access these very important and 

very valuable special natural healthcare and wellness concepts is

to become an active and successful referrer of "apparently

qualifiable" American citizens to our introductory educational

website.  We will explain more about these bonuses to our new

A4J club members during their initial orientation education.

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