Americans4Justice is an independent educational organization located in Greenville County, South Carolina (in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains).  Our members will have access to a variety of very important educational programs that can help them acquire exceptionally important  knowledge, especially in the six areas listed below.

    1.  Healthcare, Nutrition,  and Personal Hygiene - Education Services: This vital information is incredibly important because it can enable American patriots to greatly improve their healthcare actions and the healthcare actions of immediate family members (same household) and may even enable a patriot to save their life and/or the life of family members from infections by pathogenic microbes. 

     Members are provided with very valuable guidance to help them learn how to achieve an improved lifestyle in the areas of health, nutrition, and personal hygiene.  They obtain access to health secrets that can be life-changing and life-saving for many members.   Members can learn how to increase  energy and vitality and extend one's potential for a long and healthy life by many years.  

     This vital healthcare concepts information can be worth thousands of dollars at a minimum.  In fact, these natural healthcare  concepts can be worth more than any amount of money because vibrant natural health cannot be purchased like a product (automobile, home, TV, etc.).  Long-term vibrant natural health with minimized disease potential is possible  with vital healthcare knowledge that is applied properly.  No amount of money can take the place of this vital healthcare  knowledge.   Consequently, this vital healthcare knowledge is worth more than all the money one could ever acquire.

     2.   Alternative Health Type Natural Holistic Healthcare Freedom - an Education Services:   A4J members can learn about the responsible patriotic actions that will be needed to help expand and improve availability of holistic natural healthcare services in the states that still prohibit these very beneficial healthcare services (many states). 

     We will help A4J members understand how the powerful medical profession and pharmaceutical industry combine their political influence to dominate and effectively control which healthcare services are "legal" in most States.  Members can learn about the limitations and restrictions that prevent open access to holistic healthcare services in many states.

      Our A4J members can learn about the political actions that patriotic voters need to take in selected state to help improve the availability of holistic healthcare services,  holistic healthcare information, and related healthcare products.

      Helping improve the availability of alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts services in all 50 American states is one of the major long-term goals and objectives of Americans4Justice.

      3.  American History and Government Political Operations - an Educational Project Members learn practical, useful, and vital historical and political information that will empower them to become better citizens and more effective patriots.  A large well-organized and knowledgeable Patriot Team can help   improve substantially the political systems in America. 

      Working as a Patriot Team across America, our A4J "educated team members" can become a very powerful political force for good to help improve and restore the American Dream that has been severely damaged and diminished badly in the past 60+ years by socialistic, communistic, and fascistic enemies or our American Republic.

     4.  Financial Planning and Estate Planning - an Education Project.  Members can obtain vital basic financial planning and estate planning information regarding wills, trusts, etc.  A4J members can learn basic information about how they can accomplish needed financial and estate planning at reduced cost.  Members can learn about some financial planning opportunities and learn how to avoid some of the dangerous situations in the markets.  This valuable information can help many families save thousands of dollars in legal fees and can also help minimize estate taxes for some wealthy members. 

     5.  Judicial Systems Improvement and Reform - an Education Project.   Members of A4J can learn why it is very easy for judicial systems in American to operate in an extremely arrogant, pompous, self-serving "elitist" unfair, unethical, dictatorial and tyrannical manner any time they choose to do so. 

     Members of A4J can also learn why any judicial system in America can be corrupted easily by any judge at will (any time they choose to do so).  Consequently, members will learn why they should try to avoid being a litigant in extremely unfair self-serving judicial systems that can easily function as ruthless extortion rackets.  Members will learn why they should avoid judicial systems like they would try to avoid getting AIDS or other serious disease conditions.  Lon learned that trial court judges can easily wreck a person's life in an extremely unfair, unethical and malicious ruthless manner.

      A4J members can gain access to exceptionally important information about how the judicial systems in America really work behind the false facade that they actively promote,   A4J members can learn how many judges have betrayed, in an extremely unfair self-serving manner, the sacred public trust placed in America's "self-regulating" judicial systems. 

      A4J members can also learn how to help Americans4Justice take effective patriotic educational actions that can help produce much better judicial systems in selected states and in the federal judicial systems throughout the United States of America.  Americans need judicial systems that are required by law to operate with a reasonable level of fairness and impartiality for all litigants, irrespective of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or a litigant's social status

      A4J members can learn about the full rights, power, and authority of educated jurors.  They learn the truth about the rights of jurors (can they judge the law and the facts?).   They learn how to be a good juror because it is very important for patriots to fulfill this exceptionally important citizen's duty. 

      The right to a jury trial is misunderstood by many Americans.  There are many situations where a civil litigation litigant does not have a right to a jury trial.  The right to a jury trial is usually dependent upon common law standards.   Members learn about situations where they have a right to a jury trial, rather than a bench trial (where a jury is not allowed).  

      6.  Home-based Income Opportunity System.  Lon and Janie Willoughby have developed an amazing income opportunity that is very easy to work with from home.  It is very important dignified "work" that is emotionally rewarding, and it takes very little time or effort to earn generous  Referral Awards by simply referring people to this Americans4Justice website.  That is right.  A4J members can earn generous referral awards income by simply referring qualified American citizens to this very important educational website.  

     Some of those qualified referrals will like what we are doing to help educate American adult citizens about very important issues, and when they voluntarily choose to join Americans4Justice, the referring A4J member will earn a generous referral award (into their A4J member account with our A4J computerized accounting system).  We will then mail A4J payment checks twice monthly to active referring members whenever their earned referral awards account exceed $100.00. 

     How is that for a way to earn generous awards income from very easy "work" that can be done from home or anywhere?  This is an incredible income opportunity for American adult citizens who can qualify to become an A4J member.  This "free to review" special educational website and our office personnel will do almost all of the selling "work" that may be needed to actually close the sale for qualified referred American adult citizens who like our services. 

This website will be the site for visitors to review to learn more about our A4J Club.  The .biz website will be for A4J club members who are business owners  and  business managers and the website will be for all other members.

     Although the .biz and the .us websites will be very similar, the .biz website will provide special information that business owners and managers need to know. 

     Having a separate website for business owners and/or managers will enable us to provide information needed by business owners, managers, and some high level executives. 

     Business owner members will also have the opportunity to advertise their company and their products and/or services to our members on the .biz and the .us and the .info websites. This advertising will enable our members to know who the patriotic business owners are and enable members to conduct business whenever possible with our business members.  These actions will further strengthen our membership and the financial freedom goals of said business owners.

     Help our friends with your business - do not help the enemies of our American Republic with your business.  It is not in our own best interest to be penny-wise and pound foolish. Consequently, we need to know which business owners are on our American Patriots Team so we can do as much business with them as possible - even if it cost a little more than doing business with companies who are not our friends (subsidized by foreigners?).   

     It is very important for our members to understand that some business operations may be subsidized by foreign governments who want to injure and destroy our American Republic; causing our citizens to lose their jobs and helping put our business owners out of business may be part of their game plan. We need to understand the game plans of our enemies so we can avoid getting suckered into taking actions that are not in our own best interest long-term.

     Having business members advertise on our .info website will be quite impressive to visitors, and this business member information can help provide credibility for in the minds of visitors. They will be able to see the quality of our membership by reviewing the businesses that have chosen to join our patriotic organization. The modest advertising fees for such advertising will also provide additional income to our organization, making it a stronger and more effective patriotic organization.